Ad Astra Society

Founder: Charles Summerville Roller, Jr.
Deceased 16 March 1963

Of course, we all know that Ad Astra Per Aspera - the motto that appears over the front arch - means "To the stars through difficulties," or "To the stars through aspiration." Big Barracks was constructed in 1915 and the motto appears in pictures made in 1916. Major/Colonel/General Roller founded the Ad Astra Society in 1925. In the Ad Astra book where the names of every cadet and faculty member elected were kept, the Big Boy first wrote "Ad Astra Fraternity," then he scratched out the word "fraternity" and wrote "Society." He said he got the idea for having such an honor society on a troop ship coming back from World War I in 1918. Why he waited seven more years to start Ad Astra, no one knows. The first Recall seen about Ad Astra was in 1930. It says that "the oldest faculty members and any cadets who are still in school who were previously elected to Ad Astra will select the top ten cadets for membership each year." In most years before 1970, there were ten elected each year. After 1970, there were often just three or four elected. From time to time, long time faculty members were elected also - Colonel McCue, Colonel Deane, Colonel Hoover, Major Parkins, Colonel Savedge, Colonel McCrum, Major Fizer, Colonel Livick, Linda Livick (the first woman selected), Colonel Gardner, Colonel Kramer, Colonel Koogler, and others. Molly Canevet, longtime school nurse, is also an Ad Astra. The Ad Astra Society began having reunions every 10 years (1970, 1980, 1990).

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BOSWELL, W. W. **CLASS of 1926** At AMA for four years. Third year, Sergeant Major; fourth year, captain, B Company. President of Student Body; Athletic Association; Cotillion Club; Final Ball Committee; Chairman, Honor Committee; rifle team; head cheerleader; Bayonet and Recall staff. Came to AMA from Richmond.

BRATT, L. W. **CLASS OF 1926** At AMA for four years. 1st lieutenant, quartermaster. Company basketball, Bayonet and Recall staffs. Nicknamed "Doctor." Third year, Hospital Sergeant. Second Year, Hospital Corporal. Came to AMA from Charleston, WV.

BRYANT, Josiah Gay (deceased 8 December 1974) At AMA for three years. 2nd lieutenant, A Company. Secretry of Golf Club; Bayonet and Recall staff. Came to AMA from Franklin, VA.

COINER, Braxton H. (deceased October 1963) At AMA for two years. Corporal, B Company. Honor Committee; Vice President, YMCA; Bayonet staff. Came to AMA from Fishersville, VA.

FLOURNOY, A. G. (deceased April 1985) Survived by widow, Doris, at 14802 Bothell Way NE, #204, Seattle, WA 98155. At AMA four years. 1st lieutenant, A Company. Editor in chief, Bayonet and Recall; Treasurer, Golf Club; President, Literary Society; YMCA Cabinet; Bible Class; Secretary, Corn Club; Final Ball Committee. Came to AMA from Seattle, WA.

GRADY, E. D. **CLASS OF 1926** (decesaed 1981) At AMA for five years. Captain, B Company. Rifle team; Secretary, Bible Class; YMCA Cabinet; Medal for Military Excellence; AMA Minstrel; Fifth year, First Captain. Chairman, Cotillion Club; President, Bible Class; President, Literary Society; Business Manager for Bayonet and Recall; Valedictorian; Honor Committee; Final Ball Committee. Came to AMA from Media, PA.

McGREGOR, G. C. (deceased November 1927) Captain, adjutant. At AMA for four years. Came to AMA from Haskell, TX.

SMITH, Ralph K. (deceased 1986) 18 Granite Road, Wilmington, DE 19803. 1st lieutenant, quartermaster. Captain, football team; assistant captain, track team; wrestling team; President, Monogram Club; Honor Committee; President, Bible Class; Cotillion Club; Final Ball Committee; Recall staff; Secretary, Literary Society. Came to AMA from Lynchburg.

DR. SPENGLER, L. C. (deceased 1966) At AMA for three years. 1st lieutenant, B Company. Track; rifle; Monogram Club; YMCA Cabinet. Grauatedfrom Washington and Lee and Johns Hopkins, urology and proctology, practiced in Roanoke. USNR, stationed in Londonderry, Ireland during World War II. Returned to private practice. Retired as commander, USNR. Brother was Thomas Theobald Spengler, `31. Came to AMA from Newport News.

SPROUL, Mason Miller (deceased January 1933) The first Ad Astra to be elected. Captain, A Company. Secretary, Student Body; Secretary, Athletic Association; Honor Committee; football; basketball; track; Monogram Club; President, Final Ball Committee; YMCA Cabinet; Bayonet and Recall staff. Came to AMA from Staunton.

TANNER, Charles Herbert At AMA for four years. President, Student Body; Chairman, Honor Committee; YMCA Cabinet; Cotillion Club; Final Ball Committee; President, Athletic Association; Recall businness manager. Came to AMA from Staunton.

WILLIAMSON, Robert Holt (deceased 1989) First sergeant, D Company. Bible Class; Manager, football team; YMCA Cabinet; Bayonet staff. Came to AMA from Fayetteville, NC.



BOWEN, M. H. (deceased 22 May 2001) Retired farmer. Home, Oak Lawn Farm, Route 1, Box 480, Bland, VA 24315. Retired from farming in 1985. 5 children, 14 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren.

BOWLING, T. C., Jr. (killed in action near St. Barthelmy, France on 9 August 1944)

BROWN, Sanford MacLean

BYRD, Julian M., Jr. (deceased 1973) Survived by wife at Box 512, Hot Springs, VA 24445

MATHEWS, John Hubert (killed on D-Day, 6 June 1944, the highest ranking officer in the 1st Division to die on D-Day)

MAYER, William Carlisle

MOREHOUSE, Jay Elwell (deceased 14 May 2001)

MUNDIN, Lewis Howard, Jr. (deceased 4 March 1967) Wife, Helen Alyne Hancock. Child, Lewis, III, AMA Class of `53; Hampden-Sydney College. Military: Classified Message Cen-ter, Adjutant General's Office, The Pentagon, World War II; Legion of Merit. Joined father's retail and wholesale grocery business, L.H. Mundin & Co., Richmond.  After his father's death in 1934, he became President until he retired in 1965. Downtown Businessman's Association, President; Richmond Home for Boys, Board; Annual Tobacco Festival, Board; Mason; Scottish Rites; Optimist; Elks; W.W. Workman Tent, Circus Saints and Sinners, President; Circus Saints and Sinners national organization, President. AMA activities: Ad Astra; football; baseball; wrestling; Monogram Club; Senior Literary Society; Recall Editor; Bayonet Editor; Final Ball Committee; YMCA; Bible Class; Honor Court; Captain, Company C. 

TRENT, John B., Jr.

WILLIAMS, George Woodbridge  (deceased 8 April 1987)

WILLIAMS, Charles F.



BOLLING, Landon M. (deceased 1937)


GRAVES, George W.

JACOB, John Laird (deceased 20 June 1983) Vice president, Alba Waldensian Mills. Survived by wife, Jeanne, at Box 296, Valdese, NC 28690. Attended Washington and Lee. U.S. Navy during World War II. Director of Northwestern Bank, Lions Club president, Presbyterian deacon, member Selective Service Board, school board.

MARKS, Richard D.

PRYOR, Edward M. (deceased) Survived by his wife at 33 Whitcover Circle, Charlottesville, VA 22901

ROLLER, Charles S., III (deceased 21 February 1938) Son of Principal Charles S. Roller, Jr., father of Linda Roller Livick.

SAUNDERS, Robert G.  (deceased 5 December 1993) Route 1, Box 431, Afton, VA 22920

WHITEHEAD, Burgess U. (deceased 24 November 1993) Professional baseball; feed mill and livestock business, retired. Home, 206 South King Street, Windsor, NC 27983. Home phone, 919/794-3455. Wife, Ruth Lyon Whitehead. Children, Charles and Susan. University of North Carolina, 1931, B.A.; Duke University, 1939. U.S. Army Air Corps, top rank, staff sergeant. Career: professional baseball, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates; played in two World Series. Feed mill and livestock business, retired. AMA activities: Ad Astra., baseball.

WOOD, Reverend William A. (deceased 19 February 1995) Minister. Home,  Sevierville, TN. Wife, Violet Johnson Wood.  Children, Dr. William Wood, Rev. John Wood, Rev. James Wood, Joan Wood Carr; 11 grandchildren. Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, 1937, theology. Career: pastored churches in Illinois, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. Volunteer work in juvenile evaluation center following retirement. Member: Regular Baptist Association, Independent Churches of America.  AMA activity: Ad Astra.



ANDERSON, William D. (deceased 1940)

BOWLING, J. Travers (deceased)

CARPENTER, Joe H. (deceased 1964)

HARRIS, Col. Collas G. (deceased May 1981) Survived by Mrs. Harris at 949 Leigh Mill Road, Great Falls, VA 22066

HARRYMAN, Gaylord B. **CLASS OF 1929**

McALISTER, J. Worth (deceased 22 May 1991) Chatham Manufacturing Co., sales, retired. Survived by children, John Worth III, Carter, Alexander. Nine grandchildren, two great grandchildren. University of North Carolina, 1928-30, economics. Career: 1930, Chatham Manufacturing Co., Elkin, NC.; transferred to sales 1933, New York office. 1949, transferred to Chicago; Midwest Sales Manager. Retired 1973.  Member: English Speaking Union, Library Associates University of Virginia, Lee-Jackson Foundation. Former member Executives Club of Chicago, Merchandise Mart Textile Association of Chicago (president, secretary/treasurer, vice president). AMA activities: Ad Astra, student body officer, Honor Committee, band, football (assistant captain), basketball, track (captain).

NEIKIRK, Joseph Dillard (deceased 20 May 1990) Retired executive vice president, VMI Foundation. Was first full-time director of the Foundation and was credited with funding the construction of the Marshall library and museum at VMI. 1932, VMI. U.S. Army during World War II, graduated from the Command and General Staff College, top rank, major.  Taught Spanish one year at VMI. Member: Mason, Kappa Alpha, board of Mary Baldwin College. Was responsible for VMI Foundation's involvement in trying to preserve memora-bilia and alumni records of AMA when the school closed.

PALMATORY, J. Thomas (deceased 1938)

PAYNE, Chas. H. (deceased December 1949)

RAILEY, Merritt M., Jr.

TIMBERLAKE, Stephen D. (deceased 18 June 1995) Retired lawyer and banker. Home, Sunnyside Health Care Center, Massenetta Springs, Harrisonburg, VA 22801. Children: Jane, MD, San Francisco; Stephen, Jr., Monterey; John Minor, Monterey; Joel, Charlottesville. University of North Carolina, University of Virginia Law. Practiced law with his Father in Staunton (Timberlake and Nelson), 1932-55. Managing officer, United Virginia Bank, Staunton, 1955-66. Retired, 1966. AMA activities: Ad Astra; 2nd Lieutenant, Company D, third year (attended AMA just three years); boxing, wrestling; manager, football team; Recall and Bayonet staffs.



BELL, John Wade (deceased 15 July 1983)

BROOKS, Aubrey Lee, Jr. (deceased 1931)

GOODWIN, Bernard Carlyle, Jr.

GRIFFIN, Charles B., Jr. (deceased 1999) Tobacco sales warehouse - farming. Home, P.O. Box 429, Lewiston, NC 27849. Home phone, 919/348-2223; business, 919/348-2565. Widower. Children, Charles III, Nancy, John M. North Carolina State University, 1929-33, B.S., chemical engineering. U.S. Army, chemical engineering, 1942-46, top rank, LTC. Career: 1933-37, Carolina Cotton and Woolen Mills; 1937, Marshall Field; 1937-41, Penn Salt Manufacturing Company; 1942-46, U.S. Army; 1946-54, Griffin Brothers and Harrington Manufacturing Company; 1955-present, Woodville Supply, Inc. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

LAMBERT, William Cornelious (deceased 1951)

LEA, Joseph Peyton (deceased 1952) Attorney, Orlando, FL. Children: Mary Linn Lea McNeill; Carole Banks Lea Gefvert; Joseph Peyton Lea, III, `65. Five grandchildren. Virginia Military Institute, `33, B.S. in civil engineering. At VMI, Secretary of the Student Body; Secretary of the Honor Court; Business Manager of The Bomb; business staff of The Cadet; Cotillion Club; AMA Club; Kappa Alpha Order fraternity. University of Virginia and Stetson University Law, 1936, LLB. 1936, practiced law in West Palm Beach. In 1939, retained as general counsel of a large investment banking firm in St. Petersburg. 1940-52, represented an investment banking institution in Orlando and maintained a private practice. Member, Orange County Bar Association; Florida and Virginia Bar Associations; American Bar Association. In 1940, admitted to practice before the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Captain, D Company; Business Manager, Recall; Captain, Rifle Team.

MCCUTCHAN, John Nicholas

MULLISS, William Frederick (deceased 1988) Private practice of law, Charlotte, NC. Davidson College, 1030-33. Pi Kappa Alpha. Candidate for Rhodes Scholar. Harvard University Law, 1934-36, summa cum laude. US Navy, 1942-46, lieutenant commander. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Captain Adjutant, Assistant Editor, The Bayonet, Assistant Editor, The Recall. Final Ball Committee, Ciceronian Literary Society, captain, tennis team.

PRYOR, James L. (deceased as a result of illness contracted in World War II) At AMA: Captain, A Company; President of Student Body; Chairman, Honor Committee; President, Athletic Association; Vice President, Cotillion Club; Secretary, Monogram Club; President, Final Ball; wresting team, captain; YMCA President; President, Officers Club; Corner Club; Turners of Ye Olde Tricks. Ad Astra.

WHITEHEAD, Lewis W. (deceased August 1986) Professional baseball player, shipbuilding, feedmill/livestock, concrete product plant manager. Survived by wife and son at 4800 Country Club Drive N., Wilson, NC 27893.  1933, University of North Carolina, B.A. chemistry. During his freshman year at UNC, he signed a contract to play professional baseball with the St. Louis Cardinal organization.  He played professional baseball for 10 years until a knee injury forced him to leave the profession. 1940, moved to Newport News, Virginia to work at Newport News Ship Building and Dry Dock Company as a supervisor. 1952, entered partnership in feedmill/livestock business with his two brothers in Windsor, North Carolina. 1972, became concrete product plant manager both in Windsor and Plymouth, North Carolina where he worked until retirement in 1981. AMA activities: Ad Astra.

YON, Charles L. (deceased 16 May 1998) CF&I Steel Corporation, Pueblo, CO (retired). Home, 1351 Silver Spur Circle, Lincoln, CA 95648. Home phone, 916/645-9463.  Wife, Linda. Children, Steve, Shari, Jeff. Virginia Military Institute, 1934. U.S. Army, 13th Armored Division, 24th Tank Bn., top rank, lieutenant colonel. AMA activities: Ad Astra; cadet 1st lieutenant; Honor Committee; captain, swimming team; lettered in football.



COPPS, Michael

EVANS, Oscar Raymond, Jr.

HARLEY, Robert L. (deceased 20 February 1999) Sales and marketing, retired. Home, Wright City, MO. Wife, June. Daughter, Jill. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), 1934, business administration. U.S. Army, 1940-46, top rank, captain CAC. U.S. Army reserves, 1946-53. Career: 1938-60, Scott Paper Company; 1960-78, marketing and sales; 1978, retired.  Member: Sigma Nu Fraternity; AARP; Veterans of the 7th Regiment; life member, National Rifle Association; life member, BPOE; American Legion; Cow Hill Yacht Club.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; saxophone, Keydet Ramblers; swimming team; Final Ball Committee; Captain, Drum Major, Band; Honor Court; Recall staff; Corner Club; Tower Club; Filthy Five; Officers Club; minstrel show; moving picture operator; Truck Drivers Association; Monday Morning Waffle Club; Secretary, AMA Motorcycle Club; YMCA.

HILDEBRAND, Edwin W. (deceased 19 September 2001) 11 Woodland Drive, Staunton, VA 24401-2367. Graduaste of Dunsmore Business College. World War II, Army Air Corps. Employed by Rapid America and McCrory Stores for 30 years, based in New York City. Later, owned controlling interest in Barth-Weinberg Men's Store in Staunton. Survived by a son, two grandsons, and a sister. Wife predeceased him in 1995.

HUGHES, Thomas J., Jr. (deceased 5 December 1995) Radio and TV person-ality, retired. Home, 2021 Pelham Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018. Home phone, 703/989-8553. Wife, Myrtle Lee. Children, Thomas J. Hughes III, Susan Starritt Hughes. Roanoke College, 1935, biology. U.S. Army Medical Corps., top rank, 1st sergeant. Career: 1935, went to New York to become actor; 1935-42, Camp Lee, became cadre, helped organize hospital unit to go overseas.  Assigned to a rehabilitation facility in Lemington Spa, England. After returning home, went into radio and then TV. Retired at WSLS-TV, NBC in Roanoke. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

HUSSEY, William 407 Avenue East, West Point, GA 31833-2010

JORDAN, Judge William Southall (deceased 19 February 1983)

KELSEY, Donald Y. (deceased 13 May 1991) Lyric Theater owner, Blacksburg, VA. At AMA: Sergeant, Quartermaster Company, All-State end on football team; wrestling team; captain, baseball team; rifle team; major and minor mono-grams; YMCA,. Vice President, Big Five.

TAGGART, Ralph Enos (deceased)

WOODS, John G. "Jack" (deceased 4 October 2001) Insurance agent and money lender. Home, 1206 South 10th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89104-1520. Home phone, 702/384-3697. Wife, Vivian. Children, Susan Cropper and Donald Woods. UCLA, 1935, psychology. Career: 1935-41, salesman - vacuums, food stuffs, encyclopedias, and the U.S. Army, 1941-46, top rank, major; reserves until 1972. Moved to Las Vegas in 1947 to sell building blocks and insurance. 1962-97, countersigning agent for USAA Insurance of Texas. AMA activities: Ad Astra; boxing team; rifle team; captain, adjutant; valedictorian.

WRIGHT, John Henry (deceased 1946) Private pilot and flying instructor. Building construction in Miami, and later in Charlottesville area where he started his own residential design/ build business. Built many cottages around the University of Virginia. Served is US Army, Infantry, 1941-45. Rank: Major. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Captain, D Company, Secretary, Student Body, Secretary, Honor Committee, YMCA, Recall staff, Cotillion Club.



CARR, Frank Pernell, Jr.

CHISWELL, Benjamin Maurice, Jr. **CLASS OF 1932**  (deceased 27 September 1997) Captain, United States Coast Guard, retired. Home, 1267 Discovery Street, Lake San Marcos, CA 92069. Home phone, 760/744-2979. Wife, Dorothy. Children, Capt. B. M. Chiswell III, U.S.C.G.; Dr. C. L. Chiswell, DMD. U.S. Coast Guard Academy, 1937 and 1940, professional. Career: U.S. Coast Guard, commissioned 1941; numerous wartime assignments North Atlantic and South Pacific. Integrated into regular service 1947. Various sea and shore assignments on both coasts, Great Lakes, Alaska, and the Antarctic. Retired May 1971, top rank, captain. Member: Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association, Retired Officers' Association, Kiwanis (past president). AMA activities: Ad Astra; 1st lieutenant, Company B; sports editor, Recall; rifle team.

GRIER, Dr. George Smith, III **CLASS OF 1932** (deceased 23 March 1990) 3 Assembly Court, Newport News, VA 23606

HARGREAVE, Francis Merriam Jr. (deceased 23 October 1973) Home, Mrs. Margaret E. Hargreave, P.O. Box 1323, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978

HUNDLEY, John Markham

KERR, Hugh Holme (deceased February 1963)

MCCLUNG, William Alexander (deceased)

MESSMORE, Isaac Lindsey

MOFFETT, George Dinwiddie, Jr. (deceased 12 July 1993) Retired railroad executive. Home, 741 Harcourt, Grosse Pointe, MI 48236. Wife: Marion Gilbert. Children, Joanne M. Staunton, George D. Moffett, III, two grandchildren, two great-grandchildren. Hampden-Sydney College and Univer-sity of Michigan. Career: During World War II, worked for the Association of American Railroads, Washington, DC; 1949-70, Director of Industrial Development, C&O Railway Company.  Later, in management recruiting. Formed George Moffett Associates in 1980, executive outplacement firm. Author: So You Are Looking For a New Job...Now What?, 1983. Retired in 1991. Chairman, Industrial Renention Committee, Detroit Chamber of Commerce; President, Detroit Rotary Club.

SALICRUP, Joseph A., Jr. (deceased 3 January 1998) Salicrup & Co., Ltd. Home, Rua Barata Ribeiro, 26/1204, 22011 Rio de Janiero, Brazil; or Rua Batatais, 543, 01423 Sao Paulo, Brazil. Home phone, 885-0360. Wife, Helena. Career: 1931-33, General Electric; 1933-58, joined father in business; retired. Since then has traveled extensively and spends two months a year in birthplace, Lima, Ohio. Left a $100,000 gift to the AMA Legacy Scholarship Fund. AMA activity: Ad Astra. Charter member of the Roller Society.

WESCOAT, Harold (deceased 28 August 1980) Drawer 97, Eastville, VA 23347. Survived by wife, Margaret.



ADAM, Sinclair Agnew Retired architect. 1001 S. New Street, West Chester, PA 19382. Penn State; Wharton School (MBA)

BRADBURY, Howard M., Jr. (deceased 26 February 1991) Owner, retail hardware, garden and Christmas shop. Home, 12309 Arrow Park Drive, Ft. Washington, MD 20744. Home phone, 301/292-3143; business, 703/527-2100. Survived by wife, Myrl. Children, H. Matthew (class of '66) and Larry C. (class of '62). George Washington University, 1936, business administration. U.S. Army, top rank, major IGD. Active duty, Ft. Benning, GA; Camp Hood, TX tank destroyer school; 86th Infantry Division. Career: Entrepreneur; pioneered the over-head projector as a teaching tool to the armed services, colleges and public schools; retired 1965; bought and operate hardware store. Member: Rotary Club of Arlington, VA; Delta Tau Delta. AMA activities: Ad Astra; captain and adjutant; editor, Recall; attended ROTC camp which led to certificate of commission.

COVER, John T. (deceased 13 May 1987) Survived by wife, Rachel B. Cover, and daughter, Betsy Cover Crawford, both of Smithfield, NC..

GARRISON, Charles Sam (deceased 1976)

Dr. GLASSER, Arthur Frederick American missiologist. Home, 8001 Sand Point Way, NE, C-33, Seattle, WA 98115. Wife, Alice. Cornell University, civil engineer. Union Theological Seminary and Jewish Theological Seminary. Graduated from Faith Seminary in 1942. Chaplain in World War II, 1st Marine Division. Missionary to China, China Inland Mission, 1947-51. Columbia Bible College, instructor. Westminster Seminary, professor. North American Director of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship, 1954-69. In 1970, began to teach theology of mission at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA; served as Dean, 1971-80. Then, senior professor and dean emeritus. President, American Society of Missiology (ASM), 1982-83; editor of ASM Missiology, 1976-82. Lifelong concern: communication of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Jews, leading him to establish a program of Judaic Studies and Jewish Evangelism at Fuller Seminary. Publications: And Some Believed, 1946; Missions in Crisis, 1961; Contemporary Theologies of Mission, 1983. At AMA: Ad Astra. Fencing; Minor Monogram Club; YMCA; Tiger football; track; Fresh Air; Recall and Bayonet staffs. Highest Average Medal.

GOLD, Thomas Byron

HANES, Charles Robinson (killed 13 September 1944 near Altaville, Italy) 1944) I Company, 142nd Infantry Regiment, 36th Division. Posthumously received Distinguished Service Medal for extraordinry heroism. Hanes moved well ahead of his platoon in face of concentrated machine gun fire and eliminated one German machine gun nest with grenades. He continued to press forward to another German gun emplacement when he was struck by a burst of machine gun fire and mortally wounded. Interred at American Military Cemetery, Sicily-Rome, Nettuno, Italy. At AMA; Captain, Quartermaster Company; Secretary, Ciceronian Literary Society; Vice President, Bible Class; President, Booster's Club; Honor Committee; Cotillion Club; manager, boxing team. Ad Astra.

POWELL, Leslie Stagg (deceased 12 January 1993)

PRESTON, Benbeman Spottswood, Jr. (killed 3 February 1944 on Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands) 1stlieutenant, I Company, 24th  Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division. Bayoneted repeatedly by Japanese troops. Interred at Highland Memorial Cemetery, Knoxville, TN. At AMA: 2nd lieutenant, C Company; captain, wrestling team; assistant captain, varsity football; Major Monogram Club; Ad Astra.

RENIERS, Richard Clark

WEILAND, Frank Conrad (deceased)



BAILEY, Richard Kirby (deceased Summer 1937)

BAKER, William Thomas (deceased 1992)

CLARKE, Everette "Skeeter" **CLASS OF 1934** (deceased December 1991) Clarke & Sampson Real Estate and Insurance. Home, 1804 Edgehill Drive, Alexandria, VA 22307. Home phone, 703/329-1426. Survived by wife, Betty Quirk. Children, Elizabeth Geary, Andrew Clarke. George Washington University, 1938, business. Army Air Force, 1942-45, navigator, top rank, first lieutenant. Career: Capital Airlines, navigator instructor, flight dispatcher. Partner, Clarke & Sampson.  Member: Mt. Vernon Lions; Belle Haven Country Club, board of directors; Deerfield Country Club; St. Mary's River Yacht Club; Boca Resort and Club. AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, wrestling, baseball, boxing, student body secretary, captain, Quartermaster Company, vice president Cotillion Club.

GRAHAM, David (deceased 12 October 1972) 2104 Pasadena, San Antonio, TX 78280

JONES, David R. (deceased 11 August 2000) c/o Susan McNeely, 650 Heatherly Road, Mooresvile, NC 28115. Football star at AMA and at Virginia Tech where he was fullback and team captain.

ROPER, Robert Poore (deceased September 1996) 1509 Palmyra Avenue, Richmond, VA 23227

SOMERVILLE, Louis Rogers, Jr. **CLASS OF 1934** (deceased 5 November 1991) University of Virginia, 1935-38. US Army, Infantry, 1st lieutenant, 1943-46. Military Governor of a Korean Province with Army of Occupation, 1946. Married Hilton Roller, daughter of Colonel Tom Roller, divorced. One daugh-ter, Virginia Grasty Hallock. Farmer, breeder of thoroughbred horses on Culpeper County, VA farm. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Captain of C Company in 4th year, Captain of A Company in 5th year. President, Honor Committee. President, Cotillion Club. Co-captain, wrestling team. ROTC Military Excellence Award. Ad Astra. Brothers: Winston, Class of `36, and Fenton, Class of `37.

TREW, Wilmot

UPHAM, Charles Melville

WALKER, Peter Souder



CAMPBELL, Frederic Scott, Jr.

FAYKOSH, Lawrence August (deceased)

FUNKHAUSER, Jacob Ott, Jr.

HANNUM, William

JONES, Frank, Jr. 214 Foggy Cut Lane, Landrum, SC 29356-3137

LANGDON, Charles Henry, Jr.

REED, Howard Emmett, Jr. (deceased 1992)

ROBINSON, William B. Attended AMA two years: 1932-34, formerly from Elizabeth City, NC. Moved to Vero Beach, FL in 1955. Home address, P. O. Box 1883, Vero Beach, FL 32961. Home phone, 772/231-6379. Retired. "Wonderful wife, three children, and three grandchildren." Lifelong hobby has been flying which he began in 1936. Until 2002 when he reached age 86, he  piloted his own Lake Buccaneer amphibious four-seater plane.

SOMERVILLE, Winston **CLASS OF 1936** (deceased 11 May 2003) Virginia Department of Transportation, retired. Home, 13498 Raccoon Ford Road, Culpeper, VA 22701. Home phone, 540/825-2638.  Wife Florrie died 1986. Children, Martha Clare, Lori Grey, Dorothy, Sharon, Elizabeth, Sarah Wallace. University of Virginia, 1936-41. U.S. Army, medical corps hospital, top rank, PFC. Career: Drafted from University of Virginia too soon to be graduated. 1940-41 returned to farm, then to theological seminary in Austin, Texas. Was needed back home with one term left. Member: Presbyterian Church, teacher at all levels; young people activity, non-denominational state of Virginia, vice president; Farmers Co-op of Virginia; Beta Theta Phi. AMA activities: Ad Astra; president of Bible class; letter in football, track, wrestling (champ '34-'36); Literary Society; intramural boxing; Dance Club.

WALKER, Lee West (deceased 8 October 2000)  Retired retailer, coal, lumber, feed, fertilizer. Home, P.O. Box 35, Gap, PA 17527. Home phone, 717/442-4451. Wife, Evelyn. Children, James Lee, Robert Edward, Susan Heddon, Nancy Walker. University of Pennsylvania, 1938, business and finance. U.S. Navy, top rank, Q-M 2/C. Career: retail coal, lumber, feed and fertilizer (family business for more than 100 years), retired and gave up business due to heart condition.  AMA activity: Ad Astra.

WATKINS, Henry C. (deceased 14 November 2003) Branch manager, Monroe Calculator and Business Systems, retired. Home, 1005 Colonial Lane, Windsor, NC 27983. Home phone, 919/794-4690. Wife, Elizabeth, passed away 2 February 2005. Children, Henry C. and Jr., Thaddeus J. Watkins, 88 Greenwich Street, Apt. 1704, New York, NY 10006-2206. Benjamin Franklin University, 1940, accounting. U.S. Army, top rank, first lieutenant (battlefield commission). AMA activity: Ad Astra.



ALLEN, Robert Stuart

CASON, Jack Hudgins (deceased 9 May 1998)

CAUTHORNE, Thomas Gordan (deceased)

HOLLOMAN, John Herbert **CLASS OF 1936** (deceased 8 May 1985) Survived by wife, Nancy, at 121 Carlton Street, Brookline, MA 02146

HUFFMAN, John Edward **CLASS OF 1936** (deceased 1981)

JACOB, Herbert A., Jr. Hercules Inc., SAAP, retired.  Home, 429 Park Drive, Bonner Springs, KS 66012. Home phone, 913/422-5561. Wife, Jayne. Children, Herbert A. Jacob III, Lewis E. jacob, Nancy Ellen Tinberg. Virginia Military Institute, 1939, chemistry. CWS, active duty 1941-46, top rank, major. Career: technical supervisory positions, James Lees & Sons Inc., Lone Star Cement Corp., Hercules, Inc. Retired 1984.  AMA activity: Ad Astra.

QUARLES, Julian M., Jr. Lawyer, retired. Home, 4080 Woodside Drive, Apartment 4, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.  Children, Mary Nelson O'Dowd, Julian III, William and Stephen. University of Miami, 1935-39; University of Virginia, 1946-47; University of Miami, 1948-51, law. U.S. Army, 1941-46, active duty captain; colonel AUS retired. Military awards: World War II: Combat Infantry Badge; Purple Heart; POW Medal; Bronze Star with V Award; Silver Star w/Oak Leaf Cluster; Meritorious Service Medal. Career: 1939-41, C.I.T. Corp.; 1951-1995, lawyer. Member: Sons of the American Revolution; Society of the War of 1812; Military Order of the Purple Heart. AMA activities: Ad Astra; cadet captain, Company B; president, student body; boxing team; editor, Recall.

ROLLER, Thomas Antrim **Class of 1936** Oil and gas business. Home, Oasis at Mesa Palms, #114, 1418 N. Country Club Drive, Mesa, AZ 85201. Home phone, 480/649-6010. Wife, Dina. Four children from a previous marriage. University of Virginia, 1936-40. Instructor, Augusta Military Academy. Commissioned officer, Army Air Corps, World War II; flew missions over Burma, China and The Hump. Returned to AMA to teach. Joined the FBI and was detailed to Newark, NJ and Pittsburgh. Real estate business in Florida; restaurant owner. Moved to Texas to go into the oil and gas business. Prospected in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Founder and President of Sabena Oil Company, Denver. Moved to Southern California in 1973; Manager and General Partner of Sunrise Petroleum. Who's Who in the West; National Register's Who's Who in Execu-tives and Professionals. Golf and bowling. AMA activity: 1st Captain, President of the Student Body, Honor Committee,  letter in varsity football and wrestling, intramural boxing medal, literary editor of The Recall, President of YMCA, won Latin and Spanish Medals.  

TROTMAN, John Frank (deceased 29 June 1960) 239 N. Hawthorne Road, Winston Salem, NC 27104

WILSON, Richard P. (deceased 21 September 2004) Wharton School, University of Pennsyl-vania, 1939, accounting. Commissioned Regular Army, 2nd lieutenant, 1939; lieutenant colonel, 1944. Air Force Reserve, 1947. Retired as lieutenant colonel, 1977. 1947-83, reorganized and operated Wilson & Stokes Co. in Trenton, NJ, dealing in retail coal, lumber, mason supplies, fuel oil, a block plant and oxygen and acetylene supplies and gases. Business was closed 1 October 1996 after 130 years of operation by the Wilson family. Home, Nov. 1 to May 1, P.O. Box 827, 125 Sage Road, Crystal Beach, FL 34681; May 1 to Nov. 1, 130 Glen Cannon Drive, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768. Home phones, 727/789-3689, Crystal Beach, and 828/884-9859. Pisgah Forest. Wife of more than 60 years, Margaret Maclean. Children, Sherry Sultenfuss, Gail Murray; four grandchildren. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Captain Adjutant.



BOARD, William H. **CLASS OF 1937** (deceased 10 February 2002) 606 North Royal Avenue, Front Royal, VA 22630

BYRD, Norval E.(deceased 20 December  1993) Joseph E. Seagrams Distillers, retired. Home, 100 Hillvale Road, Baltimore, MD 21229. Home phone, 301/945-0666. Wife, Dorothy E. Flaggs. Children, Norval E. Byrd III, Judith A. Fox. Strayer Business College, 1937-38. U.S. Army Medical Corps, 1942-46, top rank T5. Career: 1938, Railway Express; 1939, Joseph E. Seagrams Co., Calvert Distillery, Relay, MD.  Retired 1979. Member: Calvert Retirees Club, former treasurer.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; swim team, assistant captain 1934, captain 1935-36; Tiger football team.

CLYBORNE, Clarence Alfred (executed by Japanese in December 1943) 2nd lieutenant, 9th Bombardment Squadron, 7th Bombardier Group, shot down 1 December 1943 near Rangoon, Burma. Captured by Jananese and executed sometime later that month. At AMA: Captain, D Company; President of Student Body; President, YMCA; President, Honor Committee; President, Bible Class; general manager, junior athletics; editor, Recall; Cotillion Club; Final Ball Committee; Ad Astra.

JORDAN, Samuel P. (deceased 21 February 1997) U.S. Air Force, retired. Home, 19 Friendship Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. Home phone, 719/633-0062. Children, Samuel Jr., Dan and Don. Bryant & Stratten Business College, 1937-38, business administration. Career: 1938-40, Chevrolet Sales Division, zone office, Louisville, KY. U.S. Army, 1941, infantry; transferred to Army Air corps, 1942; flying school at Brooks AFB, Texas, 1942; gunnery school, Florida, 1944. Retired U.S. Air Force, 30 years, colonel. Member: Retired Officers Association. AMA activities: Ad Astra; cadet waiter; partici-pated in all sports, wrestling letter.

MACOMBER, Louis N. Lost since 10/95. Last known address: 6001 Arlington Boulevard, Apt. 424, Falls Church, VA 22044-2702

ROUND, William, Jr.

SHOMO, Dr. Joseph L., General dentist, retired. Home, 1117 Patrick Street, Crowley, TX 76036-2925. Home phone, 817/244-2545. Wife, Marguerite. Children, Julia Ann and Charles. Virginia Military Institute, 1942, premed, dentistry. Georgetown University, dentistry. Career: U.S. Army, Infantry, 1942, Panama, Guatemala; returned for navigation training and was in ATC, Burma until the end of World War II. After graduating from Georgetown Dental School, entered regular Army Dental Corps until retiring in 1964. Top rank, lieutenant colonel. Private dental practice 1965-86. Member: Phi Sigma Kappa, Delta Sigma Delta, Lions Club, Retired Officers Association. AMA activities: Ad Astra, band, basketball, Minnow sports.

SOMERVILLE, Fenton Douglas **CLASS OF 1937** (deceased 7 March 1996) Investments, retired farmer; land owner. Home, Rapidan, VA. University of Virginia, 1941, arts and sciences. U.S. Navy, top rank, chief petty officer.  Career: horse breeder (thoroughbreds and hunters), beef herds; hunt clubs. Member: Beta Theta Pi, University of Virginia; Eli Banana and Imp. Societies; member, State Farm Bureau, Culpeper; boxing team, captain, UVa; Eastern Intercollegiate boxing champion; national intercollegiate champion. AMA activities: Ad Astra; captain, C Company; swim team captain; football: Varsity, Sardine, Minnow, Peep, Tiger; champion, intramural boxing and wrestling; president, Cotillion Club; president, Ciceronian Literary Society; valedictorian; leader of Final Ball.

STEPHENS, Jack H. (deceased 20 April 1991) Accountant, retired. Survived by wife, Dorothy. Home, 15823 Laurel Heights Drive, Houston, TX 77084-3620. Home phone, 817/ 947-5823. Children, Jack Jr., Jill McFarland. Texas A&M University, 1940, Accounting. U.S. Army Air Force, 1941-45, top rank, staff sergeant. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

WRIGHT, Douglas S.  **CLASS OF 1937** 19002 Orchard Terrace Road, Hagerstown, MD 21742



BOARD, Charles L. **CLASS OF 1938** Patent lawyer, retired. Home, Apt. 606, 726 Loveville Road, Hockessin, DE 19707. Children, Charles Jr. and Anne. Virginia Military Institute, 1943, chemistry. Law school. U.S. Army, Chemical Corps, top rank, captain. Career: private practice, then into patent law. Retired 1986. AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, basketball. 

BRUCH, Alfred Earnest (deceased) Survived by wife at 5306 Brookway, Washington, DC 20016

CLARKE, Lucian Blaine (deceased)

CURTIS, Humphrey William

GANS, Paul Filler

LEWIS, Robert Graham

ROBERTS, Harry Ray (deceased 30 November 1987) Survived by wife, Florence at 2617 Maplecrest Road, #334, Bettendorf, IA 52722-3374.


SEARCY, James Fiske (deceased 1 July 1942 in World War II)

WALES, Samuel S., Sr. **CLASS OF 1938** (deceased 14 March 1991) Retired Commandant, AMA. Home, Route 1, Box 1, Fort Defiance, VA 24437. Home phone, 703/248-4652.  Survived by wife, Virginia. Children, Linda Roller Livick and Sam Wales Jr.; 13 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren. Career: 1938-83, AMA commandant. Member: Lions Club, president.  AMA activity: Ad Astra.



BELL, Frank R., Jr. **CLASS OF 1939** 824 Sawgrass Lane, Sugar Mill Country Club, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32069

BRUBECK, William O. (deceased 12 October, 1993) Public school education, retired. Home, 851 Honeysuckle Road, Salem, VA 24153. Home phone, 703/389-9797. Wife, Mary Helen. Children, Earl and William Jr. Furman University, 1942, English. Army Air Corps, 1942-45, top rank, sergeant.  Career: 1946-51, graduate school, travel, short term jobs; 1953-61, school principal, South Carolina; 1961-68, school principal, Front Royal, VA; 1968-85, school principal, Roanoke County and Salem, retired. Member: National Education Association; Mental Health Association, president; Kiwanis Club, board member and program chairman; Retired Teachers of Roanoke County; Elementary Principals Associa-tion, president; Salem Baptist Church, superintendent, Sunday school, chairman, board of deacons; Botetourt Country Club (National Hole-In-One Club). AMA activities: football, basket-ball, track, wrestling, band, glee club, Ad Astra, YMCA.

COLE, Col. Heston C. (deceased 28 July 1990) Colonel, U.S. Air Force. Served with the 23rd fighter group in China 1944-45. Awarded the Air Medal. Held various positions in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Graduated United States Military Academy, 1943. AMA activities: Ad Astra; peep football.

GROW, John Marshall

KURTZ, Lawrence A. (Larry) Captain, U.S. Navy, retired. Home, 10327 Arrowhead Drive, Punta Gorda, FL 33955. Home phone, 941/639-7028. e-mail address:  Wife, Jill. Children, Lawrence, Jr. and Margareta. U.S. Naval Academy, 1943. Career: 1941-71, U.S. Navy, active duty; de-stroyers 1942-43, flight training 1944-45; post graduate, guided missiles, Korean War; Office of Secretary of Defense, 1955-59; USS Ticonderoga, 1959; Naval War College, 1959-60; Staff Commander in Chief, Atlantic, 1960-62; C.O., U.S. Navy Astronautics Group, 1963-65; Defense Attache, Japan, 1967-70. Top rank, captain. Member: Navy League; Military Officers Association (MOAA), past president; Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), call NP2AO; The Isles Yacht Club, Commodore 1990-91; City of Punta Gorda, Canal Maintenance Advisory Comm.; USNA Alumni Association; Former Chairman, Communi-cations, American Red Cross, Charlotte County, FL. AMA activities: Ad Astra; captain, D Company; wrestling; gymnastics.

NETHERWOOD, Douglas Blakeshow, Jr. (deceased 19 July 1963) Lieutenant colonel, US Army; US Military Academy, West Point, Class of 1942. Burma-China Theater, World War II; transferred to Air Force after the war; assigned to Strategic Air Command in US, Labrador, and Okinawa during Korean War. 1957, masters in engineering, Wright Patterson AFB. Assigned to Air Force Headquarts, The Pentagon, in Directorate of Science until his death by accidental drowning. At AMA: 1st lieutenant, C Company; Honor Committee; Honor Roll; rifle and track teams. Ad Astra.

REISACHER, Robert William Colonel, US Army, retired. Home, 408 Delgado Lane, Santa Fe, NM 87505. Education, Carnegie Institute of Technology, BA, architecture; Princeton Graduate School, MFA;  George Washington University, MS (International Relations); University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Fulbright Fellowship. Military: World War II: Guadalcanal and Tinian. Korean War: Battalion Commander, 7th Aviation Battalion. Vietnam War: EO of 11th Aviation Group, 1st Cavalry Division. Post Vietnam: District Engineer, Saudi Arabia; CO and Director, U.S. Army Engineering Laboratory, Illinois. Retired in 1973, Colonel and Master Army Aviator. Post Army employment: Architect and Construction Manager, U. S. and Saudi Arabia. Major projects include Jeddah International Airport and King Saud University. Retired from civilian work in 1980. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Roll; football; wrestling; Monogram Club; Recall and Bayonet staffs.

RYDER, Charles Wolcott, Jr. Major General, U.S. Army, retired. 6304 Bannocks, San Antonio, TX 78239. United States Military Academy, 1941. S2 357th Infantry 90th Division, 1944-45, commanding general, 199th Infantry Brigade at Fort Benning and in Vietnam, awarded Distinguished Service Medal with one Oak Leaf Cluster, Silver Star with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Legion of Merit with three Oak Leaf Clusters, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters and V Device, the Air Medal with 16 Oak Leaf Clusters, Combat Infantry Badge, Purple heart.  Graduated Command and General Staff College, 1953. 9th Infantry 2nd Division, 1953-54, awarded Bronze Star Medal. Assigned to Office of the Chief of Staff, 1960-61, United States Regional Office 1962-64, awarded Joint Service Commendation Medal. Commanding officer 1st Brigade, 8th Division 1964-66. Professor of military science, The Citadel, 1966-67. Aerospace Defense Command 4th Division Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68. Chief of Staff 4th Army 1970-72. Chief JUSMAGG, Greece 1972-74, Director J/4/7 EUCOM, Stuttgart, Germany, 1974-77. Retired 1977. Awarded Distinguished Service Medal.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; football; boxing; swim team.

WALKER, Philip George

WILSON, Robert Loring (deceased 11 June 1995) St. Petersburg, FL. Graduate of Washington and Lee University and University of Florida School of Law. Easter Seal Board, Pinellas County. Captain, 45th Infantry, World War II. Child-ren: Roger of Myrtle Beach, SC; Midge Trubey and Robin Loring, both of St. Petersburg.



ALDRICH, Edwin M. (deceased 14 September 1988) Class of 1944 U.S. Military Academy. Survived by wife, Marge at 611 Turtleback Creek Road, Elletsville, IN 47429. Served with 66th Infantry Division in Europe. Awarded Combat Infantry Badge and Commendation Ribbon. Subsequently was command-ing officer HQ and HQ Company Fort Myer, Virginia. Retired for physical disability 1948. Recalled as PMS&T at AMA 1948-50. Civilian career: director building services, Fisher body division 1955-78. AMA activities: Ad Astra; peep football; cavalry; student body treasurer; Honor Committee treasurer; boxing team manager; Bayonet, captain, D Company.

ALPER, Dr. Melvin G., retired ophthalmologist. E-mail: Home, summer, 7601 Glenbrook Road, Bethesda, MD 20814-1319. Phone 301/652-2914; FAX, 301/ 986-5836. Wife, Jane. Children, Nancy Lynn and John L. Grandchildren: Lucy, David and Scott. University of Virginia, `43, BA. University of Virginia Medical School, 1945, MD. Honor Roll, Raven Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, boxing team, Editor, College Topics magazine. Rotating internship, Philadelphia General Hospital, 1945-46; resident in general surgery, Emergency Hospital, Washington, DC; Harvard Medical School, 1950-51; MS in ophthalmology, University of Pennsylvania, 1951-54; George Washington University Medical School, 1954-85, Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Neuro-Surgery. Emeritus professor, 1985-present. Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology, Washington Hospital Center, 1971-73; President, Medical and Dental Staff, 1973-76. Founder, Washington Eye Physicians and Surgeons. Founding member, The Orbital Society, International Neuro-Ophthalmology Society, and Cogan Ophthalmic History Society. Member, American Medical Association, Southern Medical Society, International Ophthalmic Microsurgical Study Group, American Academy of Ophthalmology, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, American Ophthalmology Society, International College of Surgeons, DC Medical Society, Chairman, Ophthalmology Section of the American College of Surgeons, 1974, Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons (England), Member, Member of the Harrison Sociewty, University of Pennsylvania, North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society, International Neuro-Ophthalmology Society, Society of Military Surgeons. Former consultant to the Surgeons General of the Army, Navy and Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Consultant to King Edward VII Hospital in Bermuda. Captain, US Army Medical Corps; graduate of Army Air Corps School of Aviation Medicine, Flight Surgeon, 1946. Assigned to Caribbean Air Command, 1946-48. Base Flight Surgeon, Rio Hato Army Air Corps, Howard AFB. Recalled to active duty during the Korean War as Chief of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, The Pentagon. UVA Jefferson Society. George Washington University  Heritage Society. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Roll; Peep football; wrestling team; Editor in Chief, The Bayonet; Associate Editor and Business Editor, The Recall; Medals for Best in Latin, Best in History.

BOYKIN, McKee G. (deceased 23 March 1988) Beechwood, 10 Hunt Cup Lane, Camden, SC 29020

GORDON, Marvin E. "Mickey" (deceased 31 January 2002) Advest, Inc. (member New York Stock Exchange). Home, The Hayloft, 38 Old Stone Church Lane, Fort Defiance, VA 24437.  Home phone, 540/248-3734; business, 540/248-1885. Wife, Elizabeth ("Libby"), deceased 4 June 2001. University of Virginia, 1943, B.A., economics. U.S. Marine Corps, Parachute Air Delivery Section, 1942-45. Participated in battles of Peleliu and Okinawa. Career: 1948, joined Robert C. Jones & Co. (Washington, DC); 1957, general partner in successor firm, Jones Kreeger & Co.; 1970, Sade & Co.; 1982, merged into Advest, Inc. Member: Bond Club of Washington, president; International Association of Financial Planners, charter member; First Marine Division Association, life member; Marines' Memorial Club; Marine Corps Association. Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, director and sustaining member; Association of Survivors, Marine Parachute Units of World War II; Society of the Globe and Anchor, past president; Shenandoah Valley Council of the Navy League of the U.S., past president and life member; AMVETS, Post 13, Washington, DC, past president; Breakfast Optimist Club of Washington, past president; plank owner of USS Shenandoah, AD-44; NFL Alumni, associate member; City Tavern Club; Touchdown Club; Army and Navy Club; Verona Kiwanis Club.  AMA activities: 1st sergeant, B Company, manager of "peep" football and varsity fencing; Honor Roll; Honor Committee; Ad Astra.

HACKNEY, John Mallory, Jr. (deceased 20 October 2000)

LEATHERMAN, Ed A., Jr. (deceased 13 August 1991) Orchardist. Survived by wife, Evelyn Mathias. Children, Edgar A. Leatherman III, Loy R. Leather-man (deceased), Nancy L. Smith. West Virginia University, 1943, agriculture. U.S. Army, Infantry, 1941-44, top rank, first lieutenant. Career: 1945-80, owned and operated Chert Mountain Orchard, approximately 2,700 acres of which 670 acres were apple orchard. Sold 660 acres in 1980 and kept remainder. Member: South Branch Valley National Bank, director; West Virginia Horticulture Society, past president; Hampshire County Fruit Growers Association, past president; Virginia Horticulture Society; Hardy County Farm Bureau; East Central PCA and Central Valley PCA, former director, county chairman; Mountain Fruit Sales, former president; Fruit Growers Co-Op Storage, former vice president; Hampshire Memorial Hospital, former director; Burlington Presbyterian Church, elder; Mill Creek Ruritan Club, charter member; Clinton Lodge #86 A.F. & A.M., Romney, WV; Knight Templar, Keyser, WV; 32nd Degree Mason, Wheeling, WV; Osiris Shrine Temple, Wheeling; Royal Order of Jesters, Cumberland, MD; Upper Potomac Shrine Club, Keyser, WV, past president; Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Cumberland, MD; Kappa Alpha Order, Lexington, VA; Veterans of Foreign Wars; American Legion; Lions Club, Romney, WV, past member; National Rifle Association, life member; Smith & Wesson Collectors Association; Winchester Collector Association; American Single Shot Rifle Association, life member. AMA activities: captain, C Company, Honor Company; Bible Class; Glee Club; intermural athletics; wrestling squad; baseball team, manager; Ad Astra.

MCCAUSLAND, James E. Retired real estate broker. Home, 4310 Greenway Place, Lynchburg, VA 24503. Home phone, 434/384-2297. Wife, Sallie. Children, Sallie Carroll Amos, Mary Glenn Cobb, Susan Lee McCausland and James Earle McCausland Jr. Washington & Lee University, 1943, economics. U.S. Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School, New York; 3 years active duty in Atlantic and Pacific during WWII; top rank, lieutenant. Career: assistant personnel director, The Lane Co., Inc., Altavista, VA; real estate salesman in Richmond and Lynchburg; mortgage loan officer, First Colony Life Insurance Co.; 30 years as real estate broker and partner in Snead-Payne & McCausland, Inc. Member: Lynchburg Association of Realtors, president; Virginia Association of Realtors, president, Realtor of the Year; National Association of Realtors, director; Kiwanis Club of Lynchburg, president; Central Lynchburg, Inc., president; Lynchburg Planning Commission, chairman; Lynchburg Chapter, W&L Alumni Association, president; Sigma Chi Fraternity; First Presbyterian Church, deacon; Boonsboro Country Club; United Way, director; Red Cross, director; Salvation Army, director; Seven Hills School, trustee; President's Council, Randolph-Macon Woman's College. AMA activities: Band; Honor Committee; president, Bible class; intramural athletics; Ad Astra.

MCCUNE, John G. (deceased 20 July 2001) Attorney. Home, 425 Fenwick Drive, San Antonio, TX 78239-2530. Home phone, 512/656-4253. Wife, Peggy. Children, Carroll, Nancy and John Jr. Denison University, 1943, philosophy.  Ohio State College of Law, 1950, law; graduated top 10 in class of 180, receiving an honorary degree as juris doctor. U.S. Air force, single engine pilot. Became an instructor's instructor at Randolph Field, San Antonio. Practiced corporate law and on the board of several client companies.  Member: Rotary International, chairman, International Foundation Committee; Paul Harris Fellow; San Antonio Petroleum Club; Windcrest Golf Club; Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity. AMA activities: Ad Astra, cavalry, Glee Club, intermural sports, Cotillion Club, Honor Roll, chemistry award.

MITCHELL, Robert J. (deceased 29 July 1993) Major, U.S. Air Force, retired; Union Planters National Bank, industrial engineer, retired; basketball and football official, retired. Home, 683 E. Parkway S. Apt. 2, Memphis, TN 38104. Home phone, 901/272-3131. Divorced. Children, Dr. Anthony Lee Gordon Mitchell (godson of Ad Astra Mickey Gordon), Terry Mitchell, Timothy Mitchell, Tracey Rock. Cornell University, 1943, BSAE (ME); George Washington University, MA, business administration; University of the Philippines, MS, industrial management; additional graduate work, University of Tennessee. Career: U.S. Air Force, retired 1964, top rank, major. McDonnell in St. Louis; RCA in Memphis; consultant, State of Tennessee; taught night school at Memphis State University, 16 years; Union Planters National Bank, vice president, retired 1982; partner in home renovation business. Member: Military Order of the World Wars; Retired Officers Association; Shelby Youth Sports, board member, 25 years; Boy Scouts, Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver; Alpha Phi Omega; American Institute of Industrial Engineers, local board of directors. AMA activities: football; basketball; track; Honor Committee; stamp club, president; sports editor, Bayonet and Recall; 2nd lieutenant; platoon leader of government inspection platoon.  Member, board of directors, AMA Alumni Association.

YOUNG, John S. (deceased)



BEAM, Robert C., Jr. Staunton Steam Laundry Inc. Home, P.O. Box 300, Staunton, VA 24401. Home phone, 703/350-2456. Wife, Betty, deceased 17 November 2003. Children, Thomas, Lee Ann and Becky. Dunsmore Business College, Staunton, VA 1941. U.S. Air Force, 1942-45, top rank 1st lieutenant. Career: 1945-present, operate family business, Staunton Steam Laundry. Member: Staunton Exchange Club, past president; Elks Club; Tri-State Laundry and Cleaners Association, past president; International Fabricare Institute, past board member; NationsBank N.A., past member, advisory committee; Sovran Bank NA, member, advisory board; Chamber of Commerce, past board member; United Way, past board member, Staunton School Board, past member. AMA activities: Ad Astra; ad and business manager, Recall.

BLACK, Steve Howard **CLASS OF 1941** (deceased 1984)

BROWN, Edward M., Jr. **CLASS OF 1941** (deceased 3 February 1990) President, Endless Caverns; President, Eastern Printing Corp. (family corporations). Home, 31 Surry Road, Madison Heights, VA 24572. University of Virginia. U.S. Army, 17 years; served with Mark Clark in Italy, awarded Bronze Star. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

FORRER, Thomas H. (deceased 27 October 1997) University of Virginia, School of Engineering. Research engineer with West Virginia Department of Highways. Served in U. S. Army in the Pacific Theater during World War II, making 5 amphibious landings on enemy held islands. Member of General MacArthur's Honor Guard aboard the USS Missouri during the Japanese surrender ceremonies, Tokyo Bay, September, 1945.


MURCHISON, William Gaither, Jr. (deceased 1985)

RICHEY, Herbert S. Former owner and President, Richey Coal Company. (Sold business in 1993) Home, P.O. Box 1010, North Ridge, Hot Springs, VA 24445. Home phone, 540/839-5741; business, 540/839-5742. Wife, Martha. Children, Susanne, Francis. Two grandsons, one granddaughter. Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, OH, 1941-42; University of Michigan, 1943-44, B.S., engineering.  U.S. Naval Reserves, top rank, lieutenant. Career: 1946-79, Valley Camp Coal Company, President, 1960-79; Member: National Coal Association, director, 1971-72 chairman; Natural Resources Committee, member 1964-68, chairman 1968-76; U.S. Chamber of Commerce, board of directors 1968-82, chairman 1976-77. Director: Fairchild Corporation, Washington Energy Processing, Inc.; Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee, Fairchild. Former board member of Oglebay Norton, Sifco Industries, Quaker State Corporation. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Cavalry, captain, Company D; winner, best new cadet; winner of drill cups; honor student; first in class.

SCHEWE, Charles Richmond

WATTERS, Henry Clay (deceased 3 August 1980)

WHITE, Sydnor M. **CLASS OF 1941** (deceased 1 July 1994) Motor bearings and parts company. Home, 1029 Marlow Road, Raleigh, NC 27609. Home phone, 919/787-2760; business, 919/832-3961. Wife, Ann. Children, Sydnor M. Jr., Patricia and William. University of North Carolina, 1946, business administration. U.S. Navy, 1943-46, sub chaser in the Pacific, top rank, lieutenant. Career: entered the automotive replacements parts business in 1946. Later, chairman of same business with his two sons actually running it. AMA activity: Ad Astra.



DIBRELL, James Fuller (deceased 28 September 1987) Wilson, North Carolina

EICHELBAUM, Arthur (deceased 1990) 28 Bermuda Court, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

HALEY, John Williams, Jr.

HODGES, King Edward IV "Skeeter" (Deceased 29 August 1988) U.S. Navy, retired. Home, 115 Creek Circle, Seaford, VA 23696. Survived by wife, Ruth. Children, King Edward Hodges Jr., Sandra Lemonds, Robert Hodges, seven grandchildren. Enlisted U.S. Navy July 1941. Promoted 1944 from chief to ensign. Retired 1967 as captain. Worked in civil service at National Weapons Station, Yorktown, VA for five years. AMA activities: Ad Astra; peep football; varsity football; baseball; basketball.

LIPP, Robert Anthony

MINOR, John B. **CLASS OF 1942** Coca-Cola Bottling, real estate, banking. Home, 1 Stevens Street, P.O. Box 989, Mount Vernon, OH 43050. Home/business phone, 614/393-2796. Wife, Marie (married 1992); wife, Genevieve, deceased. Children, Jane M. Woodin, Genevieve M. Moeckel.  Uni-versity of North Carolina, 1948, B.S. commerce. U.S. Army, 1942-46, 507th Parachute Infantry, top rank, captain. Career: 1948-74, Coca-Cola business; then to banking, real estate, consultant and investor up to present. Director, First Knox National Bank and Chairman of Trust Committee. Member: Rotary Club; Homestead Club; United Community Fund; Chamber of Commerce; Area Development Foundation; Knox County Health Planning Advisory Commission; director of Regional Planning Commission for Health Services; Freedom Center, treasurer; Red Cross; YMCA; Mt. Vernon Country Club; Jaycees; Coca-Cola Bottlers Association; Ohio Bottlers Association. President of all organizations. AMA activities: Ad Astra; mixed up in everything from working at the PX to being first captain.

MONTGOMERY, Larry Pervis

RICH, Clayton E. Retired, development, funds, university. Home, 359 Glen Arden Place, Atlanta, GA 30305. Home phone, 404/266-2610. Wife, Sally. Children, Melanie, Sally and Lisa, and four grandchildren. Georgia State Uni-versity, University of Georgia, 1955, B.B.A. U.S. Army, infantry, 1941-45, top rank, captain. Career: Plantation Pipe Line Co.; Emory University, institutional fund raising; consultant. Member: Zoo Atlanta, docent; Lake Rabun Association, trustee; Piedmont Driving Club. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Committee; officer, student body; class officer; 1st lieutenant, Company A; captain, peep football; swimming team; chairman, Final Ball.

STANLEY, Clyde Vaughan (deceased 1996)

STAPLES, Peter Watt



BERRY, William Thomas, III (deceased 6 January 2005) P.O. Box 534, 340 Morris Road, Monticello, FL 32344

DAVIS, Beverly Andrew

GUERRANT, Morris "Punchy" Perrow (killed in action in Germany 30 April 1945 - winner of Silver Star) 1st lieutenant, Company B, 505th Parachute Infan-try Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. Killed near Bleckede, Germany on the Elbe River at the very end of the European phase of World War II. Guerrant advanced ahead of his platoon scouts, over open terrain, armed with only a pistol and a grenade. He killed two Germans but was mortally wounded. Previously received Bronze Star and received Silver Star posthumously. At AMA: Cap[tain, Headquarters Company; captain, boxing team; South Atlantic Prep Boxing Champion; track team; Monogram Club; Secretary, Student Body; Recall staff; Ad Astra.

HANKEY, Stacy M., Jr. (deceased 5 March 2002) CPA, tax specialist, KPMG Peat Marwick, retired. Home, 440 Cochran Road, Apt. 3, Pittsburgh, PA 15228. Home phone, 412/561-0333. University of Pittsburgh, 1942-43, engineering; Duffs College, 1946-49, accounting. U.S. Army, 1943-46, top rank, PFC; European theater 1944-45; Berlin military police 1945-46. Career: 1949-51, accountant, Modern Sound Co., Pittsburgh; 1951-89, public account-ant; Main and Company, which had several mergers (Main LaFrentz, Main Hurdman, Peat Marwick).  Retired 1989. Member: American Institute of CPA; Pennsylvania Institute of CPA; Masonic bodies, Shrine; Am. Vets. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

HEILMAN, Othmer K. (Ott), Jr. (deceased 9 August 2002) Highway Trans-portation Co., retired; County Commissioner, retired. Home, R.D. #1, Box 47, Kittanning, PA 16201. Home phone, 724/548-1400. Wife, Mary Louise. University of Pittsburgh, 1948, business administration. U.S. Army, field artillery, 1943-45, top rank, corporal. Career: 1948-68, Highway Transpor-tation Company (serving Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio), became president 1961. Company sold to Preston Trucking Co., Preston, MD in 1968. Was division manager until 1970, left company. 1970-79, Commissioner, Armstrong County. Member: B.P.O.E.; V.F.W.; American Legion; Emmanuel Lutheran Church, former council member; Pennsylvania Motor Truck Associ-ation, former vice president; Western Pennsylvania Motor Carriers Association, former vice president.  AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, baseball, JV basketball, secretary/typist for P.M.S.T.

KNOX, William R., Sr. 7 Lynn Place, Charleston, WV 25314-2104.

POWELL, Robert Conrad **CLASS OF 1943** (deceased 2001) 1000 Leaport Road, Verona, VA 24482-2923

STUART, William Clarkson, III Stuart & Maury, Inc. Realtors. Home, 3330 N. Leisure World Boulevard #931, Silver Spring, MD 20906. Home phone, 301/598-0033; business, 301/654-3200. Wife, Patricia. Children, W.C. Stuart IV, Alice Rhett Stuart Brenneman, Patricia Stuart Connor and Henry Morgan Stuart; nine grandchildren. Career: Realtor since 1948. Licensed real estate broker in District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Member: Omega Tau Rho; Downtown Progress, Washington, DC, past member executive committee; District of Columbia Realtor of the Year 1974; Washington, DC Association of Realtors, past president; National Association of Realtors, former director; Greater Washington Board of Trade, former director; Chevy Chase Club. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Committee; editor, Recall, Bayonet staffs; post graduate 1944; captain, Company B.

STULTZ, Edward Zephaniah (deceased 1976)

VASS, Frank Raymond, Jr. (deceased 19 June 1999) **CLASS OF 1943** 109 Bona Vista Lane, Galax, VA 24333. In World War II, he was a prisoner of war in Germany for 18 months; Purple Heart. Washington and Lee University. Employment, Stanley Furniture Company, Pulaski Furniture. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Captain, B Company; President, Final Ball; President, YMCA; Recall staff; Honor Committee; tennis team; a member of AMA's cavalry unit.



AGUILERA, Jorge Antonio (deceased in 1986) With his brother, Enrique, owned Equipment for Industries representing Allis-Chalmers pumps and starters

CABANISS, Earl Daves Banker, retired. Home, 329 Northwood Drive, Pulaski, VA 24301. Home phone, 540/980-4842. Wife, Faye. Three children, six grand-children. U.S. Army, 1943-45; sergeant, 654th Tank Destroyer, Patton's Third Army (Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe); WW II Victory American Theater Service Ribbon.  Bronze Star during battle for St. Lo. 1946-49, hardware business; 1949-67, CIT Financial Corp.; 1969-90, vice president and later senior vice president, Virginia National Bank (now Bank of America). AMA Activities: Ad Astra; CW Company, worked in PX; First Captain; President of Student Body; varsity basketball; varsity baseball; varsity football; boxing team; Honor Committee; Monogram Club, all sports; Cotillion Club; No demerits.

DAVIS, Judge B. A. "Monk", III (deceased 14 March 2006) Judge, 22nd Judicial Circuit Court, Virginia, retired 1 January 1998. Home, 215 Barfoot West, Rocky Mount, VA 24151. Home phone, 540/483-5825; business, 540/483-3075. Wife, Elizabeth, passed away in 2002. Children, Sarah Alexander, Drew Davis, Jane Davis (deceased). Washington & Lee University, 1951, law. U.S. Army Air Corps, 1943-46, top rank, aerial gunner. Career: 1951-53, private practice of law; 1953-55, U.S. Attorney's Office; 1955-73, private practice; 1973-98, circuit court judge. AMA activities: Ad Astra, football.

EBORN, James Davidson (killed by rifle fire in China 20 May 1946) US Marine Corps, 1st Regiment, 1st Marine Division. At AMA: First Captain; Captain, A Company; President of Student Body; President, Honor Committee; President, YMCA; President, Final Ball; Cotillion Club; Ad Astra.

HADEN, Fred Merryman, P. O. Box 67, Oakton, VA 22124. USMC, retired as full colonel. Office, Moshos, Haden and Dedeo, 10521 Judicial Drive, Suite 201, Fairfax, VA 22030. 703/752-5770. General Counsel, Marine Corps Heritage Foundation.

HARRISON, C. Norris Fully retired. Home, 109 Pintail Drive, Chestertown, MD 21620-2401. Phone: 410/778-0165. Two marriages; five children, six grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and two step-great-grandchildren. Wife, Barbara. Youngest son, Alan, USNR officer, submarine service,teaching at the submarine school until June 2006, married 31 August 2002 to a nurse, graduate of Fairfield University. University of Pennsylvania (while an ROTC instructor), 1946-48; Graduated Washington College, BA, history, 1966. Served in World War II and the Korean War [two tours), Italy, Austria, Germany, USA, separated after 17 years with rank of major, 1960. Career: Department of the Interior, 1967-68; Civil Service, GS-13 with Navy Manpower Validation Shore Survey Team, Philadelphia, 1966-68; Washington College, Instructor in Audio-Visual and Language Laboratory, 1968-72. Sign business owner, 1972-85.  Member:  M Company, 3rd Regiment, Scabbard & Blade NMHS; Delta Upsilon International Fraternity; OCS, 1943-44, washed out; from mid-1944, Sergeant, squad leader, then T/Sergeant, platoon sergeant, I & R Platoon, 185th Regiment; enlisted instructor, University of Pennsylvania ROTC unit, 1946-48. Commissioned 2nd lieutenant, 1948. AMA activities: private, B Company; Corporal, B Company; 1st Ser-geant, C Company; 2nd lieutenant, B Company; Ad Astra, 1943; French  Medal, 1943.

INGRAM, Henry Lewis

JANSING, John "Jack" Curry Retired. 162 S. Beach Road, Hobe Sound, FL 33455. Home phone, 772/546-5874. Wife, Flora Bush Jansing. Children, John, Caroline, and Christopher.  Five grandchildren. Dartmouth College, `48. U.S. Navy, 1943-46. Lieutenant (JG). Career: Bache & Company, Executive Vice President, 1959-74; Independent Election Corporation of America, Chairman, 1974-92. Presently on three New York Stock Exchange boards. AMA activities: Ad Astra.

MCATEE, Charles C., Jr. 107 S. Delaware Avenue, Martinsburg, WV 25401

OAKEY, Charles M. (deceased 18 June 2001) President, Roanoke Iron & Bridge Works, Inc., retired. Home, 4853 Hunting Hills Drive SW, Roanoke, VA 24014. Home, 540/ 989-5653. Wife, Hortense. Son, O.D. Oakey, IV; grandson, O. D. Oakey, V. Virginia Tech, 1949, BS, business administration. U.S. Army, infantry, top rank, PFC; earned 2 Purple Hearts in World War II. Career: Roanoke Iron & Bridge, Inc. AMA activity: Ad Astra; 1st Lieutenant, Company B.

WILSON, Leonard M. Sperry Univac, retired. Home, The Riverside, Box 36, Tappahannock, VA 22560. Home phone, 804/443-4466. Wife, Mary Louise. Children, Alice M. Kennedy, Mark L. Wilson. West Virginia University, 1949, political science. U.S. Army, 1943-46, 96th Infantry Division.  Career: 1950-88, business career in Washington, D.C. area. Retired 1988 from Sperry Univac. AMA activity: Ad Astra.



BREWER, Robert George (deceased 1970) Survived by wife and three sons, two of whom graduated from the Naval Academy.

CODLING, John Livingston 13801 York Road, Apartment G7, Cockeysville, MD 21030-1897. Home phone, 410/771-1768.

DUNBAR, Henry S. Retired, President, Dunbar, Shade & Tomlin, Inc., Richmond, VA. Home, 3600 Grove Avenue, #18, Richmond, VA 23221. Home phone, 804/358-6979. Wife: Doris. Daughter: Margaret. VMI, 1948B, English. U.S. Army, 1951-2, 1st lieutenany, 2nd Infantry Division. Career: Manufacturers representative, 1953-present. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Bayonet staff, 1st Sergeant, CW Company.

GRAPE, Robert Duston

HEVENER, John William 1505 Gulf City Road, Lot 2, Ruskin, FL 33570

HOCKMAN, John W. (deceased 13 August 2000) Director of Human Resources, retired, Chesapeake Corporation, West Point, VA. Home, 1126 Main Street, P.O. Box 216, West Point, VA 23181. Home phone, 804/843-2215. Wife, Maurine. Daughter, Alison Freeland. Richmond Professional Institute (now Virginia Commonwealth University), 1953, distributive education. Army Air Corps, 1944, top rank, A/C. Career: 1946-53, college and employed by U.S. government; 1953-56, high school teacher, South Boston, VA; 1956-63, director, Escambia Vocational School, Pensacola, FL; 1963-88, director, human resources, Chesapeake Corporation; 1988, retired.  Member: Masons, American Legion, Loyal Order of Moose, West Point Country Club. AMA activities: Ad Astra, junior varsity basketball and football.

MCOWEN, William H. 108 Ledgerwoods Drive, Amelia, OH 45102-2176. At AMA: captain of the swimming team; varsity football; Monogram Club; Honor Committee; 1st lieutenant, A Company.

NULL, C. Adolph General manager, comptroller, Obaugh Ford, Inc. (retired). Home, 20 Baldwin Drive, Staunton, VA 24401. Home phone, 703/886-7678. Wife, Doris. Son, Charles Jr. Two grandchildren. William and Mary, Dunsmore Business College. U.S. Air Force, top rank, T/Sgt. American Finance, branch manager, 10 years; Valley National Bank, vice president in charge of lending operations; Obaugh Ford, Inc., 18 years, retired 1991. Member: BPOE; Lions Club; First Presbyterian Church, elder, chairman stewardship and finance committees. AMA activities: Ad Astra; football, captain; baseball, captain; boxing, captain; won South Atlantic Prep School Championship, 155 pound class; cadet waiter.

PIGG, Jimmy L. **CLASS OF 1946** U.S. Army, retired. Home, 240 Country Club Road, Shalimar, FL 32579. Home phone, 850/651-4115. Wife, Nell. Children, Craig, Vicki, Lee. U.S. Military Academy, West Point, 1953, bachelor of science. U.S. Army, 1953-82, armor. Tank platoon leader in 13th Tank Battalion, 1st Armored Division, Fort Hood, Tx. Later assigned as battalion's adjutant. Assigned as executive officer, Company B, 6th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Straubing, Germany; commanded 1955-57, running Armored Cavalry patrol on German-Czechoslovakian border. Battalion motor officer, 66th Tank Battalion, and assistant operations officer, 43rd Armory Infantry Battalion, 2nd Armored Division, Baumholder, Germany. Attended Armor Officers Advanced Course at Fort Knox. Assigned as assistant professor of Military Science at Pennsylvania State University. Attended the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth and was assigned as an armor advisor to the Imperial Iranian First Army at Tabriz, Iran. Became associate military history professor at West Point for three years. In 1967, went to Vietnam and served on the staff of the Military Assistance Command as advisor to Vietnam Army Military Schools Systems. In 1968, became commander of the 335th Tank Battalion, 4th Armored Division, Baumberg, Germany. In 1970, reassigned to office, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, HQ, U.S. Army Europe, Heidelberg, Germany. Returned to the States in 1974, was assigned to HQ, Department of the Army, as chief, Armor Materiel Branch, Office of Assistant Chief of Staff for Force Development, Washington, DC. Attended Air War College at Maxwell AFB. Returned to Fort Knox in 1975, was assigned chief of Materiel Systems Division, Directorate of Combat Developments. In 1976, was assigned dual position: director of combat developments and President of U.S. Army Armor and Engineer Board. In 1981, assumed duties as director, Reserve Components, USAARMC and Fort Knox. Retired 1982, top rank, colonel. 1982-85, president of construction company.  1985-93, general manager of resort condo. Retired, 1993.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Committee; editor, Recall; student body president; captain of B Company; basketball.

THORNHILL, R. Franklin, Jr. 153 Oakland Drive, Pulaski, VA 24301



BREWER, David E. **CLASS OF 1946** Retired senior agent for North-western Mutual Life Insurance Company. Home, 407 Portrush Loop, Pawleys Island, SC 29585. Home phone, 843/237-4602. Wife, Barbara. Children, Katharine Sherwin, Elizabeth Grimes, Thomas Brewer; five grandchildren. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, 1946-50, economics and finance. U.S. Army Reserve, 1950-55, top rank, captain. Career: 1951-58, sales with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company; 1959-2005, Northwestern Mutual Life. Celebrated 50th anniversary in Febtuary of 2002. AMA activities: private, platoon sergeant, D Company; captain, E Company; captain, A Company; First Captain; fencing team; honor society; Ad Astra.

BROWNE, Donald William (deceased 30 March 2006) Retired, PPG, after 31 years, where he also spent 35 years as a loan officer for a credit union. Home, 2290 Willingham Lane, Maryville, TN 37803. Home phone, 423/681-0617. Wife, Carolyn, celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1999. Daughter, school teacher in Maryville; son, full colonel, US Army, attached to the Pentagon as Military Advisor to the Secretary of Defense. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Committee, football, fencing.

LAWTHER, Blair James Lost since 8/01. Last known address: 2710 Julian Street, Denver, CO 80204. Phone, 303/595-9732

LONG, Raymond E. “Shorty”, Jr. Wholesale distribution, Ray Long Ltd., retired 1990. Home, 18852 N. 88th Drive, Peoria, AZ 85382. Home phone, 623/566-2182. Wife, Nancy, married 50 years in June 2001. Children, Kathleen Norris, Cynthia Waltho, Judith Rogers. University of Virginia, 1950, business administration; varsity football for three years; member, SAE; Thomas Jefferson Society of Virginia Alumni. U.S. Army, 82nd Airborne Division, top rank, sergeant. Career: 1950-58, salesman/manager, Price's Inc., Norfolk, VA; 1958-60, district manager, Philco Corp., Philadelphia; 1960-62, regional manager, Magnavox, Fort Wayne, IN; 1962-64, national sales manager, Sylvania Home Entertainment Division of General Telephone Company, Batavia, NY; 1964-68, manager of dishwasher and disposer sales, Maytag Company, Newton, IA; 1968-76, national sales manager, KitchenAid Division,  Hobart  Corp.,  Troy,  OH; oration, 1976-1990,  president/owner of Ray Long Ltd., wholesale distributor of major appliances; 1978-90, president/owner, American Kitchens, Inc., wholesale distributor/manufacturer of kitchen cabinets/counter tops; 1979-90, President and owner, Saguaro Acceptance Corporation, dealer finance company. Member: North American Bank, director; Phoenix Kiwanis Club, past president; Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Phoenician Committee; Electric League of Ari-zona, past director; National Kitchen and Bath Association, past director; Arizona Biltmore Country Club, past president; Willowbrook Methodist Church; Westbrook Village Golf Club; Vista Men's Golf Associations, past president. AMA activities: co-captain, football; captain, swim team; Honor Committee; Ad Astra.

MCCRUM, Page Nicklin

PHILLIPS, I. W. (deceased 2003)  1309 Alcoma Drive, Brandon, FL 33510-2301

RICHARDSON, Julian Leigh, Jr. (deceased 1995)

STANLEY, John W. "Jack" Blue Ridge Transfer (motor freight); retired after 44 years. Home, 5038 Hunting Hills Square, Roanoke, VA 24018. Home phone, 540/989-2718. Wife, Susan. Children, Lee, Harriet, and John; four grand-children. William and Mary 1947-48. U.S. Army Infantry, 1945-1947. Career: Joined father's company and worked up to president and CEO. Employed by Blue Ridge Transfer for 44 years; company sold Januaru 1993. Member: YMCA, board 1968-85; Rotary; Virginia Truckers Association, president 1972, executive board 1992. AMA activities: Ad Astra, First Captain, president student body, varsity football.

STONE, Cheatham Morton, Jr.  Retired from the grocery business. Home, 4513 Parrish Branch Road, Midlothian, VA 23112. Wife, Eloise; one daughter, one son (deceased), two stepsons, three grandchildren and a great-granddaughter. Re-ported for active duty with the US Army six days after graduating from AMA. Sergeant, instrument survey, assigned to mule pack mountain troops and stationed at Camp Carson, CO. After discharge, taught school in Colorado. AMA activities: Best New Cadet; Honor Committee; Vice President, YMCA; varsity football (quarterback); wrestling team, Ad Astra.  

WASCO, Ernest (deceased 22 December 1993) 11 Harriet Court, Robbinsville, NJ 08690. Wife: Florence. Children: Mark Ernest, Deborah Ann, and Doris Ann. Co-founded the Juvenile Conference for kids in trouble with the law. Little League field dedicated to him in Princeton Junction, NJ

WONG, Carlos Emilio (deceased 30 December, 1968)



BOWIE, Bobby W. **CLASS OF 1947** Retired. Home, 16 Kings Lane, St. Simons Island, GA 31522. Home phone, 912/634-0762. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

BRATTON, Paul H. **CLASS OF 1948** Semi-retired, hardware retailer. Home, Route 1, Box 99, Millboro, VA 24460. Home phone, 703/996-4326. Wife, Ruby. Children, Michael Paul, a member of the 65th Military Police Company at Fort Bragg; Paul Jr., John, and David. U.S. Army Infantry, 1948; assigned to ROTC Detachment at AMA 1949; served  until discharged in 1952 with letter of commendation from Commanding General Second Army. Captain, Virginia Defense Force, 10 years, retired. Career: 1938-73, Worthington Hard-ware Company, president and general manager. 1963-76, director, Staunton Redevelopment and Housing Authority. 1973-78, Bratton's Hardware Company. 1978, Equipment analyst, Daniel Construction Company, Bath County Pump Project. Member: Chamber of Commerce, president, chairman of various committees; Staunton Lion's Club, president, chairman of various committees; Augusta Lion's Club, charter member; Staunton Redevelopment and Housing Authority, chairman; Kings Daughters Hospital, board; YMCA, board; Bath County Development Corp., board; Staunton Augusta Industrial Development Corporation, board; Staunton Retail Merchants, board; Covenant Presbyterian Church, chairman, trustees; Old Dominion Savings and Loan Bank of Staunton, advisory board. Received Distinguished Service Award from Staunton Junior Chamber of Commerce. AMA activities: Ad Astra; cadet 1st lieutenant on battalion staff; cadet captain adjutant; cadet major battalion commander.

COHOON, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas W., II Retired Army officer. Home, 1005 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suffolk, VA 23434. Wife, Bee (childhood sweet-heart). Military, enlisted as a private in the Infantry immediately after AMA; five years later, master sergeant, Sergeant Major, 1st Battalion, 3rd Infantry, Fort Myer, VA; warrant officer; direct commission as 1stlieutenant, Artillery; ten years in Europe, 15 months in Korea; promoted to lieutenant colonel while serving in Vietnam, 1969-70. Retired, 1972. Returned to Shenandoah Valley, personnel director for 20 years until retirement in 1992; moved to his first home in Suffolk. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Committee. "Thanks to military training I received at AMA, I had a head start on other post World War II enlistees. Thanks, AMA!"

FOTINOS, Nick George (deceased)

FREEMAN, Norman Reid (deceased 5 February 2005) RR 5, Box 104, Brownwood, TX 76801. Home phone, 915/784-7357. Retired Exxon employee. Wife, Billie; three sons, a daughter, and six grandchildren. Career: 1946-66, worked in New York City at various marketing jobs culminating as Budget Coordinator for Eastern Seaboard Area. 1967-79, worked in Westchester County, NY, and later Stanford, CN, as Budget Coordinator, then Pricing Coordinator for Northeastern Marketing Region. Appointed Secretary, Exxon Corporation. 1980-83, Methods advisor, 1980-83, at Esso Production Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. 1984-90, transferred to Houston as manager of the Accounts Payable Department. 1990-92, project manager for installation of the first imaging system in the oil industry for 175 workstations in the Accounts Payable Department. Medical retirement in 1992. AMA activities: Ad Astra; business manager, Recall; rode horseback with Major Roller at reviews and in parades.

LEVENTEN, Dr. Edward O. Semi-retired, Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, University of California Los Angeles; part time evaluating workers comp injuries. Home, 3600 Caribeth Drive, Encino, CA 91436. Home phone, 818/788-6481; business 213/250-9900. Wife, Ruth. Children, Ann, Mark; three granddaughters, including twins, and one grandson. University of Virginia, 1946-49, B.A.; 1950-54, M.D. Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, 1954-55, intern. U.S. Air Force Medical Corps., 1955-57, Wheelus AFB, Tripoli, Libya; 1962-64, Travis AFB; top rank, captain. Career: 1958-62, New York University, Bellevue, orthopedic resident; 1964-92, Kaiser Hospital, California, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery. In November and December of 1996, took 6 weeks off work to go to Uganda, Central Africa on a volunteer mission under the auspicies of Orthopedics Overseas; worked six weeks in Kampala teaching orthopedics to residents and interns at Makarere University and Mulago Hospital. In May 1999, Ed and Ruth spent the month doing volunteer work at St. Jude's Hospital in St. Lucia, the West Indies. Hobby: rock climbing. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Committee; football (lettered); Cotillion Club, vice president; captain, Headquarters Company.

MOERSCHELL, Paul Gerard (deceased 12 December 1996)  Dentist. Home: 609 Meadows Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23462-4606. Practised dentistry in Great Bridge, VA; Wife, Constance. Children, Pamela, Patricia, Brian, and Dr. Paul, III. Member, Bayside Presbyterian where he was an ordained elder; life master, Contract Bridge League.

SNARR, George G., Jr. Retired lawyer.  Home, 761 Alliance Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454. Home phone, 757/716-2718; business, 540/667-9727. Wife, Margaret. Children, Brian, David, George. University of Virginia, bachelor of arts, 1950; LLB, 1953. U.S. Army, Counter Intelligence Corps, 1953-56. Career: 1956-96, lawyer, Winchester, VA. Member: Virginia Bar Association. Substitute judge, 26th Judicial Circuit, 1972-96; Commissioner in Chancery, Circuit Court of Frederick County, 1961-96; Handley Regional Library Board, 1984-93; Deacon, Elder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, First Presby-terian Church; Winchester Board of Zoning Appeals, 1964-66; Frederick County Planning Commission, 1976-77; Partner in law firm of Snarr, McCandlish and Rockwood, 1984-96. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Ciceronian Literary Society, track team, Honor Committee, Cotillion Club.

WELCH, Michael Crawley  12116  Elm Way, Thornton, CO 80241. Home phone, 303/920-9331. Retired. Five children and 13 grandchildren. At AMA: First Captain, 1946-47.

WILLIAMS, Stafford M.



BANGSBERG, Howard V. (deceased 1984) AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Roll, captain rifle team.

CALLAHAN, Dr. Thomas R. Part time private practice of psychiatry.  Home: 5966 E. Butler, Fresno, CA 93727. Home phone: 559/252-3236; business, 559/221-8814. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS, 1955. University of Heidelberg, MD, 1964. University of Utah Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry, 1966-68. Moved to California, then to Fresno in 1970 where he has practiced psychiatry since.

CONLEY, Colonel Samuel Glenn, Jr. Home, 2141 Lexington Drive, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635. Home phone, 520/459-4194. E-mail, Attended William and Mary for a year, then West Point. University of Kansas, civil engineering. Continued fencing at West Point and Kansas, winning Midwest Saber Championship in 1953. Entered US Army in 1955; Army Flight School; finished Army Aviation career with a Master Army Aviator rating. Commanded 611th Army Aircraft Maintenance Company in Vietnam. On second Vietnam tour, commanded 147th Assault Support Helicopter Company. Served as the 1st Infantry Division Aviation Officer and Airfield Commander at Fort Riley, KS. Assigned as 1st Infantry Brigade Executive Officer and later as the Battalion Commander, 28th Infantry Battalion (Mechanized). On completion of the Fort Riley assignment, was transferred to Department of the Army, Force Development, Office of the Deputy Chief for Army Operations, The Pentagon. Served four years in Force Development, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Army Operations, The Pentagon.  Director, Manpower and Force Structure, HQ, USAREUR, for four years. After Europe tour, became Project Director to transform Army Communications Command into the Army's first Army Information Systems Command. Retired in 1985 with 30 years service at rank of full colonel. Director of Automation for Planning Research Corporation. Retired again later as Senior Information Systems Integration Engineer. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Committee, tennis,  fencing, Captain, E Company.

DAVIDSON, Harley Walter P. O. Box 818, Cilo, SC 29525. AMA activities: Ad Astra, YMCA Cabinet, Roller Rifles, tennis.

FRESHMAN, Robert Samuel AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, swim team, editor of Recall, Captain Company C.

HERRING, John A. Retired director, Newcomb Hall (student activities center), University of Virginia.

LAYNG, Geofrey Grant Professional speaker and real estate broker. Home, 202 W. San Antonio, San Clemente, CA 92672. Phone, 949/361-1484. E-mail, Wife, Madi. Between them they have seven children, 12 grandchildren and a great-grandson. Founder, Professional Speakers Association. Currently a keynote speaker on 14 topics such as Humor, Health and Happiness; Funny Quantum Physics; Positive Spirituality; What You Believe is Who You Are. Member, Citizens Advisory Council for Orange County, CA. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, YMCA Cabinet, baseball, rifle team, Captain, Staff.

MAY, Henry R. "Harry" Chief Executive Officer, Printing & Graphics, Inc. Home, 20398 Rupert Island Place, Potomac Falls, VA 20165. Home phone, 703/404-1718. Wife, Jane. Children, Lynne, Valerie, Henry, Jr., Steven, Vicki; 5 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. University of Maryland. Navy Air Corps Reserve, top rank, petty III. Career: 1954, began printing career; owner, Printing & Graphics Inc., formerly located in Herndon, VA. Member: Rotary, past president; Printing Brokers Association; Crime Solvers, past chairman; Reston Board of Commerce, past president; Fairfax County Small Business Man of the Year 1987; Printing Broker of the Year 1986. AMA activities: Ad Astra; junior varsity football; basketball; swimming; lacrosse.

SIMMONS, John B. Self employed, Simco Vending Services.  Home, 7420 East 70th Street, S., Tulsa, OK 74133-7719. Home phone, 918/249-9894. Cell phone, 918/378-3499. E-mail:  Wife, Linda, married 30 May 1998. One son, Joe Coppinger, my wife's son by her first marriage. Four grandchildren, Cassidy, Caitlin, Joseph and Cheyenne. One great grandchild, Jordan Waldron. University of Georgia, business administration. U.S. Army, top rank, sergeant E5. Career: McCrory Corporation, store manager; Cook United, store manager; Royals Inc., buyer; Froug's, buyer; America's Shopping Channel, merchandise manager; Member: Christian Businessmen's Committee, prayer chairman. AMA activities: Ad Astra; band; student body; Cotillion Club; Literary Society; Honor Committee.

SMITH, Benjamin M., Jr. Real estate investment. Home, 2300 9th Street S., G-1, Arlington, VA 22204. Home/business phone, 703/920-2200. U.S. Navy, 1949-53, enlisted. Career: B.M. Smith & Associates real estate. AMA activity: Ad Astra.



ALDRICH, William T. Retired. Former President, WTA Enterprises, Inc. Home, 1107 Marbrook Court, Houston, TX 77077. E-mail, Home phone, 281/759-0069. Wife, Natalie. Children, Jeffrey, senior managemnt position with the recently privatized South African National Oil Company (PetraSA); one son and one daughter; Amy in Charlotte, two sons. West Virginia University, 1952, business administration. U.S. Army, infantry, armor, top rank, captain. Career: Union Carbide; Dillingham Corporation; Marcona Corporation; personal representative for U.S. investments of West German family. Member: Presbyterian Church, elder; Independent Liquid Terminal Association, national chairman. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, fencing, debating society, co-editor, The Recall, co-editor, The Bayonet. Captain, Company E.

COOPER, Clarke Thomas, Jr. Architect, retired. Home, 5900 Sandbrook Court, Alexandria, VA 22307. Phone, 703/329-1818. E-mail: Wife, Shirley. Carnegie Mellon University, 1954, architecture. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, top rank, first lieutenant. Walton/Madden/Cooper Architects. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Roll, Honor Committee, Roller Rifles, Beta Club, varsity baseball..

FRETZ, Donald J. 6145 12th Street N, Arlington, VA 22205.  AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Roll, Honor Committee, Roller Rifles, wrestling, Vice President Student Body.

HARRIS, William McGregor Former bed and breakfast owner/operator, rancher, insurance agent, retired. Home, 118 Medical Parkway, Schulenburg, TX 78956. Home phone, 979/743-3031.Cell phone, 979/966-9065. E-mail, Wife, Frances. six children, seven grandchildren. University of Texas, 1953, math and biology. U.S. Army Engineers, 1954-56, top rank, 1st lieutenant. Career: 1956, Houston ISD; 1956-1964, Connecticut General Life Insurance Co.; 1964-1970, Fidelity Mutual Life; 1970-1973, Acacia Mutual Life; 1973-1991, South Western Life Insurance; 1991-2001, self-employed independent agent. Former owner/ operator of Heart of My Heart Bed & Breakfast in Round Top, TX. Member: Episcopal Church, choir, Men's Club; Round Top Riflemen's Club; University of Texas (Winedale) trustee; Scoutmaster 1969-71. AMA activities: Ad Astra, captain B Company, varsity football, tennis, JV basketball, boxing, wrestling, Honor Committee.

JORDAN, Charles F. (deceased 1991) AMA activities: Ad Astra, captain football team, Monogram Club, Honor Com-mittee.

LARUS, John B. 2649 Farmington Road, Powhatan, VA 23139-5223. AMA activities: Ad Astra, President of Student Body, Honor Committee.

MCLAUGHLIN, Richard ** Class of 1949 ** Aerospace executive, retired. Home, 1500 North Coalter Street, #D-10, Staunton, VA 24401. Home phone, 540/886-6096. Wife, Julia. Children, James, Edwin, Richard, Holly. Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 1953, business. Served in World War II, U.S. Army, 106th Cavalry Mech. Reconnaisance, Third Army, Europe; 1951-82, missile profession; started at Radford (VA) Arsenal; later to NASA shuttle program; 1982, retailing business until business sold in early 1994. Member: St. Andrew's Society of New York; Rotary; Board of Visitors, Mary Baldwin College. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

RAND, William G. President, Retired, owner of Qualified Plan Services. Home, 3725 Williamsborough Court, Raleigh, NC 27609. Wife, Bettie, passed away 13 May 1993 after a long illness. Married 43 years. Children, William G. Jr., Allison; eight grandchildren. University of North Carolina, 1948-52, B.S. commerce. U.S. Army, 1952-54, top rank, tech sergeant. Career: 1954-65, consultant, Hutchison & Associates; 1965-2005, Qualified Plan Services. Member: Anglican Church; Advisory Board, Chemistry Department, University of North Carolina; AMA activities: Ad Astra; co-editor, Recall, Bayonet; football; Flying Club; manager, fencing team; manager, rifle team; charter member, Roller Rifles.

SANDERS, William M. III (deceased 31 July 1994) CEO, Sanders Motor Company and Vice President, Senter-Sanders Tractor Corporation. Home, 3328 Granville Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609. Home phone, 919/787-3000; business, 919-779-0991. Wife, Stagg. Children, Stagg Madry, Mildred Pilkington, Elizabeth McNamara, Mary Duke Grubbe. North Carolina State, 1952, B.S. business administration. Career: 1953-76, Sanders Motor Company, vice president, general manager, CEO 1957-71. 1953-86, Sanders Investment Corporation, president 1979-1986. 1979-1994, Sanders Ford, secretary. 1962-1994, Senter-Sanders Tractor Corporation, vice president. Owner/operator of farms in Johnston County, NC. Director and Executive Committee, First Citizens Bank and Trust Company of NC since 1956. Member: National Ford Dealer Council, 1967-8; Director, Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, Raleigh Sales Executive Club, Wake County Cancer Society, United Way. President, Raleigh Tourists and Convention Association, Raleigh Merchants Bureau. Member: Jaycees, Kiwanis, Christ Episcopal Church. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Commander, Company D; Student Body Secretary; tennis, basketball letters; Honor Committee; Roller Rifles; Cotillion Club; Beta Club.

TOMLIN, Allen K. Retired 1 March 1992 after 37 years with State Farm Insurance. Home, 4607 Kenbridge Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410. Home phone, 336/852-7363. Wife, Lucy. Son, Bennett; three grandchildren. University of Virginia. U.S. Air Force, top rank, staff sergeant. Career: 1954-1992, State Farm Insurance Company. Member: North Carolina Insurance Guaranty Association, chairman; North Carolina News Service; Junior Achievement, past director.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; fencing; wrestling.

WALTERS, Harold “Hal” L., Jr. Financial consultant, Merrill Lynch, retired. Home, Brevard, NC 28712. Divorced. Children, Scott, Steven, Andy, Lisa, Diane.  13 grandchildren. Washington and Lee/Severn School, 1949. U.S. Naval Academy, 1953, B.S.; George Washington University, 1973, Master of Science in Administration. U.S. Navy, 1949-57, Atlantic/6th Fleet, top rank. LT. Career: 1957-58, senior sys-tems engineer, Vitro Laboratories, Rockville, MD; 1958-59, management engineering assistant, Litton Industries, Silver Spring, MD; 1960-73, senior systems analyst, IBM, Gaithersburg, MD; 1973-76, management development director, Richard L. Jeffery and Associates, Frederick, MD; 1976-78, executive vice president, Chamber of Commerce, Frederick County and Montgomery County, MD; 1977-79, general manager, Grimes Int'l Dealership, Martinsburg, WV; 1979-89, Merrill Lynch, financial consultant, West Palm Beach, FL; 1989-91, business instructor, South College/Records manager, Consolidated Precision Corp, West Palm Beach, FL. Hobby, woodworking. AMA activities: captain, Head-quarters Company; commander, Roller Rifles; Debating Society; Ciceronian Literary Society; treasurer, Cotillion Club; president, Beta Club; tennis and JV football letters; valedictorian; Ad Astra.



BARNES, Lewis L. CEO, Barnes & Company (textiles). P.O. Box 127, Collinsville, VA 24078. Home phone, 540/647-3366. Business phone, 540/632-3033. Married, two children, and two grandchildren. Davidson College, 1953, BS; captain of golf team. Military: US Army, 1953-55, stationed in Germany. Career: Stanley Furniture Company, Vice President, industrial relation, 1960-71; resigned due to illness; started Barnes & Company(textiles) in 1974, which has grown to three companies with $5 million in annual sales. AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, baseball, Honor Committee, Treasurer of Student Body, Roller Rifles, Beta Club, Captain, Company C.

BRADFORD, Robert E. **CLASS OF 1950** Retired, Senior Vice President, Safeway Inc., supermarket company. Home, 12 Woodside Drive, Danville, CA 94506. Home phone, 925/736-8652. E-mail: FAX, 925/736-8657. Wife, Nancy. Children, The Reverend Joseph Charles Bradford, Round Lake, NY; Stephen Frederick Bradford, Montgomery Village, MD; and Laura Bradford Batt, Folsom, CA; four granddaughters: Ainsley and Carly Bradford; Alexandra Rose and Sydney Grace Batt. Washington & Lee, 1950-54, journalism. Harvard University, Fellowship, 1971. U.S. Army, 1954-57, Transportation Corps, top rank, captain. Career: Founder, Virginia Tech Football Network, 1954, while still a student at W&L. 1957-58, WMAL-TV, Washington, DC, news director, 17 Associated Press awards; 1958-68, administrative assistant to Congressman Richard Poff (R-VA); 1968-70, executive director, Illinois Republican Committee; 1970-73, administrative assistant to Senator Bill Brock (R-TN); 1973-77, government affairs manager, Firestone Tire & Rubber; 1977-80, executive vice president, Food Marketing Institute; 1981-82, president and CEO, National Restaurant Association; 1982-83, senior vice president, Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company; 1983-1996, senior vice president, public affairs, Safeway Inc.  Chairman, National Easter Seal Society, 1992-94 and 1995-96; Chairman, National Easter Seal Foundation, 1998-present. Second Harvest, board; Keep America Beautiful, board; Friends of the Arts, San Francisco, board; California Retailers Association, Executive Committee; Food and Agriculture Committee, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Public Affairs Council, board; San Francisco Giants Community Fund, Director. Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi. AMA activities: Roller Rifles; Ad Astra; editor, Recall, Bayonet; YMCA, president; Beta Club, president; Honor Committee; Final Ball Committee; fencing team. Trustee, AMA Alumni Foundation. Director, AMA Alumni Association. Editor, AMA Alumni Foundation newsletter, The Bayonet.

CHAMBLIN, Brooke Bartlett, Jr. (deceased 19 October 1981) AMA activities:Ad Astra, Beta Club, rifle team.

CONLEY, Frank H. (deceased Summer of 1955) Graduated VMI in 1954. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, President, Flying Club, Captain Adjutant, Bayonet.

GOODING, Guy V. P.O. Box 94, Beaufort, NC 28516. AMA activities: Ad Astra, fencing, lacrosse, Honor Committee, Roller Rifles, Beta Club,  Bayonet staff.

JOHNS, Donald E. Route 1, Box 5930, Williston, FL  32596.  AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, baseball, basketball, track, swim team, Honor Committee.

LACY, William Kenneth AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, fencing.

MCLONEY, Thorne Clay (deceased 1 August 2004) 108 Charlotte Drive, Cynthiana, KY 41031. Attended Duke University; AB, Trinity College. Military: USAR. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Roll, Beta Club, assistant supply officer, armory.

MORRIS, Dr. John N. (deceased 25 November 1997) University teacher, writer. Home, 15, 595A Fearrington Post, Fearrington Village, NC 27312. Wife, Anne. Children, Julia, John, Richard. Hamilton College, Clinton, NY, 1953, B.A.; Columbia University, 1964, Ph.D. U.S. Marine Corps, 1953-55, top rank, lieutenant. Career: 1956-58, University of Delaware, instructor in English; 1958-67, Columbia University, lecturer, instructor, assistant professor; 1967-present, Washington University, associate professor, professor of English.  Published five books of poetry. His poems have appeared in The New Yorker, The New Republic and The Sewanee Review. Received Guggenheim Fellowship and an award in literature from the Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. In 1996-97, a Fellow of the National Humanities Center in Research Triangle, NC. At the time of his death, he was at work finishing a memoir which he called Essays in Reconstruction. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Roller Rifles; Honor Committee; Final Ball; Cotillion Club; First Captain.

PHILHOWER, Louis Stout, Jr. 1180 Oakcliff Road, Macon, GA 31211. Vacation villa: Highland Falls Country Club, Highland, NC. Clemson University, BS, 1955; MS, 1957. Investments, 1959-1999, J. C. Bradford Company. Later, senior vice president, Paine Webber, semi-retired. Now, with UBS Financial Services and Senior Vice President, Investments, Philhower Financial Group. Military, US Army, 1950-52. Community activities: Presbyterian Church Elder, PCA. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Captain, Headquarters Company; State Champion football team; swimming team; track team; Roller Rifles.

SPENCER, Frank E., Jr. Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force, retired; Virginia Power, retired.  Home, 506 Old Charleston Road, Waynesboro, VA 22980.. Home phone, 540/943-2633. Wife, Ida.  Children, Sandy, David, Tom, Elen and Jane; seven grandchildren, Justin, Blaire, Connor, Claire, Jack, Kelsey and Paige.  Virginia Military Institute, 1953, civil engineering. U.S. Air Force, 1953-75, top rank, lieutenant colonel; retired. Career: 1976-78, Stone & Webster Engineering, quality control; 1978-89, Virginia Power, quality control, retired 1989; Life member, Retired Officers Association; Life member, VFW.  Member: AMA Alumni, board of directors. AMA activities: Ad Astra; cadet waiter; junior varsity, tiger football; tiger basketball; varsity track.

WELCH, James Anthony Rd 2, Box 82, Selbyville, DE 19975. AMA activities: Ad Astra, President of Student Body, President of Honor Committee, track, Captain, Company B.



CHANG, Benito Chow Mazatenango City, Guatemala. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Roll, Roller Rifles, tennis, 1st lieutenant, staff.

CLICK, Edwin F. Retired Army (1974) and teacher (2002). Home, 23 Hickory Nut Lane, Staunton, VA 24401-9301. Home phone, 540/887-8348. E-mail, Wife, Suzanne. Five children, sons David and William both were winners of AMA Legacy Scholarships Graduate of the College of William and Mary in Virginia and the University of Oklahoma (MA). AMA activities: Ad Astra; Beta Club; Decorating Committee; fencing team;  Roller Rifles. Active in the AMA Alumni Association when not traveling.

COHEN, Arthur N. (deceased 13 February 1992) AMA activities: Ad Astra, First Captain, Honor Roll, Roller Rifles, Beta Club, debating, fencing, lacrosse

GLOVER, Edmund Corrall, III 266 Rock Hill Road, Clarksville, VA 23927. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, fencing, intramurals, A Company.

GUTHRIE, Billie A. (deceased December 1990) Home,  P.O. Box 534, Winder, GA 30680. Wife, Jane. Four children. AMA activities: Ad Astra, fooball, lacrosse, Roller Rifles.

HANTSCH, Robert Sigfried (deceased 28 December 1996) AMA activities: Ad Astra, Captain, A Company, Roller Rifles, swim team, Beta Club, Honor Roll, Bayonet and Recall staffs.

HILL, William Russell Former city planner; former executive director of International Downtown Executives Association. Part time marketing commercial real estate. Home, 718 Lancelot Drive, Greenville, NC 27858-8698. E-mail, Wife, Joy, passed away 1 June 2002 after a long illness. One son, Bill, an attorney in Greenville. Two grandsons, Frazier and Charlie. Former managing director for the South Carolina Veterinarian Association and the Virginia-North Carolina Academies of Small Animal Medicine. Serves as a substitute trustee for his son's law firm. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Captain, C Company, Honor Roll, Roller Rifles, Beta Club, lacrosse, Tiger football, fencing, rifle team, Honor Committee.

LUPTON, The Reverend James Retired, May 1996. Presently, Priest-in-Charge, St. George's Episcopal Chapel, Lake Landing, NC. Home address, 241 Riverview Street, Belhaven, NC 27810. Home phone, 919/943-6318. Last church before retirement, St. Albans Episcopal Church, Stuttgart, AR. Children, James H., III, Jonathan and Christopher. Duke University, 1954, AB, History. University of Pennsylvania, 1960, Master of Architecture. Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest, Austin, 1983-85, Master of Divinity. Career: 1960-83, architecture. 1986, ordained deacon and priest. 1986-88, assistant, then interim rector, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Kerrville, TX. 1988-89, rector, Grace Episcopal Church, Westlaco, TX. 1989-1996, vicar, St. Alban's, Stuttgart, AR, and St. Peter's, Tollville, AR. 1995, Dean of Convocation, Southeast Arkansas Episcopal Diocese. President, Stuttgart Ministerial Association, Rotary Club, past president and Paul Harris Fellow, and architectural, ecumenical, AIDS commissions and Cursillo Secretariat. Kairos of Texas (ecumenical prison ministry). AMA activities: Ad Astra, Beta Club, YMCA.

MILLER, Dr. John Milton, Jr. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Committee, Roller Rifles, tiger football, wrestling, intramurals, Honor Committee, 1st Lieutenant, Company D.

RUSSELL, John Alexander Engineer, retired. Home, 1020 Mastline Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401. Home phone, 410/224-2598.  Wife, Lenore, sweetheart at AMA. Children, John, Jr., Michael, Jeffrey, Maureen, Lenore and Paul. 13 grandchildren, John, III, Bill, Angela, Joey, Katherine, Lauren, Bryan, Alexandra, Natalie, Katie, Jacob, Krista and Andrew. Two great grandchildren, Kayla Reagan and John Alexander Russell, IV. Catholic University, 1959. U.S. Air Force, 4 years. Retired after 30 years with Westinghouse Defense Center where he worked as an engineer, program manager and deputy GM. Worked for the Navy five years before joining Westinghouse.  AMA activities: Ad Astra, JV football, Roller Rifles, fencing, Lieutenant, C Company.

SHAPPEE, Fred C., Jr. P.O. Box 156, Minetto, NY 13115-0156. US Army, Germany. Sealright Corporation, R&D, with plants in Fulton, NY, Kansas City, and Los Angeles. Retired after 33 years. Winters in Florida. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Captain, Staff, rifle team.



ANGLE, Ben L., III Owner, real estate and insurance agency. Retired on 1 April 2003, his 70th birthday. Home, 103 Willow Avenue, NW, P.O. Box 505, Rocky Mount, VA 24151. Phone, 540/483-5123. Wife, Chris. Children, Christy, flight attendant, Delta Airlines, and Anne-Lewis, flight attendant, American Airlines. Virginia Military Institute, 1954; track team, VMI's top 880 man all four years; Southern Conference 880 indoor and outdoor, and 440 indoor champion; cross country champion, 1954; NCAA and National AAU, 1953, 54 and 55; 6th place, National AAU finals, Boulder, CO, 1955; co-captain track team, 1955; Minor Sports Athletic Award, 1955; VMI Hall of Fame for Track, 1977. University of Virginia, medical school, one year. Military, US Army, tank platoon leader, 510th Tank Battalion, Mannheim, Germany. Hobbies: hunting and forestry. More than 30 years of perfect attendance at Rotary. AMA activities: Ad Astra, basketball, lacrosse, Honor Roll, Roller Rifles, Cotillion Club, Recall and Bayonet staffs.

DUFFEY, David Dickinson AMA activities: Ad Astra, tiger football,  lacrosse, intramurals, body building, Roller Rifles.

FOLK, Coleman H. (deceased 1 September 1989) 279 W. Chestnut Hill Road, Newark, DE 19713

GOLDSTEIN, Jacobo **CLASS OF 1952** Journalist, bureau chief, La Tribuna (newspaper), Honduras, Radio, Honduras, TV, Honduras. Home, 2010 Echo Place, Falls Church, VA 22043-1867. Business, 1069 National Press Building, 529 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC  20045. Home phone, 703/538-5050, business, 202/737-5349. Wife, Frances. Children, Victoria (Vicky), Jose Enrique. Became a grandfather in March, 1995 when Marie Claire was born to Vicky. Covers news out of Washington, lectures at think tanks, universities and symposiums on subjects dealing with Latin America.  AMA activity: Ad Astra.

HODGE, Jack S. Retired Chief engineer, Virginia Department of Trans-portation, and presently, Vice President of Volkert and Associates. Home, 2734 Cottage Road, Blackstone, VA 23824. Home phone, 434/292-1156. e-mail: Wife, Mary Scott. Son, Jack Scott, a civil engineer for Hayes, Seay, Mattern and Mattern in Roanoke. One granddaughter, a senior at Clemson. University of Virginia, 1956, Bachelor of Civil Engineering. U.S. Army, 1958, top rank, sergeant. Career: 1957-1996, Virginia Department of Transportation; 1957-60, training program; 1961-64, assistant resident engineer; 1964-70, resident engineer; 1970-76, assistant district engineer; 1976-82, district engineer; 1982-87, state director of engineering; 1987-1996, state chief engineer; 1996-present, vice president,  Volkert and Associates; QC/QA projects and some marketing work. Member: University of Virginia Alumni Association, life member; American Society of Civil Engineers, branch president, state president,  Virginia Society of Professional Engineers; National Society of Professional Engineers; Virginia Engineering Foundation Board. In 1990, received the Claudius Crozet Award as Virginia's Outstanding Civil Engineer (Crozet was professionally trained in France and played a riole in developing VMI and the Virginia transportation system. AMA activities: Ad Astra; captain, D Company; lacrosse; football, dance decorating committee; treasurer, Final Ball, Roller Rifles.

KNOX, Robert S., Jr. (deceased 27 July 2006) U.S. government, combined operations. Home, 6904 Greenvale Court, Frederick, MD 21701. Wife, Nancy. Children, Douglas, Robert III, Thomas. University of Maryland, College Park and overseas, 1958, American history. U.S. Army, 1952-72, U.S., Far East, Middle East, Korea, Japan, S.E. Asia, Europe; retired 1972. Career since: 1975-present, U.S. government, combined special operations. Numerous decorations and awards. Member: 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team Association, chapter vice president; Association U.S. Army; U.S.M.C. 3rd Division Association; Special Forces Association. AMA activities: Ad Astra; fencing; football; Roller Rifles; lacrosse.

LONG, Paul K. (deceased 21 May 1994) Motor coach charter and tour company. Home, 796 Hubler Ridge Road, Bellefonte, PA 16823. Home phone, 814/625-2014; business, 814/622-0100. Wife, Mary Ann. Children, Gail, Robert, William, Edward, Sheila. University of Virginia, 1955, business administration. U.S. Army, transportation, top rank, 2nd lieutenant.  Career: 1955-69, Blue and White Lines (1966-69, general manager); 1969-81, Greyhound Lines (terminal management); 1981-88, B&W Bus Service (our own charter and tour buses). AMA activities: Ad Astra; captain, C Company; Roller Rifles; swim team; Cotillion Club; Decorating Committee; Honor Committee.

MESSICK, Thomas Roger **CLASS OF 1952** Retired military and corporate pilot. Home, 3130 S. Swan Lake Circle, Prescott, AZ 86303. Home phone, 520/771-1804. Wife, Jean. Children, Victor and Ruth. University of Kentucky; Regimental commander, UK ROTC unit; swimming team captain, Southeast Conference 50 and 100 yard freestyle champion, three of four years. Took direct commission into Army and flew helicopters for 14 years, including two duty tours in Vietnam. Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 18 Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Commendation Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters; Command and General Staff College. After leaving active duty, became corporate pilot for Sprague Electronics in Massachusetts where he resigned after 9 years as Director of Aviation. Joined Amax in Denver for a 3 years, then Manager of Flight Operations for General Electric until his retirement in 1995. Retiring from the Army National Guard in the same year, he was the oldest Army Aviator on active flying status. Hobbies: fly fishing, hunting, jogging, landscaping. AMA activities: Ad Astra, First Captain; Captain, Roller Rifles; captain, swim team; lettered in football (Jerry Claiborne's team); lacrosse. Student Body Vice President; Final Ball President; Valedictorian. Most notable achievement at AMA: elimination of new cadet harassment (two weeks instead of a full year)

PELLAND, Dr. Philip Carlisle P.O. Box 161, Elm Grove, WI 53122. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, Honor Committee, swim team, intramurals.

PILLEY, Colonel Charles Franklin, Jr.  USAF, retired. Currently, mathematics professor at George Mason University and Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, Marymount University. Former Project Director, USA-2100 Cyber Learning Center. Home, 9261 ElJames Drive, Fairfax, Va 22032. Home phone, 703/323-7111. E-mail, Wife, Judy. Sons, Charles, III, Operations Manager, CDI Corporation; and Michael, Vice President, Phillips Industrial Services, Charleston, SC. Two grandchildren. VMI, BS, Electrical Engineering, 1955; University of Oklahoma, Master of Electrical Engineering, 1964; George Washington University, Master of Business Administration, 1967; Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, Masters of Operations Research and Statistics, 1969; Rennselaer, Masters of Management, 1970; George Mason University, Masters of Education, 1990. Military career: U.S. Air Force, instructor-navigator, 97th Air Refueling Squadron; Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC; Directorate of Plans, Headquarters, USAF; Fire Control Officer, AC-130H gunship, 16th Special Operations Squadron, Korat AB, Thailand; Air Force Research Associate, Ohio State University; Chief, Strategic Missile Division, Headquarters, USAF, Washington, DC; Deputy Director, Strategic Force Analyses, Headquarters, USAF. Decorations: Legion of Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster; Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Valor (for Saigon evacuation and recovery of the ship Mayaguez). Military National Roll of Honor (Washington National Cathedral). Secretary of Defense Cold War Recognition Participation, 1956-1981.Civilian career: mathematics teacher, The Madeira School and West Springfield, VA High School; Teacher of the Year, 1989, selected by Rotary Club; Who's Who Among America's Teachers; Fairfax County (VA) co-coach in math (placed 4th in the U.S. each year, 1989-92) level-4 tennis player; Co-Captain of VMI tennis team; tennis coach at West Springfield High; two Virginia State individual tennis championships in singles and doubles.Tennis team captain, AMA-FMS Hudgins-Roller Cup Competitions, May 1999-2002. Vice President, Military Operations Research Society, 1977-79; Battelle Memorial Academic Summer Fellow, Fort Belvoir, VA, 1984. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Best New Cadet (HQ Company), Cadet Waiter (two years), Honor Roll, Roller Rifles, Captain Adjutant, YMCA Cabinet, YMCA Medal, lettered in tennis(co-captain), basketball, Editor of Bayonet, Recall staff, Beta Club, Class valedictorian, History, Math and ROTC Medals.

WRIGHT, Eugene Ross



ANDERSON, Stephen Haig (deceased 8 April 1994) Paving contractor, retired. Home, 1395 Pleasant View Street, Staunton, VA 24401. Home phone, 703-886-4717. Wife, Mary Alice. Children, Trudy Anderson, Stephenie Carr. Morris Harvey College, 1956, business administration. Career: worked in road construction for 41 years; retired 1990 from Anderson's Paving. Former member: Lions Club, vice president; American Rifle Association; Elder, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Shady Spring, WV. AMA activities: Ad Astra, adjutant senior year, Roller Rifles, Cotillion Club, fencing team, JV football, student body.

CHICHESTER, Richard H. L., III Retired CEO, Select Sires, Inc. (livestock artificial insemination). Home, 564 Cambridge Street, Falmouth, VA 22405. Moved back from Ohio into the home where he was born and raised. Wife, Jacquelin. Children, Richard, Elizabeth, Harold and Mamie; eight grandchildren. Virginia Tech, 1952-56, dairy science. U.S. Army, 1957-60, field artillery, top rank, captain. Career: 1960-2000, artificial insemination industry; 1973-2000, CEO, Select Sires, Inc. 1998. Inducted into the Ohio Agricultural Hall of Fame. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles.

CUERVO, G. Otto (deceased 21 December 2004) Retired, Fiesta Super Stores manager, and veteran of the Bay of Pigs Cuban invasion. Home, P. O. Box 8043, Pasadena, TX 77505-8043. Phone, 281/991-9642. Cell phone, 713/502-5409. Divorced. University of Havana; in third year of law school when the Cuban Revolution took place. Father, Dr. Pelayo Cuervo, was assassinated and Otto joined the revolution against Castro and was member of Brigade 2506 in the invasion by Cuban exiles at the Bay of Pigs 17 April 1961. Rescued by an American destroyer and taken back to the United States. Career, Weinkles Liquor Stores, Miami; Shell City Liquor Stores, Miami; for last 13 years of employment, manager of Fiesta Super Stores, headquartered in Houston. Two brothers, Orlando,`47, and Rolando,`49, also attended AMA. AMA activities: Honor Roll; Cotillion Club; fencing team; Master Sergeant, Band Company. Five year cadet.

ELLIOTT, Walter Durrette **CLASS OF 1954** (deceased 1986)

MITCHELL, Thomas M. Retired, Virginia Department of Transportation. Home, 816 Cherry Hill Drive, Staunton, VA 24401. Home phone, 540/886-3115. Wife, Constance. Daughter, Kimberly. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Society; Captain Band Co.; lacrosse team; Recall and Bayonet staff; director AMA Alumni Association.

QUILLEN, Samuel M. (deceased 1994)

RAGLAND, Dr. W. Laumon  Professor emeritus, University of Georgia. Lives in Supetar, Croatia. E-mail:

SANDRIDGE, Cole W., Jr. Underwriting specialist, State Farm Insurance Co., retired. Home, 1871 Pine Cone Circle, Charlottesville, VA 22901. Home phone, 434/973-2993. Wife, Roy Ann. Children, Cole W. Sandridge, III, Beverley S. Lizakowski; grandson, Christopher Cole Lizakowski, granddaughters, Susan Avery Sandridge and Alison Paige Sandridge.  Virginia Tech. U.S. Army, heavy artillery, tank driver, top rank, corporal. Career: 1955-56, manager of farm. 1956-93, State Farm Insurance Co. Member: Lions Club, member, board of directors, past president. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Captain Co. D; decorating committee; Cotillion Club; fencing team; Roller Rifles (Guidon Bearer).

STIVERS, Robert Clark (deceased 4 November 1971)

SUTER, Frank Crawford **CLASS OF 1954** 3276 Salem Cove Trail, SE, Conyers, GA. Home phone, 770/385-0010. Work phone, 770/593-0841. Equipment Sales Division (food, dairy, poultry, meat, carpet mills), P&B Sales & Service, Lithonia, GA. Wife, Alice Faye. Children, Frank Suter, III, Sharon Kaye Suter, Lisa Lynn Spearman; by marriage, Tabitha Dague, Rhonda Kay Williamson, Kevin Witherington; grandson and granddaughter. University of Texas, 1959-61. Group insurance sales for Southwestern Life, 1956-61; chemicals a equipment for dairy processing food industry, beverage, carpet industry, poultry and meat, 1962-present. Member, Dairy, Food and Beverage Products Association, Virginia; Board member, Virginia Association; Georgia Diary Food and Beverage Products Association; Grace Presbyterian Church. Member, United Commercial Travelers of America. 1959-62, President, Waynesboro Exchange Club. AMA activities: Attended AMA for seven years; Ad Astra; Captain, Band Company; Vice President, Student Body; Cotillion Club, cheerleader, YMCA officer; 1954 Young Men's Christian Award; 1954 Declaimer's Medal; Jeep and bus driver for several years.

WONG, Duncan  Retired owner of hardware business. P. O. Box 0819-10302 Panama, R.P. Home phone, 507/236-3391. E-mail: Wife, Margarita. Son, Alvaro, and daughters Marianela and Analida; four granddaughters.



BALBIS, Manuel G. Retired president and general manager, Firestone Argentina. Now owns and operates a wholesale tire export company, Galaxy Interamerica. Business consultant for Efficiency Production, Inc. Home, 1915 Brickell Avenue, PH-8, Miami, FL 33129. Wife, Lucrecia. Children, Lucrecia, Marylou. Two grandchildren, Camilla and Gabriella.  University of Villanova, 1958, chemical engineering; Central Michigan University, 1985, MBA. Career: 1958-92, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company: 1958-60, junior engineer, Havana, Cuba plant; 1960-64, research and development, Akron, Ohio; 1964-67, senior engineer, France; 1967-68, senior engineer, England; 1968-84, director of engineering, European research and development center, Rome; 1984-85, manager of sales, Detroit; 1985-92, president and general manager, Firestone Argentina. Since 2001, professor of graduate business management at the University of Phoenux on-line campus and the Fort Lauderdale campus. AMA activities: Ad Astra, varsity wrestling, Tiger football, Roller Rifles, Student Body Treasurer, Honor Committee, Ciceronian Literary Society.

LOWENBACH, Robert L. Retired, water/sewer in-spector. Home, 8 Wirt Street NW, Leesburg, VA 20176. Home phone, 703/777-3082. E-mail: Wife, Betty. Children, Rob, Laura, Matt; grandchildren, Carter, Callie, Nina and Noah. U.S. Army. Career: Water/sewer inspector for Loudoun County. Member: Leesburg Presbyterian Church. AMA activities: Ad Astra, basketball, football, lacrosse, captain of Headquarters Company.

MATTHEWS, William Russell Electrical engineer. Home, 100 Burley Street, Berlin, MD 21811-1200. Home Phone, 410/641-2979. Office phone, 703/569-0723. Wife, Katie (Kitt).  Children, Eddie, Scott, Lynn; eight grandchildren. Virginia Tech. Military: Army Security Agency, 1955-58; SP5. Career: electrical (design) engineer with various engineering consulting firms, 1959-90. 1990-2001, self-employed in electrical engineer design, now retired. AMA activities: Ad Astra, 2nd lieutenant, Band, Honor Committee.

MUNDIN, Lewis H., III Former owner, Creery Ltd., custom shirtmakers since 1907. Now, four days a week at Peter Blair, men's clothing. Volunteer occasionally at Westminster/Canterbury Retirement Home. Home, 407-L N. Hamilton Street, Richmond, VA 23221. Home phone, 804/353-3612.  Children, Beth, Margaret, Lewis, Alex and Helen; six grandchildren. Hampden-Sydney, 1958, English. Career: 1968-85, owned Squire Shop; 1986-88, department manager, Thalhimer's Department Store; 1988-93, Capitol Floors and Decorating. Member: Kiwanis, president West Henrico 1982-83; Virginia Society, Sons of the Revolution; Country Club of Virginia, Polar Bears Club. Richmond Cotillion, president 1983.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; manager, varsity football; Honor Council; student government; Roller Rifles; jazz band.

QUILLIN, Edgan Clinton (deceased 1974)

SIBLEY, William Gatewood Mt. Calvary Retreat, P.O. Box 1296, Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1296

SIMMONS, Thomas B. Home, 66 Mountain Deer Run, West Augusta, VA 24485-2082. Home phone, 540/939-4225 or 540/939-4225; business, 540/885-0833 after 2 PM weekdays. Divorced. Children, Rebecca, Philip. Virginia Tech, 1957, business administration. U.S. Army, top rank, 1st lieutenant.  Career: U.S. Army 1957; Virginia National Guard (five years); Simmons Parts Co., Inc., 1958-2003. Member: Staunton-Augusta Chamber of Commerce, past board of directors; Shenandoah Valley Travel Association; BPOE; Trinity Episcopal Church, past vestry, past junior warden; AMA Alumni Association, past treasurer, board of directors, past secretary, past secretary/treasurer, past president; Augusta County Chapter Virginia Tech Alumni Association, past president, past treasurer; Augusta Country Club, past president.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; private, squad leader, Company B; editor, Bayonet, Recall; varsity letters in football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, fencing, Roller Rifles.

SPONAUGLE, Carroll L. Route 7, Box 9, Franklin, WV 26807

TRINKLE, Elbert Lee, III Ordained pastor, finance, investments, computer consultant.  Home, 5121 Meadow Brook Road, Birmingham, AL 35242.  Home phone, 205/991-7609. Wife, Catherine. Children, Leta Sue Bone, Mary Beth, Gini Lee. Virginia Tech, US Military Academy, Reformed Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary. Military service: U.S. Navy, Army. Highest rank: Major. Career: cement industry, construction sales, ordained pastor, finance, investments. President, ELT, Inc., a holding company of timber, oil and gas properties. AMA activity: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, rifle team, played football his final year.

WARD, Parker Lafon (deceased 14 November 1970) ** Class of 1954 ** Vice President and General Manager, Hez Ward Buick in Huntington, WV. Graduate of Marshall Laboratory School, University of North Carolina, and the General Motors Institute. Member, Huntington First United Methodist Church; Guyan Golf and Country Club; board of directors, Huntington Gallery. First President of AMA Alumni Association, elected at its organizational meeting in 1970. Later that year, died in a plane crash which killed the players, coaches, staff and several patrons of the Marshall University football team. Survived by his wife, Mary; two sons; Parker, Jr. and Stephen; and two daughters, Sharon and Elizabeth. AMA activity: First Captain, 1953-54.



ben BOTTINO, Michael A. 595 West End Avenue, Apartment 16A, New York, NY 10024 

CALDWELL, Manley P. Lawyer. Home, 241 Via Linda, Palm Beach, FL 33480. Home phone, 407/848-7838; business, 407/ 655-0620. Wife, Doris. (Former wife, Margaret Gardner, daughter of Col. W.L. Gardner; divorced). Washington & Lee, 1954-60, law. U.S. Army, JAG, top rank, LTC; Army re-serves until 1981, retired. Career: 1960-present, Caldwell & Pacetti law practice. Member: Virginia bar, Florida bar.  AMA activity: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, swim team

COX, Parke H., Jr. 4343 Bruce Road, Chesapeake, VA 23321

GAMEWELL, Tomme T. 510 Fox Hollow Lane South, Salisbury, NC 28144-9000

HOKE, Kenneth A. Retired, 1996, as Director, Information Systems, Guilford of Maine Inc., State of Maine (textiles). Home, P. O. Box 91, Micaville, NC 28755. Home phone, 828/682-9953. Children, Susan, Amy, Ken Jr. University of North Carolina 1954-58, Industrial Relations. Career: 1958-60, Montgomery Ward, Baltimore; 1960-63, L. Greif & Bros., Baltimore (industrial engineering); 1963-87, Burlington Industries, Greensboro, NC (data processing); 1987-96, Guilford of Maine. AMA activities: Ad Astra; football; captain, wrestling; golf; captain, B Company; Roller Rifles; Honor Society.


PHILLIPS, Lee V. Box 764, Lexington, NC  27292

STONE, Walter Lewis "Pete"  880 William Boulervard, #911, Ridgeland, MS 39157-1598. E-mail: pstone@mc.udu

TOWNSEND, W. Guy  Home, 661 Rich-Tapp Highway, Manquin, VA 23106. E-mail, AMA activities: Ad Astra; fencing; lacrosse; Band Company.

WEANT, Robert W. 432 Ridgeway Road, Lexington, KY 40502



COHEN, Martin S. (deceased 16 April 1999) Certified public accountant; retail ice cream stores; disability retirement, passed away while awaiting a heart transplant. Home, 44B Brian Drive, Stoughton, MA 02072. Home phone, 617/344-9059. Three married children, a grandson and a granddaughter. Bentley College, 1957, accounting. Career: 1957-69, controller, toy distributor; 1969-78, treasurer, glass distributor; 1978-87, private practice and retail ice cream stores; 1987, retirement.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; captain, band; Bayonet staff; rifle team.

FLEITES, Rodriguez Hugo (deceased)

HASSELL, James E. (deceased 29 September 1993) Teacher and scholar. 37 W. Southampton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118. Home phone, 215/242-2124. Wife, Sigrid Weltge. Children, Kirsten Weltge and Karin Welles. Cornell Uni-versity, Ph.D., Russian and English history; University of Leningrad, Antioch College, Leeds University. Career: Associate Professor of History, Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science; author of numerous publications on Catherine II, the former Soviet Union, and Russian refugees in France between the World Wars. Received Philadelphia College President's Award for excellence in teaching, 1986. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

JOHNSTON, William R. "Bill" Farmer. Home, 1611 Bill Johnston Road, Jackson, NC 27845. Home/business phone, 252/583-4151; business, 919/583-4151. Wife, Margaret Louise. Children, William Jr. (married summer 1993) has landscape business in Raleigh, Dr. Martha Margaret Chestnutt, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of UNC, Chapel Hill, is a physician in Rocky Mount, NC; stepson Gil Cutchin runs a shooting preserve on the family farm; and step-daughter Louise Kelly to a bird colonel who served in Iraq. Seven grandchildren including twins.  North Carolina State University, 1960, animal science. U.S. Army, artillery, top rank, first lieutenant. Farming same place since 1962. AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, lacrosse.

LEA, T. C., Jr. Lawyer. 16381 Black Run Road, Orange, VA 22960. Home phone, 540/672-6370. FAX, 540/672-6371. E-mail, Wife: Frances (Snip); eight children (one deceased), 12 grandchildren. Virginia Tech, 1959, BS, Public Administration; Vice President of class, T. C. Williams Law School, University of Richmond, JD, 1962. Judge, General District Court and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court of Rappahannock County, VA, 1962-68; Commonwealth Attorney, Fauquier County, VA, 1966; private practice, Rappahannock and Culpeper Counties, VA, 1962-78. Admitted self to hospital (Springwood) 11/78 for alcoholism. Various jobs in recovery until 3/80: merchant seaman, tugboat, St. Lawrence Seaway, 3/80 to 10/80; Chemical Dependency Counselor and Director of Chemical Dependency Department, Springwood Psychiatric Institute, Leesburg, VA; Licensed Addictions Counselor, 10/80 to 10/84; Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Landbank Equity Corporation, 10/84 to 8/85. H & H Real Estate, real estate agent, worked with Trustee of Landbank Bankruptcy Estate, 1985-88. Director of Trustee's Operations, Freedlander Bank-ruptcy Estate, 1988-94. Private practice of law, 1988-97, Culpeper and Virginia Beach. Since 1997, only in the Culpeper, Orange and Madison area  limiting his practice to court matters involving criminal, traffic and personal injury cases. AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, baseball (captain), student government, Captain, C Company.

MEIER, E. Jack  Retired, printing business, Quebecor USA. Home, 7424 Courtyard Way, Fishers, IN 46038. Home phone, 317/596-8091. Purdue University, BS, Industrial Management, 1959. Retired from Quebecor at the end of 2000; Marketing Director for US Catalogs and Publications. Director of Customer Relations prior to that. First retirement came in 1992 when retired from R. R. Donnelley and Sons after 34 years. Last position there was Group Director of Customer Relations for the Warsaw, IN plant. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Captain of Band Company, Honor Committee.

POPE, Roy Preston, Jr. Offset printing. Home, 5523 Beaver Creek Road, Bridgewater, VA 22812. Home phone, 540/828-6942. Wife, Doreen, passed away 28 May 1995. Children, Mark, Mary and Michelle; five grandchildren. U.S. Army, SP-4. AMA activities: Ad Astra, captain adjutant, Honor Commit-tee, Student Body officer.

RAY, Alfred Chalmers, III (deceased 1981) Ashland, VA 23005

TOMASEK, Stephen F. **CLASS OF 1956** Retired, Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Government, Washington, D.C. Home, 546 Lanny Road, Millersville, MD 21108. Home phone, 410/987-2810. Wife, Ann. Washington & Lee University, 1956-62, B.A. history; University of Baltimore, 1981, law. U.S. Army, 1962-71, top rank, major. Member: Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, American Legion.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; Recall; Bayonet.

WIRKUS, Faustin E., Jr. U.S. Marine Corps, retired. Home, P.O. Box 925, Annandale, VA 22003. Home phone, 703/978-0204.  Children, Kathryn and Martha. University of North Carolina, 1959, geology. U.S. Marine Corps, 1959-84, retired, top rank, colonel. AMA activities: Ad Astra, sports, student government.



BUCHANAN, John Edward

FANCHER, Trion Duke **CLASS OF 1958** Retired. Home, 1300 Army Navy Drive, #1025, Arlington, VA 22202-2026. Home phone, 703/892-0958. e-mail: Bridgewater College, 1958-62. U.S. Navy, 1962-66. The Washington Post Company, 1968-1996; retired in 1996. Past President, AMA Alumni Association, Inc. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Editor, 1957 Recall; First Captain.

HOLLAR, Dr. James C. (deceased 1997) Chiropractor. Home, 976 18th Avenue, Hickory, NC 28601. Office: 933 15th Street, NE, Hickory, NC 28601. Home phone, 704/322-4411; business, 704/324-4600. Wife, Ann. Children, Anya, Jamie, Paxton. Appalachian State University; University of North Carolina; Lincoln College, Indianapolis, IN. Career: licensed doctor of chiropracty since 1963. Member: North Carolina Chiropractic Association, president, west district; American Chiropractic Association, director. AMA activities: Ad Astra, football; basketball; baseball; tennis; Roller Rifles; captain, C Company; Co-editor, The Recall.

HOWARD, Adrian L. (deceased 3 November 1998) General contractor, retired. Home, 2053 Strawberry Run, Crozier, VA 23039. Home phone, 804/784-6042; business, 804/231-8000.  Wife, Rose Marie. Children, Deborah, Virginia, Lee, John, Scott; eight grandchildren. North Carolina State University, civil en-gineering. Career: general contractor since 1958. AMA activity: Ad Astra; First Captain, 1956; co-editor of Recall; Quill and Scroll; football; baseball.

KRISE, Albert E., III **CLASS OF 1957** Retired, crane/heavy equipment operator. Home, 140 W. Lorengo Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23503. Home phone, 757/587-6341. Wife, Sandra. Children, a son, John E. Krise, and two daugh-ters, Shryl Krise Jones and Linda K. Barners. Four grandchildren: Terry, Kathy,  Olivia, and Ashley. Member: Masons; Power Squadron; Great Bridge Cruise Club, Tidewater Boat Club; Hampton One Design (sailing); I.U.O.E. Local #147. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, football, wrestling, captain A Company.

MAHANES, Dr. James R. 105 N. Vista Drive, Easley, SC 29640

NININGER, Elgin H., Jr. Seafood business owner. Owned Shady Lane Seafood, Inc. for 36 years. 20880 Ridge Road, Colonial Beach, VA 22443-9708. Home phone, 804/224-7878. Owner, Shady Lane Seafood, Inc. Wife: Betty Lou, married 39 years. Two sons, Dean, who works for Shady Lane, and Scott, vice president of Union Bank and Trust. Four grandchildren, Kara, 13, Taylor, nine, Haley, six, and Colin, 18 months. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, Color Guard.

SAUNDERS, Robert Goodloe, II **CLASS OF 1957** Retired, U.S. Air Force, John Hancock Insurance. The Flower Man, florist. Home, 9367 Dick Woods Road, Afton, VA 22920. Home phone, 540/456-6183. Wife, Brenda. Children, Robert III, Bailey, Jamie, Christie. Roanoke College, 1965, BA, economics. Central Michigan University, 1982, masters business adsministration. U.S. Air Force; Squadron Officers School, 1970; Air Command and Staff College, 1982; Air War College, 1983. Career: 1963-65, Carter machinery, inventory clerk; 1965-67, Dibert Valve and Fitting Co., salesman; 1967-90, U.S. Air Force, LTC, Bronze Star. 1990-92, John Hancock Insurance. 1993-98, The Flower Man, owner/operator. Member: James R. Goodloe Hunt Club, president; Crozet Lions Club. director. AMA Alumni Association, director. AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, lacrosse, Honor Council, YMCA, Roller Rifles, battalion commander, first captain, AMA Alumni AMA Alumni activities: Co-creator, Legacy Scholarship; member, Roller Society; member, President's Council; President, AMA Alumni Association, 1997-2001; Chairman, AMA Alumni Foundation, 2001-present.

TRAINUM, Douglas Justin

WEBSTER, Arthur T. (Tony) (deceased 22 April 1998) **CLASS OF 1957** Investments. Home, 1408 Salem Drive, Belleville, IL  62221. Home phone, 618/277-0849. Wife, Ann.  Children, Elizabeth Zane, and Justin.  University of Kentucky, 1962, political science. University of Southern California, North-western University, University of Virginia, graduate work. U.S. Air Force, 1963-83, top rank, major, Bronze Star, youngest major command chief of security police. 1984-present, self employed, Creative Investments Un-Ltd (original and limited edition wildlife art and duck stamps for collectors and investors). Also 1984 until his death, corporate security consultant. Member: Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity; life member, International Association of Chiefs of Police, American Society for Industrial Security, F.O.P., Illinois State Trooper, FBI National Academy Associates, American Philatelic Society, Sponsor Ducks Unlimited and National Wildlife Federation.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; football, tennis and swimming; Best Platoon 1957; Honor Committee; vice president, senior class; Roller Rifles.



GIAMMARIA, Carlos Rubio **CLASS OF 1959** Apartado Aereo 706, Barranquilla, Colombia

HUME, Gray W., Jr. (deceased 15 March 1982) Twin brother of James C. D. Hume (see below). Jim provides this information about Gray: Taught English and drama in Warrenton, VA where he rewrote Romeo and Juliet to a western musical theme. Served in the US Army, 1960-63. Graduate, George Washington University. Lived on a farm near Warrenton. Trained hunting dogs. At AMA, a member of Headquarters Company until his senior year. Later served both as Captain Adjutant and Captain of C Company. When a lieutenant, his platoon won the drill competition in 1956 and his company won the drill competition the following year. Manager of football team; member of the swim team for three years; Decorating Committee.

HUME, James C. D. School teacher, track coach. Home, 1561-B Marina Court, San Mateo, CA 94403-1610. Home phone, 650/571-5913. E-mail address: Washington & Lee University; 1963-65, College of San Mateo; 1967, California State University San Francisco, American Studies. U.S. Coast Guard, 1959-63, top rank, Radioman 2nd Class. Career: 1967-87, assistant track coach, Millbrae (CA) Lions' Track Club, one of the oldest women's track clubs in the U.S. 1969-85, Ben Franklin Middle School, San Francisco, team member of the Demonstration Program for Reading, classroom teacher, reading lab teacher, program director; September 1985-2000, Hillsdale High School, San Mateo, English teacher, computer teacher, cross country/track coach. Currently, part of a team quite involved with running cross country and tarck and field meets. Has 43 days of track meets last season. Hobby: golf. Member: USA Track and Field, track's national governing body; past head manager for the women's junior national team (1983), travel coordinator for women's athletics for the U.S. Olympic Festival twelve times; Level 1 Lead Instructor in the coaches education program, conduct training clinics for track and field officials, master level track and field official; 1995, Head Manager T&F team in the US vs. Britain meet, Newcastle on Tyne, England. In USA, T&F's Pacific Association, women's track and field chairman, age group chairman (athletes under 17 years of age), women's statistician, president of the Board of Athletics. AMA activities: Ad Astra; first lieutenant; captain of Headquarters Company; Honor Committee; football; swimming; lacrosse; Roller Rifles; Honor Military Student.

MORRIS, Carl Rodger **CLASS OF 1959** STAT driver for Neighborcare, a division of Genesis Corporation, delivering emergency prescriptions to nursing home patients. Home, 101 Norwood Place, Sterling, VA 20164. Home phone, 703/444-5610. Wife, Brenda. Children: Mike, Malinda, Jon, Jada and Carl. Grandchildren: Samantha, Christopher, Nicholas, Victoria, Joey and Taylor Anne. USAF, 1959, top rank A/B, medical discharge. Career: 1959-60, Jefferson Professional Institute; 1960-62, Charlottesville Oil Compnay, bookkeeper; 1962-68, Triangle Service Station, Inc., president and owner; 1968-72, National Health Labs, fleet manager; 1972-74, Coffee Butler Services, sales; 1975-78, Hava Java Coffee Service, vice president; 1978-83, various jobs; 1988, Koons Ford, service advisor; 1988-91, Absolute Carpet Care, owner and president; 1991-97, owner, First Break Cafe and Double R Saloon. AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, baseball, basketball, rifle team, Honor Committee, YMCA, Roller Rifles, Decorating Committee.

PUGH, Jordan A., IV Computer systems management. Home, 1419 Trouville Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23505-2943. Home phone, 703/683-3343; business, 202/366-6599. Wife, Ardith.  Son, David. Old Dominion University, 1966, business administration; University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, 1967. U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, 1960-66, ranks, cpl., E-4, 0221, intelligence chief, aviation, S-2, VMA-233. Career: 1966-89, civil service, Department of Defense, retired. 1989-present, UNISYS Corp., DOT/TCC. Member: George Washington Chapter, S.A.R.; Bass Anglers Sportsman Society; Alexandria Association; Friends of the Kennedy Center; International Oceanographic Foundation. President, Old Dominion University Alumni Association, Capital Area Region; Member, board of directors, Old Dominion University Alumni Association; president, Army-Navy Fishing Club. AMA activities: Ad Astra; fencing; Bayonet, Recall, Roller Rifles.

SMITH, Eugene C., III (deceased 6 July 2001) P.O. Box 3510, Gulfport, MS 39505. AMA activities: Cotillion Club; rifle team; 1st lieutenant, Band Company.

SMITH, James P. Consultant to architects in heating and cooling installations. Home, 28 E. Governor Drive, Newport News, VA 23602. Home phone, 757/877-3159. Wife, Armanda. Children, James Jr., Jeff, four grandchildren.  CREI, Washington, D.C., 1960, electrical engineering. U.S. Army, Sec. Agency, top rank, staff sergeant. Career: 1960-93, Senior electrical engineer, Westinghouse Electric Corp. retired in 1993. Licensed master electrician. Member: First Baptist Church, Newport News, deacon, trustee, teacher; Elks 2576. Amateur radio operator, Kent Island Amateur Radio Club; digital photography. E-mail:, on packet radio. AMA activities: Ad Astra; captain, band; captain, rifle team.

SNELL, J. Michael **CLASS OF 1959** (deceased 23 August 2002) 301 Virginia Avenue, Petersburg, WV  26847. Entrepreneurial farmer, builder, developer and oilman. Wife, Lori; four sons, Joe, Jordan, Zack and Seth; eight grandchildren. Co-founder of South Branch Youth Football League. AMA activities: Ad Astra; football, tennis.

THOMAS, Philip S. Box 500, Middleburg, VA 22117

WILDMAN, Paul J. "Jerry"  Former owner, Wildman's Northwest-Pacific Art and Frame. Home, 1261 Mason Lake Road, Shelton, WA 98584-7508. Home/ business phone: 425/778-5826. E-mail: Ohio Wesleyan University, one year; Morris Harvey College, three years, B.A., psychology (1961). University of North Carolina, MPH, public health (1969). Career, U.S. Peace Corps volunteer, Philippines, Contingent IV, 1962-64, assigned as an elementary school teacher in rural southeastern coastal barrio on Cebu Island. Co-organizer, Medical Assistance Cooperative of Cebu (MAC program). North Carolina Fund experimental anti-poverty pro-gram, Macon County, NC. Research Assistant, Winston-Salem, NC (Forsyth County) and in Watauga-Avery-Mitchell-Yancey Counties. Helena, Montana at Helena/Lewis and Clark County Health Department, Children and Youth Project, Community Health Educator. Helena, Montana Public School System as Director of Comprehensive School Health Program. HEW Region X Family Planning Program Training Team, Seattle, as specialist for training consumer advisory boards and/or boards of directors serving local family planning clinics in Alaska, Oregon, Idaho and Washington State. In 1977, left public health field to work with his hands. Established Northwest-Pacific Art and Frame. Served three plus years as Northwest Regional Director of Professional Picture Framers Association. Earned "CPF" professional certificate designation in 1986 by examination from the Framers' Guild of the PPFA. Alpha Sigma Phi national social fraternity. Charter member, Cascade Picture Framers Guild (Oregon), past board member emeritus of Evergreen Picture Framers Guild (Washington), long time associate member of the American Institute of Conservation of Historical and Artistic Works (AIC), and member of the Western Association for Art Conservation (WAAC). Actor with Kanawha Players and Charleston (WV) Light Opera Guild; Durham (NC) Theater Guild, Old Brewery Theater of Helena (MT), Sound Expressions Theater of Edmonds (WA), Musi-Comedy NW of Seattle, and Civic Light Opera of Seattle. Member, original cast, The Stephen Foster Story, Bardstown, KY. At AMA: Ad Astra; rifle team; decorating committee; YMCA Cabinet; Captain of D Company; Roller Rifles. As an alumnus, served as an associate member of the AMA Museum Committee. Recipient of 2001 AMA Alumni Medal.

YATES, James William **CLASS OF 1958** 8020 Crestview Drive, Niagara Falls, NY 14304



AKERMAN, Alex III "Andy" (deceased 9 October 1997) President, I-MATH Associates, Inc. Wife, Irene, 11342 Via Andiamo, Windermere, FL 34786-6045.  Children, Stephen, Cathie, Andrea, Julie, Angela. Rensselaer Poly Institute, Troy, NY, 1958-62, math; George Washington University, 1971, MS, ops research; SUNY, Buffalo, 1977, MS, statistics. U.S. Army Security Agency, 1962-67; 1967-69, special warfare lab, Naval Air Systems Command; top rank, captain. Career: 1969-72, Cerberonics, Inc., senior engineer; 1972-76, Calspan Corp., principal mathematician; 1976-78, Scipar, Inc., vice president; 1978-85, Martin Marietta, senior member, professional staff; 1985-present, I-MATH Associates, Inc., president. 1992-present, Nichols Research Corporation, division director.  Member: Automatic Target Recognizer Working Group; IEEE, pattern analysis; SPIE; AOC Electronic Warfare Society; Operations Research Society; St. Luke Episcopal Cathedral, junior warden; Diocese of Central Florida, chairman, finance commission. AMA activities: Ad Astra; band; drill team; Roller Rifles.

DUFFY, Wayne F. 2719 Mallard Drive SW, Roanoke, VA 24018

GARCIA, Al 3333 Old Colony, Kalamazoo, MI  49008

HARMON, J. Hugh Retired. Former executive director, Bethany/Fenwick Chamber of Commerce, Fenwick Island, DL. Home address, 302 Prospect Street, Leesburg, VA 20175. Home phone, 703/777-5869. e-mail: Formerly executive director, Loudoun County Conference/Visitor's Bureau, Leesburg, VA. University of Maryland, sociology; master in economics; Cincinnati Mortuary College.  Career: 15 years in funeral business; 16 years in economic development for Loudoun County. AMA activities: Ad Astra; captain, fencing team; captain, B Company; Roller Rifles; student body officer.

LANKS, James G. 2004 Valley Road, Route 11, Annapolis, MD 21401

RIDGE, Charles Elliott **CLASS OF 1959** Home, P.O. Box 803, Hillsville, VA 24343. Phone, 276/728-2962. E-mail, Wife, Hope. Children, Chuck, Jr. and Kathy Kuelz; four grandchildren, Elliott and Erica Kuelz, Natalie and Grace Ridge.  (Suffered a stroke in March, 2002. Doing very well now! Speech improving!)  AMA activities: Ad Astra; chairman, Final Ball; president, YMCA, Cotillion Club; Honor Society; Rifle Club; football; tennis, swim team; Recall; Roller Rifles; best bandsman, 1959; PMS&T award, 1958; captain, Band Company, 1959; Past member, Augusta Military Academy Alumni Association Board of Directors.

STRONG, Theodore Francis (deceased 1961)

TROUT, Ed Retired, historian, National Parks Service. Home, 1992 Walden Creek, Sevierville, TN 37862. Home phone, 615/453-6816. Wife, Debra, deceased. Children, David and Nathaniel. Pfeiffer College, Misenheimer, NC, 1962, BA, history; University of North Carolina, 1964, masters, history. U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, top rank, corporal. Career: 1964-68, Western Carolina University, professor of history; 1968-1994, National Parks Service; specialize in historic structures preservation. Author, Historic Buildings of the Smokies. AMA activities: Ad Astra; fencing; lacrosse; football.

ZEHMER, Charles Bourdon **CLASS OF 1959** Retired, real estate broker, CPM. Home, 33530 Drummond Lane, Craddockville, VA (mailing address: P.O. Box 338, Exmore, VA 23350. Home phone, 757/414-0512; E-mail:  Children, Cary Z. Kelly and Charles B., II. Newport News Apprentice School, Newport News, Virginia, 1963, shipbuilding. U.S. Army Reserve, 8 years. 38 years in real estate.  AMA activities: Captain, D Company; Best New Cadet, 1956-57; Ad Astra; Co-president, YMCA; Lettered in varsity football; basketball; baseball; wrestling; Captain, Tennis Team; Honor Committee; Student Body officer; Scholastic Medal at Camp Kannata; Roller Rifles; Recall.



ANDERSON, Walter R. Retired, Managing Director/branch manager, Wachovia Securities, Richmond, VA. Home, 2620 Stuart Avenue, Unit 3A, Richmond, VA 23220. Home phone, 804/282-7588; e-mail,; business, 804/782-3430. Wife, Brenda Lloyd. Son, Walter Randolph Jr. The George Washington University, 1963, physical education. U.S. Army, top rank, E-4. Career: Dun and Bradstreet, Smith Barney, Kanawha Valley Bank, Scott and Stringfellow, Wheat First Securities (now Wachovia Securities). AMA activities: Ad Astra; captain, Headquarters Company; captain, football and basketball; captain; Honor Committee; "best athlete" final year; captain, Roller Rifles.

BATTENHOUSE, Robert Thomas  Engineering industry working with the design and construction of fossil fuel power plants. Home, 1034 South Jackson Street, Denver, CO 80209. Phone, 303/782-5205. Wife, Melanne (Lan), married in 1968. Three children: oldest son is a lieutenant on the Denver Fire Department who has two sons; daughter lives in Phoenix and has two sons; and a son who is a musician in Denver. Kent State University, BA, 1964; BS, 1965.Colorado Christian University, MA, 1999. Taught high school chemistry in suburban Cleveland for two years. Babcock and Wilcox, 1967-70; Washington Group International 1970-2001; CH2M Hill 2001-present. Lived in Denver since 1970 and both are active in a local non-denominational Christian church. Lan is a licensed professional counselor in Colorado and the couple counsels married and engaged couples to improve their relationships. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Committee; Roller Rifles; Cotillion Club; Algebra medal; Spanish medal.

BLAKELY, William M., Jr. Retired, 3 October 2002, Safety Manager, Martin Army Community Hospital, Fort Benning, GA. Home, 550 Kinross Drive, Flat Rock, NC 28731. Home phone, 828/697-9524. E-mail address: blakelywm@@ Wife, Juliette. Children, William, Robert and Charles. Grand-children, Matthew, William, Sara, John and Jack. Davidson College, 1963, BA, history. Ball State University, 1978, MA, counseling/psychology. US Army, 1963-79; top rank, major. AMA activities: Ad Astra; rifle team, Recall photographer.

BOWEN, William Crockett **CLASS OF 1960** 250 Lovers Lane, Wytheville, VA 24382

BYRD, A. Keene Vice President, Operations, TIS/NEOMEDIA with offices in Virginia, Florida and Ohio. 1974-2002, President, Byrd Enterprises, Inc. Electronic Access control and photo I.D. for industry and government. Home, Route 220S, Box 737, Hot Springs, VA 24445. Home phone, 877/877-BYRD; FAX, 540/839-3443. Remarried childhood sweetheart, Betsy Bonner Herman. Daughter, Mary Deborah Evans. University of Virginia, 1965, BA, political science; 1969, MA, public administration. Career: 1964-66, manpower/economic development, State of Virginia; 1966-69, Charlottesville-Albemarle Chamber of Commerce, executive director; 1969-74, OIC of Central Virginia. Chairman of OIC's of Virginia, 1972; 1974-2002, President, Byrd Enterprises, Inc. Vice President, operations, TIS/NEOMEDIA developers of UUEI and other electronically transmitted codes to identify the messenger in any E-authorization. Member: American Society of Chamber Executives; U.S. Chamber of Commerce; American Society of Industrial Security; Virginia Import/Export, president, Blue Ridge Chapter; Jeffersonian Grape Wine Growers Society, board of directors; AMA Alumni; board of directors, AMU/convention director, 12th OIC's/AMU; National OIC's of America; Alpha Kappa Psi, vice president; AMA Alumni Association Bord of Directors. AMA activities: Ad Astra; officer, Headquarters Company; Honor Committee; lettered in football, basketball and baseball; one of two men left standing in individual competition spring, 1959; Commendation: U.S. Army on field command ROTC inspection, 1959.

CONRAD, David O., Jr. Franchise sales. Home, 20251 Kings Highway, Red Oak, VA 23964. Phone, 804/735-8414. Children: David (AMA `82), Kelly, Patrick, Brian and Shawn. Grandchildren: Alex, Heather, Jerome. Campbell University, B.S. Business Administration, 1963. Career: Regional Director, Jani-King International, Central and Southwest Virginia. Retired President, Lyndave Inc., consulting firm. Board member, Southside Virginia SPCA. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, Honor Committee, Student Body Council, Recall staff, Battalion Adjutant, Captain E Company. Started Junior Roller Rifles. AMA Alumni Associ-ation Board.

HOLDER, John E. (deceased 5 September 2004) Auctioneer/liquidator. Home, Route 1, Box 374, Hillsville, VA 24343. Home phone, 703/728-4452; business, 703/228-4131. Children, John Elbert Holder, Jr., Jordan David Holder. University of Miami, 1959-60, business administration, marketing. U.S. Marine Corps, 1960-64, top rank, Corporal E-4. University of Miami, 1964-68. Career: Xerox Corp., 1968-74. 1974-present, Horney Bros. Land Auction Co., Inc.  Member: National Auctioneers Association; Virginia Auctioneers Association; Certified Auctioneers Institute; various committees and committee chairmen. AMA activities: Ad Astra; football; baseball; lacrosse; Roller Rifles.

JOHNSON, Clay Franklin

SMITH, Stuart A., Jr. (deceased 10 October 1997) Home, Brown Mountain House, Route 67, Box 151C, Cullowhee, NC 28723. Phone, 704/293-9821. Divorced. Children, Stuart III, Carter. University of North Carolina, 1959-62. U.S. Navy Air Reserve, top rank AMHI (E-6). Career: 1964-66, Fredericks-burg Steam Laundry, general manager; 1966-68, Ajax Presses Division, McGraw Edison, sales manager; 1968-80, Southern Chemical Co., vice president/general manager; 1980-88, Virginia Land Co., farm and estate sales; 1988-93, Linda D. Thompson Interior Design Ltd., vice president, secretary, treasurer. AMA activities: Ad Astra; corporal; 2nd lieutenant; training officer; Cotillion Club; Decorating Committee.

TOWE, James P. **CLASS OF 1960** (deceased 23 October 2006)  Owner, independent insurance agency. Home, 3185 Dundee Road, Earlysville, VA 22936. Home phone, 804/973-6742; business, 804/295-5191. Wife, Susan. Children, James Blair Towe, Susan Elizabeth Towe. Randolph-Macon College, 1964, BA, social science. Career: 1964, Phoenix Assurance Company (New York and Atlanta); 1966, left Phoenix and returned to Charlottesville in agency business. Member: Jaycees, exhausted rooster, life member; Exchange Club; Mason; Shrine.  AMA activity: Ad Astra.

WIESE, Dr. George Michael Neurosurgeon. Home, 9148 Edgewater Drive, SW, Tacoma, WA  98499. Home phone, 206/ 584-2887. Wife, Susie. Children, Eri, Katryn, Kirsten, Ingrid, Maiker, and twins Hans and Kristofer. Rensslaer Polytechnic, 1963, biology. Georgetown Medical School, 1967. Internship, Madigan General Hospital, Fort Lewis, WA. Residency, Ft. Belvoir (surgery), Walter Reed (neuro-surgery).  U.S. Army Medical Corps, top rank, lieutenant colonel. Chief of neuro-surgery, Madigan, 1973-78. Private practice, Tacoma Surgical Neurology, 1978-present. Former chief of staff at St. Joseph Hospital. Served on various professional committees. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Recall editor.



ADAMS, John C. (deceased 27 November 2003) Vice president, NationsBank. Home, 504 Davis Street, Elkton, VA 22827. Home phone, 703/298-9327; business, 703/298-1223. University of Virginia. U.S. Army, Army N.G. Career: NationsBank. Member: Rotary; Lions; Elks; Elkton Downtown Revitalization Corp., president;  Rock- ingham County Redevelopment Authority. AMA activities: Ad Astra; cadet captain, Company C; Roller Rifles; captain, rifle team.

BRIDGES, John W. 25821 Blue Springs Drive, Chantilly, VA 20152. Home phone, 703/327-4593.

CRAWFORD, James F. **CLASS OF 1961** Sales Director, Nortel Networks (telecommunications equipment). Home, 535 Enclave Circle, Atlanta, GA 30342-2089. Home phone, 404/255-0734; Office phone, 404/255-6696; Cell phone, 404/310-9224. E-mail address: Wife, Betty. Children, Pamela, Michael, Austin, Michelle. two grandchildren. Wheeling Jesuit University, 1965, BA. Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, retired; service in Vietnam. Career: Wheeling Steel; Republic Steel; RELTEC; Nortel. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Society; football; lacrosse; basketball; Cotillion Club; Roller Rifles, Color Guard, First Captain.

CROCKETT, Dr. James E. "Sonny" (deceased 1 August 1986) Farmer, dentist, member of Wythe County Board of Supervisors. Survived by his wife, Charlotte Crockett Naber and son Jake at Route 1, Box 132, Wytheville, VA 24382.

HOLT, George H. Retired President, Holt Sublimation Printing and Products Co. Home, 3120 Berwick Drive, Burlington, NC 27215. Home phone, 336/584-1150; office, 336/222-3620. E-mail: Wife, Cheryl, retired  math professor at Elon College. Four daughters, Celeste, vice president and owner of Carolina Pro Wash and mother of four; Nancy, a homemaker and mother of two; Noelle, retiredand mother of three girls and Erin. Erin sells pharmaceuticals for Glaxo-Smith-Kline and is the mother of two. Eleven grandchildren. University of North Carolina-Charlotte. Career: Holt Sublimation, 44 years and counting. Member: Alamance Foundation, board; AMA Alumni Association, board; United Way, board; Financial Advisor, Salvation Army; Boys & Girls Club; Loaves and Fishes, board; elder, First Presbyterian Church. AMA activities: Ad Astra; cheerleader; swimming; diving; Quill & Scroll; Ciceronian Literary Society; Recall, business manager; Roller Rifles; Captain, F Company. AMA Alumni Medal, 2004.

HORSEY, Cris **CLASS OF 1961** 213 Hall Drive, Salisbury, MD 21801-6908

LINTON, Stephen John President, CableNET, Inc., manufacturers' representatives agency with offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey representing manufacturers fiber optic utility, data and telecommunication cable, components and turnkey solutions. Home, 1646 S. Collegeville Road, Collegeville, PA 19426. Phone, 610/489-3373. Business phone, 610/454-7766. E-mail address: Wife, Gwen, married, 1962. Children, Andrew Trevor, Heather Le Thi Huynh Ha, Michael David. Grandchildren: Cody, Lauren Madison and Trevor. USMC, 1960-64. Ursinus College, 1964-66. Westinghouse Electric Supply, 1964-70; Silas Bolef Company, Vice President, Sales, 1970-79; President, CableNET, Inc., 1979-present. Member, Collegeville Lodge 310, F&AM, 32nd degree. Valley of Allentown Consistory, charter head, Upper Providence Troop 531, BSA, Woodbadge; member, Fiber Optic Society, BICSI, past member, Vestry, St. James Episcopal Church, Evansburg, PA. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Commander, Company A; lacrosse; fencing; cheerleader.

LOWE, Julian Roberts

SIMAN, Robert E. Lost since December 1998. Last known address: 5225 Clemson Avenue, #130, Columbia, SC 29206

TRIMBLE, David D. Campus Police, Information Officer, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Home, 7603 Three Chopt Road, Richmond, VA 23229. Home phone, 804/285-2710; business, 804/371-3219. Wife, Betsy. Children, John Rolfe, Charles Coppers. Virginia Military Academy, 1960-62; Suffolk University, 1962-65, B.A., history; Keene State College, 1965-70, graduate school, education. Career: 1965-67, worked in ball bearings industry; 1967-70, taught at Winchendon School; 1970-74, taught at AMA; 1974-75, The New Community School, Richmond, dean of students, teacher; 1975-78, The Steward School, assistant headmaster, teacher; 1978-88, Virginia State Capitol Police, attained position of lieutenant-shift commander in operations; 1988-present, campus police, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.  Member: Saint Matthews Episcopal Church, choir, outreach committee, Friday worship committee; Episcopal Cursillo of Central Virginia; service volunteer, Women's State Prison, Goochland; Village Improvement Society (for historical preservation), Jaffrey, NJ; Thorndike Club, jaffrey; Tuckahoe Squares, Richmond.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; JV and varsity football, fencing and tennis teams; Roller Rifles; Honor Committee, Ciceronian Literary Society officer; Cotillion Club, captain E Company.  As faculty member, taught U.S. history, American government, economics, 7th grade mathematics; coached varsity football, fencing, tennis, cross country; operated school athletic laundry.

WEAVER, James Madison, Jr. (deceased 1966)

WIDENER, Herbert L. MD (deceased 31 March 1991) Physician, Consultant in Rheumatology, Associate Medical Director of Nalle Clinic; Medical Director, PreCare of Charlotte, NC. Home, 4416 St. Ives Place, Charlotte, NC 28211. Home phone 704/366-7762; business, 704/372-8750. Survived by wife, Marilyn. Children, Wendy, Ashley, Hunter. Randolph Macon College, 1964, philosophy; Medical College of Virginia, 1968, MD; internal medicine internship 1969; resident 1974-75; chief resident 1975. U.S. Air Force, top rank, major. Career: fellowship in rheumatology 1976-77.  Private practice as rheumatologist, 1977. Currently 60% time spent managing HMO, 40% to clinical practice. Member: American Medical Association; Mecklenburg Medical Society; American College of Physicians; American College of Rheumatology; American College of Physician Executives; Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society; Speakers Faculty Smith-Kline and Beecham and Syntex and Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceuticals. Managed care advisory panel Smith-Kline Beecham Pharmaceuticals. Board of directors, physician director of quality assurance, associate medical director (Nalle Clinic), medical director, PreCare of Charlotte. Chairman, Department of Rheumatology, Charlotte Memorial Hospital (past). AMA activities: Ad Astra, assistant editor, Recall, 1959, editor, 1960.



BLAYLOCK, Frank Wayne 575 Ingles Street, Radford, VA 24141. Home phone, 540/633-0954. Cell phone, 540/230-1912. Work phone, 540/674-8827 or 1/800/708-4687.

BUTTS, Ralph D. **CLASS OF 1963** (deceased 25 April 1991)

CARTER,  Dr. Coleman D., M.D. Physician, internal medicine. 1401 Cavendish Court, Charlotte, NC 28211. Retired, 1 January 2000 from First Charlotte Physicians. Wife, Nancy Gardner Carter (daughter of Colonel Leonard Gardner), is a member of the Charlotte City Council. Child, Annamarie Stott Carter, born June 17, 1985. Randolph Macon College; University of North Carolina; University of North Carolina School of Medicine, 1971. Intern, Case Western University Hospital, Cleveland; residency, UNC, Chapel Hill; Military, Epidemic Intelligence Service, Center for Disease Control, Atlanta. 1975-76, Travis Medical Clinic, Charlotte. Former President, Charlotte Heart Association; Chairman, Department of Internal Medicine, Mercy Hospital; Travelers' Aid Society Board; Mecklenburg County Environmental Health Commission. Pilot, owns twin Baron. Diver, has explored Fiji, Truk, Palau, Australia, Borneo, the Bahamas, Cayman Islands. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Editor, Recall, Roller Rifles, Cotillion Club, Preston Award, Science Award.

CHICHESTER, Daniel M. Virginia Commonwealth's Attorney. Home, 559 Cambridge Street, Falmouth, VA 22405. Home phone, 540/373-9245; business, 703/373-8780. Children, Daniel McCarty, John Bernard, Philip Henry. University of Virginia, 1961-68, law. U.S. Army, 1968-70, Vietnam duty, Bronze Star. Top rank, captain. Stafford County Commonwealth's Attorney. Member: Virginia Association of Commonwealth's Attorneys, president, 1979-80. Board of directors, National District Attorneys Association, 2002-present. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles.

HURME, Arthur K. 8043 Wellington Road, Alexandria, VA 22308

PUGH, William Arthur (deceased 29 November 1993) 3218 Memorial Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24502.

SPECIALE, Stephen P. Manager, industrial complex. Home, 620 Blythe Ferry Road, Cleveland, TN 37312. Wife, Ellyn. Children, Steve, Ben, and Joe. Career: Aero Geo Astro Corp (electronic buyer), SCM Corp (consumer marketing), Rhea Harbor, Inc. (resort marina). Present; General Manager, Ocoee Regional Industrial Complex, Cleveland, TN. AMA activities: Ad Astra, captain F Company, captain A Company, Roller Rifles, Bayonet staff.

SWANSON, Donald H. Sergeant, Florida Department of Corrections. Home, 1521 S. Berthe Avenue, Panama City, FL 32404. Home phone, 850/871-5831. E-mail: yogiama@ Wife, Connie Jo. Children, Travis Lee and Tiffany Dawn. Teaches “Basic Corrections Officer” courses at Gulf Coast Community College. AMA activities: Ad Astra; football; wrestling; baseball; track. CW Barracks.

TROTT, Sidney E., Jr.  Retired Sheriff, City of Staunton. 91 Audubon Street, Staunton, VA 24401. Home phone, 540/886-2073. Wife, Jeri. Children, Heather and Eddie, III. Former member, Board of Directors, Virginia Sheriff's Institute. AMA activities: Ad Astra; football, track, Roller Rifles, rifle team.

WILLCOX, Claiborne, Jr. (deceased 24 March 2003) Retired Director of Development, Roanoke Catholic Schools. Volunteered as Battalion Communica-tions Chief, Rank, SFC, HHC 1st Bn, 4th BDE, Virginia Defense Force. Home, 207 Cascade Drive, Vinton, VA 24179. Wife, Betsy. Children, Julie and Charles. Old Dominion University, biology. U.S. Naval Reserve, 1962-68, top rank, PO3. Career: 1966-83, American Red Cross. 1983-1992, American City Bureau, Inc., senior counselor. Member: Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce, board president; Kiwanis Club of Roanoke; National Society of Fund Raising Executives; National Board of Directors, president  AMA activities: Ad Astra; band captain; class president; Honor Society; swimming, tiger football; Stuart Hall; Fairfax Hall; Mary Baldwin; Madison; Shenandoah Conservatory; former member board of trustees and alumni association; vice president as a student.

WORTMAN, Dr. Reginald Physician, Carson City Hospital.  Home, 7300 O'Brien Road, Hubbardston, MI 48845. Home phone, 517/981-6544; business, 517/584-3131. Member: ACOI, American Medical Association, AOA, ACOS. AMA activity: Ad Astra.



BOSLEY, James H. Carriage House auto sales, wholesale auto business. Home, 17-A 1st Street, SE, Leesburg, VA 20175-3901. Home phone, 703/777-7806; business, 703/771-8399.  Wife, Anne. Children, Brian, Matthew, Laura, Kimberly.  Emory and Henry, undergraduate work. Career: sales, Sales and Management Std. of Ind.; retail sales, automobile business; retail sales manager; used car manager; wholesale car manager.  Member: Host Lions Club of Leesburg Dist. 24A, director and vice president; Cadillac LeSalle Club; Antique Auto Club of America.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; sergeant.; 1st lieutenant; captain; First Captain; battle group commander; president and vice president, Honor Committee; captain, Roller Rifles.

BROOKS, William M., Jr. (Bill) Owner, Bill Brooks Arms and Militaria. Website: Home, 2241 Old Mill Court, Montgomery, AL 36117. Business phone, 334/244-1916. Wife, Kay Evelyn Gentry. Daughter, Heidi. The Citadel, 1963; East Carolina University, 1967-70, BS, history; ECU, 1977-78, masters, education. U.S. Army, 1963-67, 82nd Airborne Division; French Foreign Legion, 1972-77; NC Army National Guard, 1977-82. Career: 1970-71, history teacher, J.H. Rose High School, Greenville, NC; 1979-82, librarian, North Brunswick High School, Leland, NC; 1982-1990, Military History Editor and Convention Director, Soldier of Fortune Magazine; 1981-1990, owner, Bill Brooks, Inc. purveyor of quality arms and militaria. Member: Sons of Confederate Veterans; National Rifle Association; American Society of Military Insignia Collectors. AMA activities: Ad Astra; battalion sergeant major; swim team; Roller Rifles; Honor Committee. Root Hog or Die!

DAWSON, Cmdr. Gerald Lost since February 2000. Last known address: 1227 Corte De Crra, Chula Vista, CA 92010

GEBEAUX, Robert Joseph Luthier, maker and repairer of stringed instruments, and world traveler. Home, 114 Poland Street, Montross, VA 22520. Home phone, 804/224-4144. University of North Carolina, 1966. Wife, Bonnie. U.S. Navy, active duty, 1966-86; retired as Commander, 1986. From 1986 until 1995, lived aboard his 37 foot sailboat cruising as far south as Venezuela and as far west as Bonair. 1995-99, managed a marina in Virginia. 2000-2001, book-keeper, music store, Fredericksburg, VA. 2001-present, luthier, working out of his home. Hobbies: acoustic guitar construction; amateur radio (KA30CS) extra class operator; sailing, RVing. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Best New Cadet; NROTC winner; Roller Rifles; Honor Committee, Honor Roll, Decorating Committee; editor of Recall.

JAMES, Lawrence M. 1401 Covered Wagon, McLeansville, NC 27301

KELLER, William R., Jr. Vice President, Annuity Product Strategy, AIG Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company. Retired in 2006. Home, 13207 Lake Mist Court, Cypress, TX 77429-3536. E-mail, Children, Janine, Kevin and Kimberly. Grandchildren, Lauranda, Jantzen, Trey, Grant, Tyler and Joseph. University of Virginia, 1962-66, Commerce School. U.S. Navy, 1966-69 active duty, 1969-96, reserve. Retired with the top rank of Captain. Career: 1969-82, Aetna Life Insurance and Annuity Company (Virginia and Connecticut). 1982-2006, AIG VALIC, (Houston, TX), an American International Group Company. Member: Naval Reserve Association; Reserve Officers Association; National Association for Uniformed Services; Military Officers Association. Life Office Management Association; Financial Planning Association; Society of Financial Service Professionals; International Foundation for Retirement Education. Designations: Charted Life Underwriter, Fellow Life Management Institute, Certified Retirement Administrator, Certified Retirement Counselor. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, swim team, lacrosse team, Cotillion Club.

LOVING, William E., Jr. 10216 Delray Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060

OVERLY, Robinson M. Frank Gates Service Company.  Home, 2737 E. Arizona Biltmore Circle, #27, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Home phone, 602/224-5505; business, 480/609-3806, X14. E-mail,  Wife, Lorna. Children, Robyn, Brynne and Dana. Ohio State University, business administration. Career: 1965-67, F.E. Avery Company. 1967-present, Frank Gates Service Company: 1967-70, marketing division; 1970-72, audit staff; 1973-81, vice president/secretary; 1981-present, executive vice president and member board of directors. Member: Ohio State University President's Club; Blendon Lodge #339 F & A.M.; Scottish Rite; Aladdin Temple Shrine. Foreman, vice mayor and president, city council, Westerville, Ohio. AMA activities: Ad Astra; color guard; track; cheerleader, Roller Rifles.

REPH, Gerald Lost since September 1999. Last known address: 517 Cumberland Road, Havertown, PA 19083

STILLWAGON, Thomas J. Key account salesman, Champion Products Inc. Home, 258 Chris Drive, Englewood, OH 45322. Home/business phone, 513/836-9404. Wife, Linda. Children, Jeff, Brad, Vince, Todd. Two grandchildren, Kelly and Jacob, children of my oldest son, Jeff. Miami of Ohio, 1966, ED Administration. Career: Miami University; Graham High School; Findley High School; Hiram Scott College; University of South Dakota; Eastern Kentucky University; Miami University; Champion Products Inc. (western side of Ohio, Indiana; Notre Dame, Indiana, Purdue). Member: Delta Upsilon, ODK, Kappa Phi Kappa. AMA activities: Ad Astra; football; basketball; track; baseball; officer, Headquarters Company; Honor Committee.

TILLER, John Robert "Bob", III Miracle Water Sales and Service, water purification dealer. Home, P.O. Box 5, Achilles, VA 23001. Home and business phone, 804/642-2697. Wife, Linda. Children, Jennel, Kylene. Campbell College; Northern Virginia College, hotel/restaurant management. U.S. Navy, top rank, E5, mineman. Career: 1968-76, Ramada and Holiday Inns (Washington, DC, Hilton Head, SC, Williamsburg, VA); 1976-present, owner, Miracle Water Sales and Service. Instructor, Gloucester High School, restaurant management, 1992-95. Member: Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Lodge #281, Newport News Scottish Rite of Free-masonry. Khedive Temple, AAONMS, Tidewater Shrine Club. AMA activities: Ad Astra; swim team; rifle team; band, drum major; captain.



BERLIERE, Alan Jean Jacques General Operations Manager, Circuit City. Home: 1818 Wisteria Circle, Bellport, NY 11713-3054.

DAVIS, William L., II **CLASS OF 1964** Lost since October 1996. Last known address: 401 Vogts Lane, Baltimore, MD 21221-1633

EINSTEIN, John L., III 519 11th Avenue, Huntington, WV 25701

HARNSBERGER, Robert S. 3810 Deland Street, Wheaton, MD 20902

HIGGINS, E. Wayne Retired university administrator. 260 N. Lake Road, Norfolk, VA 23505. Home phone, 804/489-0398. Formerly Vice President, Brooks College, Long Beach, CA; Lamar University, Beaumont, TX; and Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.

HUME, Robert Payne Senior Vice President, Travel Mates of Virginia, Inc. Home, P.O. Box 2, Harrisonburg, VA 22803-0002. Home phone, 540/434-0288; business, 540/434-4155 or, toll free, 1/888/262-4863. Wife, Gaye. Son, Charles. Virginia Tech, 1968, political science; James Madison, 1972, education.  U.S. Naval Reserve. Career: 1970-72, AMA, teacher; hotel sales rep; restaurant manager; Travel Mates of Virginia, Inc., senior vice president. Member: AMA Alumni Association, first executive secretary. Board of Directors, Virginia Motorcoach Association and United Motorcoach Association. AMA activi-ties: Ad Astra; company commander, Headquarters Company; Honor Society; driver of school vehicles; manager, basketball team; Ciceronian Literary Society; YMCA.

PLATT, Richard Wesley, Jr. (deceased 18 July 1997)

PREWETT, John Richard

RIEDELL, Carl 778 Main Street, Osterville, MA 02655



BAKER, James N. Lost since June 1997. Last known address: 277 W. 10th Street SE, #8E, New York, NY 10014

BENEDIK, Joseph Steven (deceased 1987)

BROWN, Douglas T. Lost since October 2000. Last known address: Route 1, Box 19, Hyndman, PA 15545-9632

CHISICK, Steven A. 101 Galax Lane, Durham, NC 27703-9273

HRUZA, Frank M. Deputy Chief of Detectives, retired, Essex County Sheriff's Department, Newark, NJ. Home: 7433 Ravines Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89131. Phones, cell: 702/604-2419; home, 702/658-6128. Children: Michele Ann Quinn and Kari Lynn Hruza. Grandchild, Sean Patrick Quinn. William Patterson College, 1977, BS, criminal justice. U.S. Army, military police, 1964-70, top rank, sergeant. Career: 1970, Mt. Vernon, NY Police Department; 1970-73, West Orange, NJ Police Department; 1974-1996, Essex County Sheriff's Office, Deputy Chief, commanding officer of 108-man detective bureau, K-9, bomb unit and motorcycle unit. Commanding officer and instructor at Essex County Police Academy. Member: Honor Legion of NJ Police Departments; Fraternal Order of Police; Policeman's Benevolent Association; Superior Officers Association. AMA activity: Ad Astra, Recall

NICOL, Henry O. "Nick", III Country Manager Guatemala, Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc./General Manager Inter-Con Seguridad de Guatemala, S.A. Home, Residenciales La Cruz #36, Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala (Mail to: Unit 3301-R, APO AA 34024-3301) Home phone/FAX, (international) 502/366-0138; cell, 502/205-3091; e-mail, Wife, Blanca. Children, QM2 Henry O. IV, USN; Kathlyn Rose. Grandchild: Cameron, three. Villanova Uni-versity, 1968, political science; National University, 1986, MBA. U.S. Navy, 22 years, retired as commander, 1990. 1991-present, Owner/President, CEO, Empresas Y Sistemas Internacionales, S.A., 1992-94, Commercial Attaché US Embassy Guatemala. 1996-99, General Manager, NotiNET, S.A. 1999-2000, Guatemalan Development Foundation (FUNDESA). 2000-present, Inter-Con. AMA activities: Tiger Football, soccer, fencing (epée), Editor, Recall, Captain Band Company, Corps Executive Officer, Chairman of Honor Committee, President of the Student Body, Final Ball Committee, Ad Astra.

RODGERS, Randolph L. Owner, Hayes Auto and Truck Sales, Hayes, VA. Home, P.O. Box 1186, Gloucester Point, VA 23062. Phone 804/642-0098 or 804/694-9669. Divorced. Children: Randolph Jr. (Chip), Keith, and Bradley. Campbell College. Career: American Institute of Banking, United States Marshal Service, insurance agent, F.W. Woolworth manager. Part owner, Day's Inn West, Route 60, Williamsburg; Rodgers Motel Corporation; Rodgers Enterprises, Inc. Member: Alpha Phi Omega, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Lodge #337, Newport News Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Khedive Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. of Chesapeake, VA, Tidewater Shrine Club, Williamsburg Shrine Club, Pennisula Shrine Club. AMA Activities: Ad Astra; captain, fencing team; captain, Band Company; drum major; Honor Committee; highest PMS&T Award, senior year.

SINK, Willard G. 7406 Riverview Knoll Court, Clemmons, NC 27012. Works with Parakaleo Ministries/Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Widower after 33 years of marriage. Five children: Michelle, Stephen, Kendra, Cherryel, and Bethany. Seven grandchildren, and more on the way.

THOMPSON, E. Dorsey Retired, construction manager, WGI. Home, 3835 Savannah Trail, Merritt Island, FL 32953. Wife of 37 years, Judy. Son, Louis, one grandson. Continuing engineering consulting work for NASA. Sunday School Superintendent, First Baptist Church of Cocoa. Hobbies, bicycling, golf and reading. University of Maryland, 1973, electrical engineering. AMA Activities: Ad Astra, fencing, baseball, YMCA officer, Roller Rifles.

UPTON, Thomas W.  Retired, owner, Johnson Fuel & Supply Co., Inc. Home, 24 Skyview Circle, Verona, VA 24482. Home phone, 540/248-0690. E-mail, Wife, Rebecca. Children, Paula, Tom, II, and  Ann. Grandchildren, Cole and Madlyn. U.S. Marine Corps, top rank, E5.  Member: A.F. & A.M. Staunton Lodge #13; Staunton Elks #351. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

WARD, Carl K. Electrician - robots, computers, automated machinery. Home, 6121 E. Robinson Road, Bloomington, IN 47401. Home phone, 812/336-5448. Wife, Betty. Children, Melanie, Eric and Amy. U.S. Army, 1965-68, top rank, Spec 5. Career: went to work for General Motors 1968. Took electrician app. 1971. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Captain A Company, Roller Rifles.



BEARD, Benjamin W. Assistant U.S. Attorney. Home, 3740 McClellan Road, Pensacola, FL 32503.  Home phone, 904/ 432-2628; business, 904/434-3251.  E-mail: bbeard1@ Wife, Polly. Children Ann, Ben Jr., Suzanne.  Louisiana State University, 1969, political science. Stetson Law School, 1972. U.S. Army Infantry, reserve, top rank, captain. Career: 1972-84, U.S. Department of Agriculture, senior attorney; 1984-present, senior litigation counselor, U.S. Attorney's office. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Com-mittee, Student Body, Cotillion Club, football, wrestling, lacrosse, track, fencing, Roller Rifles, Final Ball committee, 1st sergeant.

BUZZARD, Bari Roy Lost since November 1994. Last known address: HHC 3rd Inf. Div., APO NY 09701

LEA, Joseph Peyton, III Attorney at law, sole practitioner in criminal and domestic matters. 319 North Ferncreek Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803. Phone, 407/896-9300. E-mail, AMA activities: Ad Astra; captain Company A; Honor Committee; Roller Rifles; Company Cup winner, finals 1965. Second generation graduate of AMA; father graduated in 1929, also an Ad Astra member.

MILLER, Rexford D. Import contractor, self-employed. Home, 13963 Plains Mill Road, Timberville, VA 22853. Wife, Elaine. Sons, Jason and Matthew. Home phone, 703/896-5750. AMA activities: Ad Astra, battalion commander.

POPLASKI, Francis Edward

SMITH, Dave W. "Smitty" Owner/operator, D.W. Masonry, Inc. Home, 26440 Baker Road, Denton, MD 21629. Home phone, 410/479-1633; business, 410/479-0685. Wife, Robyn. Children, David Jr. and Tammy. Five grandchildren. U.S. Air Force, 1966-70, top rank, E-4. Career: 1970-present, masonry contractor. Presently, D.W. Masonry, Inc., self employed.  Member: Ames United Methodist Church; Masonic Lodge, past master of Temple Lodge; Boumi Temple Shrine of Maryland; Eastern Shore Shrine Club; American Legion Post #70. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Roller Rifles; JV football; captain, wrestling team; captain, D Company.

TAYLOR, Richard Stanley

WEEKS, Barry Bannester **CLASS OF 1966* Financial and Management Services. Home, P.O. Box 1798, Gray, GA 31032. Phone, 478/361-0504, FAX, 775/201-8180. E-mail: Children, Jennifer Lynn Weeks-Roney and Stephen West Weeks. Grandson, Matthew Bannester Weeks. Virginia Western Community College and Fort Lauderdale College, BS, Accounting & International Business. Organizations: National Association of Tax Professionals, Association of Government Accountants, Institute of Management Accountants. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Committee; Roller Rifles; football; cadet captain.

WILSON, Paul H. 133 Fleetwood Terrace, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Home phone, 301/589-5610.

YORK, David Attorney, Latham & Watkins. Home, 1430 Bear Gulch Road, Woodside, CA 94062. Home phone, 650/529-0983; business, 650/463-2604; FAX, 650/463-2600. e-mail: Wife, Barbara. Children, Sarah, John (cadet at Fishburne), Margaret, Catherine. University of Michigan, 1969, BA, psychology; Northern Michigan University, 1974, MA, psychology; Notre Dame University, 1979, Juris Doctor. Military: US Army Armor, 1969-71, 1st lieutenant; 2nd Armored Division, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Vietnam; Advisory Team 17 (RVN). Career: School psychologist, Escanaba Public Schools, Michigan, 1973-76; attorney, Latham & Watkins, 1979-present), intellectual property litigation. Admitted to California, Virginia, Illinois, Michi-gan and District of Columbia Bars. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Committee, editor, Bayonet, 1st lieutenant, Band Company.



BENNETT, L. Gordon, Jr. Investigator, Virginia State Corporation Commission. Retired, after 31 years, as police lieutenant, City of Richmond, VA. Home, 4929 Gray Bark Court, Sandston, VA 23150. Home phone, 804/328-0181. e-mail: Divorced. Daughter, Christine. U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, 10 years, top rank, sergeant.  John Tyler University, 1975, police science. AMA activity: Ad Astra; Band Company; fencing; rifle team; YMCA leader; Company Commander, Band Company.

BOTCHELLER, John J. **CLASS OF 1967**  Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director, Citibank Korea, Inc., Seoul, South Korea. Home, #15-177, Sungbuk-2-Dong, Sungbuk-Gu, Seoul, South Korea, 136-022.  E-mail address: Career: Price Waterhouse, Citibank, Aetna, Woori Bank, Providian Financial and Citibank again. Married to Nancy, his AMA sweetheart. Four children: Christine, John Paul, Karen and Elizabeth. Education: St. John's University (NY), BS in accounting. Affiliations: AICPA, Hartford Golf Club. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Committee, Roller Rifles, baseball, soccer, Recall, Bayonet.

CARISSIMI, David J. Home, 416 Hibler Woods Court, Creve Coeur, MO 63141. E-mail: Home phone, 314/878-1975; FAX, 314/576-0974. 1966-70, Memphis State University. Wife, Mary Jane. Children, Michael and Tracy. 1970-75, Mead Corporation Educational Division; 1975-81, WR Grace Educational Division; 1981-present, School Specialty. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Officer of the Year, 1966; Charles S. Roller Loyalty Trophy, 1966; Vice President, Cotillion Club; Roller Rifles; swimming; baseball.

CONNELLY, Richard L. J. (deceased 20 December 1987) Survived by wife, Norma at 4617 Clay Court, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

COOPER, Robert G. 2442 U.S. 50, Fayetteville, OH 45118

ELMS, Harry D., Jr. P.O. Box 1864, Quantico, VA 22134-0684

MITCHELL, William P.

SMITH, Charles Robert **CLASS OF 1967** Vice President, Airlines Security, United Parcel Service. Home, 7214 Edmonson Place, Prospect, KY 40059.  Home phone, 502/292-0004; business, 502/329-6511. E-mail: home,, or business, Wife, for 24 years, Sue. Children, Kyle, 29, who is married to beautiful Jennifer and expecting a grandson, and Alex, 22, a senior at Asbury College in Kentucky. Brandywine College. U.S. Marine Corps, 1968-71, E-5 sergeant. Graduate, Prince Georges County (Md) Police Academy and Maryland State Corrections Academy. Worked as a Calvert County (Md) sheriff's deputy. 1978-present, United Parcel Service. Member: A.S.I.S.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; B.C. 1967; Honor Committee; Commander, Roller Rifles; President, Student Body. Attended AMA 1958-1967.

TESSADA, James T. Retired after 29 years as Sales and Marketing Executiuve, Ford Motor Company. Home, 1207 N. Livernois Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48306. Home phone, 248/608-6191. E-mail address, Wife, Ellen. Children, Cecilia married with three children and living in Durham, NC; John, single and working in Washington, DC; and Victoria, single, and working in Roichester Hills. MBA, Central Michigan University, 1975; BS/BA, University of the Americas, 1970; University of Denver, 1966-70. Military, captain instructor navigator, KC 134-SAC-USAF, 1970-76, 449th BW, Kicheloe AFB, MI. Two tours of duty in SEA. International automotive sales and marketing, 1976-2005 with numerous overseas assignments in Latin America anf the Far East. At AMA: Ad Astra; Honor Committee; Roller Rifles; varsity baseball; 1st lieutenant, B Company.

TOMS, C. Mitchell “Mickey” **CLASS OF 1967**  Virginia Land Company, Commercial/Investment Real Estate Home, 5597 Brownsville Road, Charlottes-ville, VA 22905. Colorado address, 214 N. Washington Street, Cortez, CO 81321. Home phone, 970/564-5904; Office, 434/981-9446. E-mail address:  Children, Chuck, Brandon, Ashleigh, Peter and Francesca.  Randolph Macon College, 1967-71. U. S. Air Force, 1971-75; Virginia Army National Guard, 1976-93; U.S. Army, Southern Command, Public Affairs Directorate, 1989-92; 1994-1999, Area Office Manager, Selective Service System, Virginia,  AG Corps, retired in 1999. Highest rank: Major. Career: 1972-75, State of California Health and Welfare Agency; staff planner/information officer, Developmental Disabilities Planning Council; former director, United Cerebral Palsy (UCP)/Northern California, 1975-76; 1976-88, self-employed, real estate and development; 1993-1994, Industrias Educatec, S.A., Panama, Projects Manager, in the Republic of Panama; 1994-present, commercial realtor, Virginia Land Company, P.O. Box 5444, Charlottesville. Awards: Joint Services Commendation Medal; Overseas Expeditionary Medal; Humanitarian Medal; Joint Meritorious Unit Award; Who's Who in America; Outstanding Young Citizen of Virginia; Virginia Parks and Recreation Volunteer Award. Past President, UCP of Virginia. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Captain, A Company; varsity soccer, basketball, lacrosse; sports editor, Recall; Roller Rifles; President, Cotillion Club; English Medal ("the one medal my roommate [John Botcheller] and fellow Ad Astra did not get in 1967!)



BOSWELL, Thomas Randolph 106 Hammond Street, Durham, NC 27704

CAMPBELL, John L. 620 W. Napier, Benton Harbor, MI 49022

DEYONG, Jeffrey A. Deyong's Saddlery & Western Wear. Home, 4 Willard Place, Newport News, VA 23606-3740. Home phone, 757/930-8524. Wife, Barbara. Children, Adam, graduated from Florida State in 1997 and works for Gateway, and Samantha, a senior at Virginia Tech. Elon, 1971, business.  Army National Guard and Reserve, top rank, E6. Career: Deyong's, 1971; B&D Properties, 1985 (shopping center development). Member: Mended Hearts; Jewish Community Center, president; Warwick Little League. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

JERNIGAN, Gordon L. Owner, waterproofing company. 8799 Hickory Hill, Walkersville, MD 21793. Home phone, 301/845-8192. Business phone, 301/898-9581. E-mail address: Owner, Gordon L. Jernigan, Sr. Inc., a waterproofing company, semi-retired. Wife, Joy. Two daughters, Tabatha and Tish, one son, G. Lee, Jr., and six grandchildren. Active in Maryland Saltwater Sportsman Association. Beach house on Outer Banks, NC, where his 28 foot Carolina classic Holy Mackerel is berthed. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Captain, Band Company; Drum Major; Honor Committee.

MEDINA, Gustavo

PRENTICE, Jackson Broshears Real estate broker/owner, Jackson Prentice Real Services for the past 33 years, Suite 200, 400 7th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004. Phone, 202/638-1111. Home, 3427 Woodside Road, Alexandria, VA 22310-2121. E-mail, Wife, Mary Ruth, retired after 22 years with United Airlines, and is now Vice President of Jackson Prentice Management, Inc. Children, Jackson, 28, cum laude graduate of Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME, currently a graduate student at Wake Forest for MBA/Law; Hannah Ruth, 23, graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in biology, now a graduate student at Johns Hpkins University, MBA/real estate, and a real estate agent with Jackson Prentice RE. Volunteer at Arlington, VA Hospital Addiction Treatment Center, member of the board. Women's Home in Arlington, board member for several years. Seneca House, Potomac, MD, board. Pioneer Baseball League, coach/area director. Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association, coach. AMA activities: Ad Astra; editor in chief, 1965-68 Recall (`67 issue voted best yearbook in the country) and Columbia University Scholastic Press Association Award (Colonel Charles "Doc" Savedge, sponsor); President, Honor Committee; Vice President, Cotillion Club; Honor Roll; Roller Rifles; Battalion Staff Training Officer; varsity baseball, Curtis Cop Award.

PROPS, Roy Kemper, Jr. 3883 New Market Road, Richmond, VA 23231. E-mail: Business owner, Varina Athletic Association. Wife, Karen. Children, Andrew and Michael. North Carolina State, 1971, BS in rural sociology. Baseball coach. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Band Company, football, basketball, track, Honor Roll.

ROCK, John W. Business owner and distributor of industrial hardware and chemicals. Home, 1303 Muscat Circle, Roseville, CA 95747. Home phone/FAX, 916/773-0978. E-mail: Wife, Janice (married 1 July 1995). Career: Automobile aftermarket, computers, outside sales, International Harvester. Lived in Sacramento area since 1986 after five years in Los Angeles and some time in Fort Wayne, IN with IH.

STILLWAGON, James R. 890 Gatehouse Lane, Worthington, OH 43085-1734. Wife, Effie. Children, Nicole, Angela and Electra, all Ohio State graduates. Two grandchildren. Oldest daughter is a nurse and diabetic counselor. Middle daughter is a doctor doing internship at University of Cincinnati. Youngest daughter has degree in pharmacy from Ohio State. Says Jim: "I will have someone to change my diapers, give me drugs and pull the plug down the road." Ohio State University; co-captain, football team. Consensus All-American in 1969 and 1970. Won the first ever Lombardi Trophy as the country's most outstanding lineman in 1970; Outland Trophy, 1970; Knute Rockne Award, 1970. Played in two Rose Bowls. In 1971, drafted by Green Bay Packers. Went to Canadian Football League with the Toronto Argonauts; co-captain and All Pro-CFL player for his entire career 1971-77. Inducted into Ohio State Hall of Fame, 1979. National College Football Hall of Fame, 1991. After his football career, joined Jostens, the company which manufactured the AMA class ring. Formed Stillwagon Enterprises dealing in service awards and advertising specials, 1985. Owner, Starlock Security Systems, 1989. Formed Gary Guard, Inc. to manufacture tools for the electric utilities industry, 1991. Active with Central Ohio Diabetes Association. AMA activities: Captain, Headquarters Company; football; wrestling; track; baseball; lacrosse; academic privilege list; Roller Rifles. All Military in 1966 and 1967. Ad Astra.

WAGNER, Brockett C. Home, 18288 Coral Isles Drive, Boca Raton, FL 33498. Home phone, 561/883-9321; Office/FAX, 561/482-0441; cell, 954/931-3950. E-mail: BVWagner@ Wife, Vicki. Son, Brockett, Jr. University of Connecticut, 1967-69; Radford College, 1979, administration of justice. Career: 1969-71, Pinkerton Detective Agency; 1971-81, Roanoke City Police Department, vice and narcotics detective; 1981-83, Hop-In Food Stores, assistant director, loss prevention; 1983-94, Service Merchandise Company, loss pre-vention manager for Southeast US; 1994-96, Pegasus Airwave, Inc., director of operations; 1996-present, Majestic Landscape Design and Maintenance owner. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Committee, Officer of the Student Body, Roller Rifles, Captain, B Company. Executive officer, battalion, second in command.

WATKINS, John Edwin (deceased 2 August 1970)



GWALTNEY, William W. **CLASS OF 1969** (deceased 24 October 1991) Deputy sheriff, retired. Survived by wife, Brenda. Children, Jeffery and Jason. Career: safety director for Prince George schools. Dinwiddie Sheriff's Department. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

HUDSON, Michael Wayne

LEATH, Tyree, G., III Clothing sales. Home, Route 3, Box 300, Crewe, VA 23930. Home phone, 804/645-8866; business, 804/645-7323. Career: 1968-69, Richmond Barber College; 1970-71, Harpers Barber Shop; 1972-85, Leath Barber Shop; 1985-89, Leaths Book Nook; 1989-present, sales, W.S. Kincheloes Clothing Store. Member: Pryor Memorial Presbyterian Church; Crewe Masonic Lodge A.F.&A.M. 123, two-time past master, present secretary; Tyrean Royal Arch Chapter #8, secretary; Olivet Commandery #18, recorder; former member of Nottoway County Emergency Squad; member, AMA Alumni Association board. AMA activities: Ad Astra, postal officer 1967-68, did report sheets 1967-68.

MCCUTCHAN, John Nicholas 602 Prince Henry Avenue, Hopewell, VA 23860

METZ, Gordon R. Farmer, store fixture company for convenience stores and restaurants. Home, Route 2, Box 408, Martinsville, VA 24112. Home phone, 703/632-8155; business, 703/638-5600.  Wife, Brenda. Children, Anne, Mary, Ray, Trey, Chris, Leah. University of Richmond, political science. Career: farming, meat plant; presently Pinecrest Equipment Sales (store fixtures). Member: Virginia Farm Bureau, state board of directors, representing eight counties; Methodist Church, board; Ruritans, past president; PTA, president; AMA board of trustees; AMA Alumni, president of board; past chairman, AMA Alumni Foundation, Inc. AMA activities: Ad Astra, lacrosse, fencing, soccer, best band company, drum major, captain.

ORENSTEIN, Bruce ** Class of 1969 ** Director, Business Development, Group4 ICS. Home, 9019 Horton Road, Laurel, MD 20708. E-mail address: bruceo@aca.oirg (W); bruceo@ (H). Home phone, 301/776-1036; business, 301/982-9404. Wife, Patricia. Children, Kendal and Adam. University of Maryland, 1973, BA, criminology. Bowie State, 1978, MA, psychology. Career: Began career working in a halfway house for adult criminal offenders. Became parole and probation agent for the State of Maryland. Worked there four years and in a county jail 11 years. Left the jail as an administrator to my current employment with a consulting firm. Currently provide planning and operational analysis to state and local governments regarding their criminal justice needs, primarily for construc-tion of jails and courthouses. April 1997 - present: US repre-sentative of Group4 ICS, a British based firm specializing in security and privatized corrections. Member: University of Maryland Alumni Association, Institute of Criminal Justice Alumni Association, American Correctional Association, American Jail Association, Maryland Criminal Justice Associa-tion, Laurel Boys and Girls Club. AMA activities: Ad Astra, swim team, JV lacrosse, Roller Rifles.

ORENSTEIN, Harry Coleman Attorney, Xerox Corporation.  Home, 10313 Fawcett Drive, Kensington, MD 20895. Home phone, 301/942-9567. Office phone, 703/442-6722. Wife, Denise. Children, Jennifer and Lisa. American University, 1972, B.A. Business Administration; University of Virginia, Law School. Heads Government Affairs/Legal Division, Xerox Corporation. AMA activity: Ad Astra.

PAUL, Gary C. 265 Ross Landing, Severna Park, MD 21146

THIEL, Lawrence Tully **CLASS OF 1970** 530 Willow Avenue, Garwood, NJ 07027. Home phone, 908/789-1608.

WRIGHT, Frederick Tully Home, 11802 Sycamore Road, Mt. Vernon, OH 43050. Home phone, 740/392-0045. E-mail, Norwich University. Auto dealer in Columbus, OH; auto wholesaler in Columbus, OH. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Mess Sergeant, 1967; Mess Officer, 1968; school electrician; movie projectionist.



BELL, Douglass Stewart 3986 Raintreee Road, Jacksonville, FL 32277. Wife, Barbara. Phone, 904/745-0868 (H), 904/721-6944 (W)

BOWERS, William Harvey, Jr. Owner, Agate Inn, 4725 Begich Circle, Wasilla, AK 99654. Home, 305 South Bartlett Circle, Wasilla, AK 99654. Home phone, 907/376-2294; business phone, 907/373-2290. E-mail address: alaska@ Wife, Sandra. West Virginia University, 1969-71; AMU/Alaska Pacific University, 1971-73, BA, Geology. Career: U.S. Geological Survey, 1974-78, geologist/hydrologist. 1978-81, NORTEC, geologist/hydrologist. 1981-1992, manager, Alaska Craftsman Home Program, University of Alaska. Member: National Wildlife Federation, National Speleological Society, NAHB, Professional Association of Inn-keepers International. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Honor Committee, rifle team, JV basketball, lacrosse.

DUDLEY, John F. (deceased 21 April 1996) 4423 Robin Dale Court, Wilmington, NC 28405

HALL, Lee M. **CLASS OF 1970** 14840 Haymarket Lane, Centreville, VA 20120-1835

HALL, William F. Construction. Home, 7290 S. Old 27, Ashley, IN 46705. Home phone, 219/475-5666. Wife, Linda.  Children, Tierra, 17 (senior), Chris, 13 (8th grade) and Willie, II, 12 (6th grade). Tri-State Un. Angola In. Construction work in Fort Wayne since 1973. AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, baseball, band.

HENDERSON, John Percy, III Chairman Emeritus, SFI Group Inc. (insurance firm). Owner, SEA Group LLC (adjusting firm). Owner, MOTESOL LLC, (technology solution firm). Home, 371 Peru Road, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460. Mailing address, P.O. Box 852, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460. Cell phone, 919/368-3213. Office phone, 910/327-1155. E-mail: Graduate, East Carolina University. Child, Elizabeth McGavock Hender-son Edwards, employed by Epley & Associates. Grandchild, Elijah Thomas Henderson Edwards, born in 2003. Owner/President of SFI Insurance Brokerage Firm; President, Four Corners Development Corporation. Charter President of the Rotary Club of Snead's Ferry; Assistant District Governor Rotary District 7730; Past President, Greater Topsail Island; Chamber of Commerce and Tourism; Director and Chairman, First Citizens Bank & Trust Company (SFNC); Past Chairman, Onslow County Tourism Board; board member, Sea Oat's Home for the Adult Handicapped; Chairman, Onslow Memorial Hospital Authority.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; Commander, Roller Rifles; Battalion Executive Officer; Honor Committee; football, basketball, lacrosse, wrestling.

LEUSTIG, William B. Owner, "Beyond Training", a PC training and consulting company. Home, 1343 Elm Avenue, Glendale, CA 91201. Home phone, 818/557-7742. e-mail: bill@ Wife, Anne Kubik; daughter, Tierra Michelle. Ashland College, 1969-71, science; 1971-72, Madison College. Career: 1972-75, studied guitar, traveled around country and world. 1975-86, professional musician, played in accoustic duo, toured East Coast. 1986-87, studied at Musician Institute in Los Angeles, graduated. 1987-89, studied electronics, computer science at Los Angeles City College. 1989-91, trainer for a PC training company; August 1991, started own PC training and consulting company. AMA activities: Ad Astra; lacrosse; Recall; fencing, Roller Rifles; sergeant major, ended as cadet captain.

MCDOWELL, Douglas R. Custom home builder/developer and hardware manufacturer, 12 Palo Duro, Santa Fe, NM 87501. Home, 242 Hyde Park Estates, Santa Fe, NM 87501. Business phone, 505/982-5238. Wife, Peggy. Children, Kaitlyn and Patrick. Member: Santa Fe Children's Museum, board of directors; Association of General Contractors. AMA activities: Ad Astra; head of Cotillion Club; Roller Rifles, swim team; soccer.

REED, Dr. R. Lawrence, II 28 Dougshire Court, Burr Ridge, IL 60521

ROACH, Frank W. 1976-present, Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. At present, CEO-Wolseley, North America, the British firm which owns Ferguson Enterprises. Home, 2340 Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA 23220. E-mail, Wife, Mary Reid. Children, Martha Laird, 25, and Alice Keeling, 21. Hampden-Sydney, BA, History, 1973; William and Mary, MBA, 1976.

SYROPOULOS, Nicholas A. "The Greek" Xerox Corporation, Public Sector Operations, State of Maryland Account Manager/ Document Solutions Specialist. Home, 2206 Kentucky Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21213. Home phone, 410/889-9224. Wife, Robin. Children, Andrew and Lindsey. Loyola College, 1973, BA, political science. U.S. Army, 4/64 Armor 3rd. Infantry Division, top rank, 1st lieutenant. Career: five years sales, Procter & Gamble Paper Division; 1983, sales representative, Kronhiem Liquor Distributor; 1985, sales manager, McNamara Distrib., pet foods; 1986, manager for Pets Sales Ltd.; 1990-91, sales, retail specialist, Purina Mills Inc. Member: Chesapeake Rugby Football Club, president; Chesapeake Old Boys Rugby Club; Maryland Association of Pet Retailers; Frankfurt American Rugby Club; AMA Alumni Association, board 1992. 1980 East Coast Select Side Alt. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Committee; Cotillion Club; peep football, soccer, wrestling, swimming; varsity and junior varsity lacrosse (all state team 2 years). Honor Roll; Roller Rifles; commander, best drilled platoon 1967-1968 (no one has done it twice! - with junior school cadets); commander C Company; set record for Sunday parade wins.



CROZIER, Robert D. "Bobby" Civilian, Sheppard AFB, TX. Home, 204 South Holly, Burkburnett, TX. E-mail: Home phone, 940/569-4692.  Children, Tammie, 23, a CNA; Stephen, 21, stationed on the USS Kitty Hawk; and Michael, 19, in the Air Force and stationed at Barksdale AFB; granddaughter, Athena, three. Career: Worked as camp counselor, bus boy, maintenance man, and cook at the Orkney Springs Hotel near Harrisonburg. 1970-72, Tripplett Tech, Mount Jackson, VA; 1972-92, U.S. Air Force (Retired TSgt); 1972-76, Charleston AFB, SC; 1976-79, Loring AFB, ME; 1979-80, Kwang Ju Air Base, Korea; 1980-92, instructor/ CDC writer/supervisor, tele-phone installer course, Sheppard AFB, TX; 1993-present, civilian worker, Telephone and Net-work Tech 82nd Communications Squadron, Sheppard AFB. Former member of Top-4 Group, Air Force Sergeants Association, NCO Club. T-ball coach, football coach, softball; building manager; computer security; computer advisor; system administrator; supply manager. AMA activities: Start-ed in the 5th grade. Ad Astra, football, lacrosse, swimming, Commander of Junior Roller Rifles, Roller Rifles; ten years at AMA. Cadet major adjutant senior year.

ECHOLS, Robert Page 1614 Magnolia Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23508. E-mail, Field of human services. Wife of 19 years, Paula. Sons, Robert, 17, and Paul, 15. For 25 years, coordinated residential and vocational services for people with disabilities until retiring for medical reasons. Subsequently diagnosed with both Lou Gerhig's Disease (ALS) and CADASIL. AMA activities: Ad Astra; captain, band company; fencing, soccer, Honor Roll, Privilege List, Superior Cadet, MT.

GINNS, Charles "Ron" Electrical contractor, Phase I Electric, Inc. Home, 32 Harvest Lane, West Grove, PA 19390. Home phone, 610/869-4458; business, 610/436-9252. Wife, Barbara. Daughter, Jessica; son, Greg. Stepsons, Greg, Sean and Vincent. East Texas State University, 1970-71, photo journalism; Widney/Villanova University, 1971-73, electrical engineering. Career: 1973, started own electrical business; 1976-present, formed corporation, Phase I Electric, Inc. Member: West Chester Jaycees, president, 1981; Pennsylvania Jaycees, State President, 1988; Masonic Lodge #322. Rotary Club of West Chester; member, Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). AMA activities: Ad Astra; photographer, Recall; head of photo department; 1st lieutenant, B Company; Roller Rifles.

GOMEZ, Roberto Manuel 1325 Jules Court, Charlotte, NC 28226-8911

MARCANTONI, Raphael E., III 7921 Stevenson Road, Baltimore, MD 21208. President, Gray International, Inc., specializing in affordable asset protection. Home phone, 410/653-1757; e-mail, AMA activities: Ad Astra; Major, Executive Officer; President, Honor Committee; President, Cotillion Club; Recall staff; Advisory Board; Roller Rifles; varsity football, wrestling, lacrosse; Honor Roll; Privilege List.

MELCHER, Ronald P. "Scootch" **CLASS OF 1971**  Sales Engineer, DADCO, Inc. 2220 Schell Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44109. Home phone, 216/741-3391; cell, 216/544-4429. Wife, Jan. Children, Nikolaus, Tina, Derrick (passed away 5 August 1994), Marty. College: Bimidji State. Career: Plant superintendent, Buckeye Forge, 14 years; Sales Engineer, A.I.P., 20 years; DADCO, Inc. since. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Committee; varsity fencing; varsity lacrosse; Honor Committee; Battalion Commander; commander Roller Rifles; Best Company Commander, 1969-70. Member of the Charles S. Roller Riders.

PIAZZA, John Anthony (deceased)

ROVIROSA, Jorge P. Farovi Shipping Corporation - Florida Stevedoring Inc. Home, 10405 SW 122 Street, Miami, FL 33176. Home phone, 305/254-3460; business, 305/373-4765, ext. 403. Wife, Kiki. Children, Carolina, Victoria, Mike, Juan, Michelle, Miriam. University of Richmond, 1970-71; University of Miami, 1971-73. Career: 1973-94, Farovi Shipping Corporation; 1983-present, Equipment Leasing Inc., partner; 1988-present, Florida Container Transport, president; 1994-present, Managing. Director, Port of Miami Terminal Operating Company LLC. Chairman, Seaport Aliance Committee of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. Member: United States Propeller Club,  member board of governors, past president; Florida Customs House Brokers and Forwarders Assoc.; Dade County Biscayne Bay Management Comm.; Admirals of the Fleet of Florida.  AMA activities: Ad Astra; soccer; fencing; lacrosse; Honor Committee.

SISAK, Michael Steven **CLASS OF 1971** Science instructor, Naval Academy Preparatory School, Newport, RI. Home, 51 Wintergreen Drive, Middletown, RI 02842. Home phone, 404/848-5352. e-mail: Washington  and Lee, `71-75, BA, journalism; Penn State University, 1980- 82, BS, chemistry; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1983-90, MS, Phd chemistry; University of Montreal, 1991-93, postdoctoral research. Army, 1977-80, medical lab specialist, E-5. AMA activities: Ad Astra. Recall.

TRENT, Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Grimsley President, Grimsley's House of Tool. U.S. Army, retired. Office phone, 757/399-4438. FAX: 757/399-0642. E-mail: Wife, Gerri Adams Trent. Children: Rebecca Abigail Trent and Adam Grimsley Trent. Campbell College, BS in History, 1974; Central Michigan University, MS in administration, 1989. On active duty, served in varied assignments from company executive officer to battalion command; final assignment, Director of Operations for Training and Doctrine Command, Fort Monroe, VA. Since 1 April 2000, full time at Grimsley's selling speciality equipment to reface high pressure steam valves and specialty pipe cutting equipment for closed in areas. Chairman, Suffolk Republican Party. Member, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce; the Navy League, and Military Diplomate. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, Color Guard, AMA Alumni Association, Board of Directors.



BELL, Captain James Cameron 3544 Greenspring Road, Havre do Grace, MD 21078 (Not a working address)

COLEMAN, Larry K. **CLASS OF 1972** Security Officer, Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, VA. Last known address, home, 200 Fairway Bay, B-5, Moneta, VA 24121-2430. Home phone, 540/721-6654. Office phone, 540/857-7797. Free and single. Retired after 20 years service, U.S. Army Special Forces Command. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Honor Committee; Roller Rifles; Commander, Company A; outstanding company commander, 1972. Bill Cruise Loyalty Award.

FEMRITE, Mark H. Retired independent insurance sales. Has home improvement business operated out of home. Home, 221 Scaggs Creek Trail, Riner, VA 24149. Home phone, 540/763-4468. Wife, Sherri. Children, Kyle, Cameron, Beth, and Jacob. Grandson, Josh. AMA activities: Ad Astra; fencing, lacrosse, soccer; First Captain. PG in 1971-72.

GOLDBERG, Joseph E. 4822 S. Haven Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043. Home phone, 410/750-7105. Office phone, 443/-838-4883. E-mail: Engaged to be married to Trisha Horak. Children, Joe, Jr., 26, Michael, 23, and Pamela, 20. First grandchild in February 2001. General Manager, Super Lawns of Howard County, past 25 years. Member, American Legion; Loyal Order of Moose; Forty West Lion's Club. AMA activities: Ad Astra. Outstanding platoon leader, 1971. Soccer, basketball, lacrosse. Athlete of the Year, 1971. 1st lieu-tenant, Roller Rifles. Mail man, 1970, which made him the best liked cadet!

HILLSMAN, Charles Edward (deceased 17 December 2000) Route 1, Box 185, Jetersville, VA 23083

KESNER, Bradley Clinton 986 Country Club Road, Troutville, VA 24175

KIME, Paul F. Former projectionist. Home, 1846 Indian Trail, Akron, OH 44313. Vanderbilt University. AMA activities: Ad Astra; rifle team.

MASCHAK, Richard Peter Parents' address: 8385 Woodhaven Boulevard, Jamaica, NY 11421-1532. (No other address)

WALKER, Willis H. Norfolk Naval Shipyard, finished 30 years of service on 8 July 2004. Home, 3500 Shelton Road, Portsmouth, VA 23703. Home, 757/617-9362.  Office FAX, 757/396-1787. Career: G.R. Davis Con-struction; Newport News Shipbuilding Company. Owns and boards horses.

WHITAKER, Dr. Richard Owen **CLASS OF 1972** Veterinary medicine, The Animal Center/New England Genetics. Home, 81 Kennebec Trail, Turner, ME 04282. Home phone, 207/225-2726. Business phone, 207/225-2722. E-mail: Washington and Lee University, 1976, biology/ chemistry; University of Georgia, 1979, veterinary medicine. Career: 1981, Ashby Animal Clinic; 1986, Em Tran, Inc. (embryo transfer in cattle); 1987, HPET (same); 1987, formed New England Genetics offering embryo transfer services to cattle breeders throughout New England. In 1990, started a second business, the Animal Center, offering complete pet care in the Auburn ME area. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Recall.



BALDWIN, Harry Angus 427 Haytie Lane, Swoope, VA 24479. Physician's assistant and farmer. Wife, Susan. One child, Nick, age eleven, who is home-schooled. Home phone, 540/885-5779. E-mail: George Washington University, BS in Health Professions, `79; University of Wash-ington, MHA, `89; City University, MBA, `90. Past Master, Augusta Lodge #111 AF&AM; Scottish Rite, Valley of Virginia; Virginia Draft Horse and Mule Association. Raises Percheron draft horses. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Junior Roller Rifles; Roller Rifles; soccer; fencing, lacrosse.

BRADLEY, Ray M., Jr. Hardware business. Home, 1318 Johnson Drive, Morristown, TN 37814. Home phone, 615/581-6779. Work phone, 615/586-1873. Children, Nicholas and Brian. Lees-McRae and University of Tennessee. Bradley's Hardware. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Roller Rifles, soccer.

DRISCOLL, Douglas C. Owner of advertising agency/publisher of weekly entertainment newspaper serving 11 counties in northest Indiana. Former daily newspaper publisher. Home, 2305 E. Esterline, Columbia City, IN 46725. Home phone, 260/691-3188; business, 260/691-3048. Wife, Anita. Children, Noelani, Brooke, Andrew, Lyon and Grant (deceased). Grandchildren: Dustin, Dakota, Taylor, Antonio, Ian and Rosie Joy. Washington & Lee; Roanoke College; Ball State University. Career: 1979, Hartford City News-Times, editor; 1984-1996, Columbia City Post and Mail, publisher and regional manager 1996-present: AD Media, Inc., owner and publisher, WhatzUp. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Band Company; Bayonet; soccer.

ELLETT, Richard H. Contractor Roadway Package System. Home, Route 1, Box 997, Wirtz, VA 24184. Virginia Western Community College. Army, 2 years, top rank, E-4. AMA activities: Ad Astra; football; Roller Rifles.

KENNETT, Lewis C. Retired firefighter. Home, 930 Paradise Acres Drive, Boones Mill, Va 24065-9557. Home phone, 703/721-3456. Children, Rebekah "Beka", Sara Kelly "Kelly". Career: now working part-time for Reed Nettles, `72; firefighter, Roanoke City; member, Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team. AMA activities: Ad Astra; rifle team; lacrosse.

KNAPP, Charles William Healthcare administrator. Wife, Melinda (Lindy); one daughter, Makenzie. Ball State University, BA, 1977; Political Science/ Philosophy, MA, 1980, counseling psychology. Career: 1980-86, Counselor, Maumee Valley Guidance Center, Defiance, OH; 1986-89, Senior Associate, Employee Assistance Associates, Toledo, OH; 1989-93, Employee Health Manager, Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH; 1993-98, Manager of Communi-cations and Hospital Development, Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement Organization, Columbus, OH; 1998-2001, Regional Director, Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, Pickerington, OH. 2001-present, Communications and Marketing Director, Ambulatory Care Affiliates, Columbus, OH. AMA activities: Recall, Roller Rifles, Ad Astra.

MAHER, Herbert Cobb 208B 53rd Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Home, 804/422-5260     

MALNATI, Donald Hoyd President, Renovations Unlimited, Inc. Home, 1003 Crest Park Drive, Silver Spring MD 20903. E-mail, Home phone, 301/445-6444. Business phone, 202/832-9300. Wife, Ragnhild. Children, Daniel, 23, who is getting married in February 2003, and step daughter Lisa, 29, who finishes her residency at the University of Virginia in OB/CYN in 2003. 1972-74, University of Maryland. 1974-78, counselor at Founding Church, Washington, DC; 1978-81, Superintendent, C&P Contracting; 1982-present, President of Renovations Unlimited, Inc. Brother of Larry Malnati, `74, who lives at Route 1, Box 79, Dandridge, TN 37725.

McCABE, Brian Robert Maxim Crane, world's largest crane rental company. Home, 4710 NE 8th Street, Oakland Park, FL 33334. e-mail:

THOMSON, Paul J., III ("PJ") High school teacher, Stephens City, VA. Home, 778 Headquarter Lane, Stephens City, VA 22655-5655. Wife, Sara. Children, Joseph, 16, who was killed in a car accident on 3 October 2006 while comuting to work, and Clark, 15. U.S. Army, 1972-76, top rank, sergeant E-5. Career: 1976-present, electrician.  AMA activities: wrestling; baseball; football; Roller Rifles; staff, armory.



CHILDERS, Wayne B. Owner, vice president, New Hope Greenhouses and Garden Center. Home, 5407 South New Hope Road, Belmont, NC 28012. Phone, 704/825-3128. Married, no children.

DEL VALLE, Thomas R. Vice President, Customer Service, American Airlines, Dallas, TX. Business, P. O. Box 619616 MD 5452, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, TX 75261-9616. E-mail, Wife, Patti. Daughters, Annie (18) and Avery (15). AMA activities: Ad Astra, football, soccer, rifle team.

KELLOGG, Carl Ray C. Ray Kellogg Company and Central Water Systems. Home, 508 Bailey Avenue, Smithfield, VA 23430. Home phone, 804/357-7381. Business phone, 804/357-4105. Wife, Nonie. One daughter, Celeste. University of Richmond, 1978, business. Career: 1978-84, R.L. Magette Co. Bought company in 1984, changed name to C. Ray Kellogg Company in 1992. AMA activities: Ad Astra; band; played call to the colors, retreat, etc. at all functions; basketball; golf; soccer; lacrosse; newspaper.

MALLETT, Robert Alfred, III Route 8, Box 467-C, Jonesborough, TN 37659

MENA, Jorge Roberto

MINUNNI, Michael Hugh (deceased 6 July 2003) 101 Douglas Avenue, Martinsburg, WV 25401-4830.

MISSMAN, Robert Lester **CLASS OF 1974** 4616 Woodstream Drive, Petersburg, VA 23803

MORALES, Guillermo Jose 540 Walnut Street, Mifflinburg, PA 17844-1010

ZOOK, LTC David Hartzler, III CMR 480, Box 864, HQ USEUCOM, APO AE 09128. Senior Intelligence Systems Analyst at the U. S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany. Ohio State, 1977. Entered Army as field artillery officer, Fort Sill; served at Fort Stewart, GA, Korea, Fort Lewis, WA, Canton, OH, Germany, and Scott AFB, IL. Retired from Army as lieutenant colonel in 2002 and now works s a contractor in Germany. E--mail:



BRODSKY, Steven Lee 210 Downing Circle, Somerdale, NJ 08083

DICKINSON, Hayes A. Poultry business. Home, RR 4, Box 87-M, Lumberton, NC 28358. Home phone, 919/738-6701. Wife, Deloris. Child, Mary Danielle. 1976-90, Soffe Company; 1990, Best Way Truck; 1990-present, Piedmont Poultry.  Bob Cruise Award. AMA activities: Ad Astra, color guard, armory.

VAN NITZ, Dwight  President, Civil War Relic and Bookstore, Fields of Glory. Home, 55 York Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325. Business phone, 717/337-2837. E-mail: foglory@ Website: U. S. Navy, 2nd Petty Officer; 1975-79, U.S. Navy; 1980-89, master printer; 1989, Federal Battlefield Tour Guide, Gettysburg National Military Park; Co-owner and later, President, Civil War Relics and Books Store. Board, Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association; Author, Fields of Glory, published by Thomas Publications. AMA activities; Ad Astra; photographer for Recall, Bayonet.  "I was one of Doc's boys."



CHEUNG, Harry Sou-Hin  251 Prince Edward Road, 11/F, Kowloon, Hong Kong. E-mail: Harry Cheung<hamshk@ Master's degree in geotechnical engineering, Iowa State University, 1982. Project manager, building construction company, building five star hotels in China. At AMA: Ad Astra; First sergeant, Band Company.

CORDON, Jorge 3a. Ave. 0-60 zona 3, Colonia Bran, Guatemala, Guatemala 01003. E-mail: For past 13 years, English teacher at a private school. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Staff 1st lieutenant/uniform room; Roller Rifles; swimming; lacrosse; soccer; White Page.

KELLER, Glenn R. Systems analyst, Cinergy Corporation. Home, 3460 Seaway Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46214. E-mail: Phone, 317/293-0503. Wife, Holly; daughter, Brynne, age one. Teaches systems analysis courses at University of Indianapolis. Hobbies: backpacking and model railroading.

MUDAMARA, Verapaul

NICHOLSON, Colonel Lawrence D. U.S. Marine Corps, active duty in Iraq. Commander, 5th Marine Regiment, Unit 40310, APO AP 96426-0310. Home, 2658 Swygert Boulevard, Johns Island, SC 29455. Home phone, 843/557-1094. E-mail, Wife of 25 years, Deborah. Three sons, 22, 20 and 18. Oldestr is 2LT, US Marine Corps. Midfdle on a junior at University of South Carolina. Youngest second year cadet at The Ciradel. AMA activities: Ad Astra; battalion commander; football; lacrosse; band; Roller Rifles.

THOMPSON, Brett D. Remodeling contractor.  Home, 106 SE 77th Street, Oak Island, NC 28465. Home phone, 910/278-5552. Son, William D. Thompson II. U.S. Marine Corps, top rank, lance corporal. Career: U.S. Marine Corps; self employed home improvements. AMA activities: Ad Astra; first lieutenant; Band,`71-74; fencing; football; lacrosse; Bayonet editor; president, Cotillion Club; Roller Rifles; color guard.

YUEN, Hak-Cheung Arthur



ARRINGTON, Michael A. (Mike) TV writer/producer, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL. Employed by Hopneywell. Home, 106 Portal Lane, Madison, AL 35758. E-mail,  Home phone, 256/ 461-7287;  business, 256/544-5563. Divorced. Daughter, Amanda Nicole Arrington, born 1987. Radford University, 1980, BA, journalism. Career:  worked at TV stations in Roanoke and Birmingham as TV news reporter/weather anchor before joining NASA in 1988. Mike is slowly but inexorably losing his eyesight (2005). AMA activities: Ad Astra; major, corps executive officer, 1976; commander, F Company, 1975; editor, Bayonet; Honor Committee.

FAVORS, James P. 2949 Westmoreland Court, New Port Richey, FL 34655-3535

HARRIS, Frank E., II Civilian computer scientist, U.S. Navy. Home, 2517 Springhaven Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456-3994. Phone, 757/430-8313. E-mail: University of Utah, 1981; masters degree in computer science. Served 10 years on active duty in U.S. Navy. Presently, commander in Naval Reserve, assigned to Commander, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Position, Civilian Computer Scientist for Navy Space Warfare Command (SPAWAR), assigned as network engineer for Commander, 2nd Fleet, Norfolk. Wife, Marilyn; one son, two. Frank also has a 19 year old son and a 14 year old daughter who live in Maryand.

LANGLEY, David W. Counselor, Cornell-Abraxas Leadertship Development  Program and ordained minister, Good Shepherd International Fellowship. Home, 35 Bonneau Heights, Gettysburg, PA 17325. Phone, 717/476-2699. FAX, 717/339-0199. E-mail, Wife, Marla, married 6/4/83. Sons, Joshua (born 7/3/84) and Jacob (born 7/19/86). Work every day as a camp counselor in a "boot camp" for juvenile offenders. Have served as a bi-vocational minister for 24 years. Education, BA, Western Maryland (now McDaniel) College. Graduate ministerial internship program, Church of God, 1981. Career: owner, Langley's Farm and Home Products, 1981-83; page layout, graphic designer. Owner, Printed Specialities, 1984-95. Realtor, O'Conor, Piper and Flynn, 1990-95. Page layout/designer, The Sheridan Press, 1995-97. Graphic Arts Coordinator, Littlestown High School, 1997-2005. Owner, Moonlight Press, 2003-present. AMA activities: Ad Astra, varsity fencing, Bayonet columnist, Recall staff, Captain, Company F.

TYMINSKI, John P. Eastern Virginia sales representative for Iscar Metal, Inc, manufacturer of carbide cutting tools for the metal machine industry. E-mail: Home, 1713 Wildwood Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454.  Home phone, 757/496-5501. Work, 757/286-2728. Son, John Phillip, 28. Married happily 17 July 1999 to Cindy who has two sons, Nathan, 21, a senior at Old Dominion and Jonathan, 18, a freshman at ODU. Granddaughter, Gracie, three. Career: 1978-96, Department of Defense; 1996-2006, Sandvik Coromant; 2006-present, Iscar Metals. Member: Knights of Columbus, Past Grand Knight. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Roller Rifles; Cotillion Club; football; and lacrosse.



CHEESMAN, James Benjamin 5803 Harrisburg, Houston, TX 77011

HARRIS, Jack R., Jr. 140 Bent Tree Drive, I-4, Laurel Park, NC 28739

LIVICK, Charles R. Trtansportation Supervisor, The Sygma Network, 4000 Industrial Road, Harrisburg, PA. Home, 7012 Wertzville Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. Phone, 1/800/777-4781 or, home, 717/938-2284. Wife, Kathleen. Children, Jeffrey, Brittany, Charles Thomas, and Amber. East Tennessee State University. U.S. Army, 1978-83 active duty, military policeman. Headed the first anti-terrorist and hostage rescue team at the U.S. Army War College. 1983-90, U.S. Army Reserves. Top rank, E-6, SSG. Career: 1983-90, corrections field. Moved up to the rank of lieutenant where I supervised 20-25 officers, Cumberland County Prison. Member: NCO National Organization, Correctional Leadership Club, MADD, Anti-Terrorist Safety Organization. AMA activities: Ad Astra; cadet colonel in the corps of cadets; assistant commander of Roller Rifles; Honor Committee; president of Cotillion Club; varsity football, basketball and lacrosse.

MINEFF, George Jr. Attorney. Home, 19950 Roslyn Drive, Rocky River, OH 44116. Home phone, 440/356-5299. Business phone, 216/694-3930. Children, Lindsey Nicole, G. Nicholas, III, Michael Calvin, and Mary Margaret. University of South Carolina, 1981, BA, journalism; Cleveland Marshall College of Law, 1983, JD. Career: 1984-present, private law practice in Cleveland concentrating in criminal, personal injury and workers compensation. Member: various legal and bar associations; Knights of Columbus; Elks; Mason. AMA activities: Ad Astra; editor, Bayonet; co-founded school museum; Parker Ward Loyalty Trophy; captain, staff; squad leader, Roller Rifles; Cotillion Club; meritorious service award.

OGIMACHI, Shawn N. Counselor/instructor, Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA; Associate Professor, College of Education, San Jose State University. 305 Roxas Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95062-1260.  E-mail: Home phone, 408/423-7835. Wife, Antoinette Marie, consultant teacher/instructional technologist, Santa Cruz City Schools. UC San Diego, BA, Political Science and Sociology; MA Educational Counseling and Student Personnal. AMA activities: Ad Astra; Band Company, played sousaphone; tennis; lacrosse; cross country, loyal son of Hoover.

WARNER, Thomas Dickens, III 3321 Carney Farm Lane, Portsmouth, VA 23703



MORALES, Carlos Alfonso

TRIVITAYAKHUN, Eric James Owner, broadcast projects company. Home, 68 SOL Suparaj, Pahonyotin 14 Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10400. Single. The Citadel, degree in mathematics; masters degree in management and statistics, Troy State University. Military: USAF, systems analyst, 1982; discharged in 1989 with regular commission, captain. Career: joined Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC) as systems analyst, 1989; transferred to Thailand in 1990 to set up DRC office; recently purchased the Thai office from DRC; has installed 17 radio and three television stations for the Royal Thai government. Firm also specializes in defense communications products and does feasibility studies on any related technical matters.

VENCE, Jorge Gerardo A-10 Yale Street, Urb Sta Ana, San Juan,  PR  00927. Home,  787/754-8568. E-mail:  jchvence@

WILKS, Joel Harris 1338 Barton Creek, San Antonio, TX 78258. E-mail:



DEMORY, Myrl W. "Wes", III U.S. Navy. Home, 1504 Holland Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23509. Home phone, 804/625-0052. Wife, Kelly. Virginia Military Institute, 1984, economics. U.S. Navy, 1984-present, lieutenant; commissioned May 1984; USS Fairfax County 1985-87, USS Wisconsin (BB-64), 1987-90; special boat unit 20, Little Creek, VA, 1990-April 1992; department head school, Newport, RI, April 1992-present. AMA activities: Ad Astra; fencing team; rifle team, F Company commander; battalion commander.

GUILLOTT, John W., Jr. 2141 Suburban Greens, Lutherville, MD 21093

LaFOLLETTE, L. M., IV  P. O. Box 2068, Charleston, WV 25327-2068

MILLER, Lee J. Owner, Miller's Appliance (sales and service), Morgantown, WV. Home, Route 3, Box 408-B, Fairmont, WV 26554. Home phone, 304/366-1059; business, 304/292-6013. Wife, Kimberlee. Children, Jacob L. W. Walker, 12, and Job C. J., 10. Member: Jacob's Meadow, Inc., secretary/treasurer. AMA activities: Ad Astra. Worked in mess hall; worked on projects to help improve the school (painting, furnace work, hot water and waxed floors).

NEUWALD, Edward B., II



BERG, Frank J. 32187 Lake Road, Avon Lake, OH 44012

MILLER, Ty Matthew Self-employed. Home, 1312 West Main Street, Grafton, WV 26354. Home phone, 304/265-4173. Office phone, 304/265-5393. Wife, Christina Maria. First child born May 1994. University of West Virginia, 1985. Career: Laurel Highlands Rafting Company, 1981-present; City of Gaithersburg Planning Department, 1986-90. Self-employed, 1990-present. AMA activities: Ad Astra; fencing, cross country, track.



BENEVENTI, Anthony James Category analyst, The Minute Maid Company. Home, 6 Pastora, Foothill, Ranch, CA 92610. Home phone, 949/770-4347. e-mail: Wife of 13 years, Jennifer. University of Illinois and a BS in business management from Pepperdine University. Been in the packaged goods industry for last 16 years. Spent two years at Minute Maid's corporate headquarters in Houston working on the refrigerated marketing team. AMA activities: Ad Astra, Band Company Commander, 1981, post bugler, football, lacrosse and fencing.

BERROA, Billy Ramon 4317 Bowne Street, #4br, Flushing, NY 11355. Home phone,  718/321-0246.  Work phone,  718/216-9450.  E-mail,  berroasports@ Ecuela Nacional de Locucion "Otto Rivera", Santo Domingo, 1984. Has broadcast Major League Baseball since 1988. Since 1994, Spanish anchor for TV show Extra Inning in Nueva York, aired in New York and the Dominican Republic. Covered Caribbean World Series, Major League All Star games, and MLB post season and World Series. Writes for daily paper Hoy, largest circulation paper in DR. In 1994, began a series of recognitions for Hispanic Professional Players "El Pelotero de la Semana," a show taped before a live audience every week during baseball season. In 1996, covered playoffs and World Series for Time Warner Cable. In 2001, became the Spanish voice of the Philadelphia Phillies. 2002, covered playoffs and Workld Series for FOX Sports World. 2004, Extra Inning in New York went on to Telemundo 47. AMA activities: Ad Astra, basketball, tennis, football, Cotillion Club, Recall staff, Roller Rifles, Battalion executive officer, 1980 Ethics Award.

CHULIA, Jorge  P.O. Box 276, Merida, Venezuela. E-mail address:

ECHAVARRIA, Mortimer Melchor Rafael F. Bonnelly #29, Ens. Evaristo Morales Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic

FAIN, Murray Steven  Home, 114 Huntington Boulevard, NE, Apt. B, Roanoke, VA 24012-3624. Home phone, 540/793-8899.

LIVICK, Lieutenant Colonel  Major, U.S. Army. Address, Public Affairs Office, Building 405, Fort Riley, KS 66442. Phone, 913/682-4385. Wife, Andrea. Son, Stephen, three; daughter, Taylor (born 12 October 1994) U.S. Army, platoon leader, 4/7 CAV, Korea; 1st Tiger BDE LNO, platoon leader, XO, BMO, while serving with 1-67 AR, 2nd Armor Division; BMO, Delta Company Commander with 2-68 AR, 1st Armor Division; HHC, 222nd BSB Company Commander; team commander, 22nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, XVIII Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg, NC. (present). AMA activities: football, basketball, lacrosse, Cotillion Club, valedictorian; battalion commander; Recall staff, Roller Rifles; Ad Astra, and the General Roller, Parker Ward Loyalty Trophy.



PILKERTON, James Roy, Jr. 2207 Old Fort Hills Drive, Fort Washington, MD 20744



CORLEY, Maxmillian Samuel 1600 Birney Street, Saginaw, MI 48602. e-mail: Served in the Army 1983-96; Fort Bragg, NC; two tours in Germany with I Troop, 2nd Cavalry, and 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry. Also served in the 1st Armored Division and 3rd Infantry Division. Later, back at Fort Bragg, assigned to 82nd Airborne Division. Disabled veteran of Desert Storm. Graduate of Davenport University with a bachelor of science in business dmininstration.  AMA activities: Ad Astra, last battalion commander of cadet corps, Roller Rifles, rifle team, band, fencing, lacrosse, football.

KRESON, Wayne Phillips Home, 7400 East Golf Links Road, Tucson, AZ 85730. E-mail: U.S. Navy, 1983-92; SK2/E-5.  AMA activities: Ad Astra, cross country, football (manager)



(Year inducted)


PARKINS, Nathan **CLASS OF 1882** (deceased 4 Septem-ber 1938) First honorary Ad Astra. He was known as the one faculty member who never wore a uniform.



MCCUE, Col. John Cyrus **CLASS OF 1927** (deceased 20 October 1969) Headmaster of AMA at the time of his sudden death. Graduated 2second in his class at Augusta, but was considered a "day boy" and not  eligible for Ad Astra. BS and MS degrees, University of Virginia. Taught math and physics, farmed, and operated a hardware store in Verona. Served in World War II with five years active duty in the Pacific, including a tour in the Army of Occupation in Japan.



DEANE, Col. H. D. (deceased 7 June 1968) University of Virginia. For 40 years, head of AMA English Department, athletic coach, and Headmaster. For 36 years, he operated Camp Kannata, a summer school for boys. Retired Army intelligence officer.

HOOVER, Col. Paul V. (deceased 24 October 1997) Retired teacher and coach, Augusta Military Academy. Home, 436 West Chestnut, Lancaster, PA 17603. Resurrected fencing team first started in 1939; originally a foil team; enlarged to three weapons - foil, sabre, epee. Originated lacrosse in 1946 (first prep school to have lacrosse south of Mason Dixon line with full schedule of games). Originated soccer in 1960. Originated first school paper, self supported by student body. In charge of Recall until 1955.



CHRISTIAN, Thomas J. **CLASS OF 1887** (deceased)



GILLIAM, Frank J., `13 (deceased) Dean of Students, Washington and Lee University.



PARKINS, Col. Edward Will 309 Homeview Drive, Bridgewater, VA 22812. Attended AMA one year (1934-35); Virginia Tech; served 18 months in Africa and the one year in the Pacific Theatre during World War II in the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. Started work in AMA Administrative Office 4 March 1946, the day after discharge from active duty, and remained there until resigning in 1978. Retired from the military through the USAR, lieutenant colonel. Married for 49 years to Anne Lou Dodd Parkins, who passed away 1 February 1996.

SAVEDGE, Col. C. E. (deceased 7 December 1990) P.O. Box 338, Verona, VA 24482. Taught chemistry, biology, English history and American history, and Headmaster until AMA closed in 1984. Faculty advisor to Cotillion Club, the Final Ball and the yearbook. Revised school catalog. U.S. Navy in World War II, attended Northwestern under the Navy's V-12 program; came to AMA in 1947. Member, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and Knights of Columbus. Active member of the AMA alumni association until his death.



STANLEY, Governor Thomas B. (deceased)



McCRUM, Col. H. B. (deceased)



SIZER, Maj. F. M. (deceased)



CROWLE, John D. (Entered AMA in 1890) (deceased November 1964)



LIVICK, Malcolm Harris P.O. Box 22, Fort Defiance, VA 24437



GARDNER, W. Leonard (deceased 14 December 1990) Superintendent, AMA. Graduated York High School, York, SC; BA Degree, The Citadel; Masters Degree, University of Virginia; other advance studies at Yale, Cornell and the University of Maryland. U.S. Army, Reserves 1928-40, officer; numerous command positions in WW II - Staff, Infantry School, Fort Benning, GA; European Theater of Operations; battalion commander. Retired 1945, permanent rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Joined staff at AMA in 1945; head of Foreign Language Department. On death of General Roller, became Superintendent until retirement in 1966; Superintendent Emeritus 1966-70; Author: Progress in Reading. Member: Kiwanis; First Baptist Church of Staunton (Adult Sunday School teacher); Mason; Kappi Delta Pi; Virginia Educational Association.



KRAMER, Lt. Col. John David (deceased 8 September 1971) Educated at Bridgewater College, Madison College and the University of Virginia. Joined AMA faculty in 1944; previously principal of Stuarts Draft High School; taught at other Augusta County schools. Served during World War I and was gassed in a German attack.



KOOGLER, Glenn W. (deceased 12 July 2002) High school English teacher and three sport coach, AMA, retired. Home, 435 Buttermilk Road, Mt. Sidney, VA 24467. Home phone, 540/234-8439. Wife, Alma Trumbo Koogler. Children, Rebekah Koogler Mizer, Ellen Koogler Rountree. Seven grandchildren; Adam Mizer is a business graduate of Bridgewater and is on the administrative staff of Purdue Food Processing Company; Ezra Mizer is a business major graduate from Bridgewater; Sarah Mizer is a freshman at Alfred University in upstate New York, pursuing art; Glenn Rountree graduated from Clemson where he played football for 4 years - he now plays professional football with the Denver Broncos; Jeremy Rountree and Chad Rountree have graduated from Virginia Tech and are in agribusiness; and Heather Rountree is a senior at Virginia Tech. Bridgewater, 1934; Duke, 1943, English. Army Air Force, top rank, corporal. Taught high school English 40 years, retired to farm. Member: Masonic organization since 1934, Past Master; Bridgewater Church of the Brethren. AMA activities: taught English and history; coached baseball, football, basketball; athletic director.



ALPER, Dr. Morton A. Dentist. Home, 3505 North Peary Street, Arlington, VA 22207-5360. Home phone, 703/527-0073. Wife, Shirley. Five children and three grandchildren. University of Virginia; Medical College of Virginia. Captain, US Army Dental Corps, Korea, 1951-53. Practised dentistry in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area for 38 years. Past President, Washington, DC Dental Society; Past Chairman, Metropolitan Washington Dental Health Council; Secretary, Board member and member of Executive Committee, Guaranty Bank & Trust, Fairfax, VA, 1963-86. Member, Kiwanis Club of Georgetown (DC); Past Governor, Capital District Kiwanis; Past Trustee, Kiwanis International. Attended AMA one year (1941-42), boxing team. AMA Alumni Board, 1978-83.



THOMAS, Colin J. S. (Cal) Staunton attorney who helped AMA achieve its 501(c)(3) status.



DEKLE, John Herbert, Jr. (deceased January 1982) Survived by wife, Mary Ann, at 1014 Warwick Drive, Staunton, VA 24401. Home phone, 703/885-1176. Former faculty member and AMA administrator.



 LUCUS, Herbert William (deceased 5 August 1990) Educator. Home, Ridgecrest Apartments, #212, Verona, VA 24482. Graduated from Davidson, attended University of Virginia. Taught in Augusta County schools, principal at Augusta Springs. Taught at AMA for 42 years. Head of the Lower School. Survived by 3 sons: Tom of Fort Defiance; Joseph of Richmond; and Jeff of Verona; a daughter, Mrs. Linda Hague of Richmond; and a sister, Mrs. Berl Spitler of Sanford, NC.



HUTTON, Max Military Department, AMA staff. Address unknown. Home phone, 703/298-9930. Wife, Bernice. Children, Maxwell Jr., John M., Patricia L. Attended service schools, majored in weapons, surveying, truck and auto maintenance. 31 years active and reserve, U.S. Army, top rank CWO-4 (ret.). Joined AMA 1955. 1954, assigned military department as weapons and map instructor. Returned to AMA 1968 as assistant commandant. 1970-84, manitenance and transportation officer. Was at AMA during the closing period. At the time was maintenance officer and property officer for all military equipment, school transportation and grounds.



HULVEY, Herb **CLASS OF 1924** (deceased 1984) Herb Hulvey, Class of '24, ran The Fort for many years. Postmaster, Fort Defiance. His wife, Mrs. Louise Hulvey-Smith, maintained a loving interest in AMA and the Ad Astra Society. She passed away in July of 2003.

LAFOLLETTE, Latelle McKee, II **CLASS OF 1919** (deceased) P.O. Box 2068, Charleston, WV 25327. Loyal supporter of AMA. Son and grandson attended Augusta.

MANNASMITH, R. Tim AMA faculty member; coach; athletic director. P.O. Box 126, Harrisonburg, VA 22801



CANEVET, Etta M. (Molly) (deceased 28 March 2003)   Registered nurse, retired. Home, Rt. 1 Box 161, Waynesboro, VA 22980. Widow. Children, John (graduated AMA 1963), Roger and Mona. Eastern Mennonite College, 1969, science and nursing. Career: Nurse at AMA 1956 until the school closed. King's Daughters Hospital, Staunton, VA from AMA closing until August 1988 re-tirement.

LIVICK, Linda Roller P.O. Box 22, Fort Defiance, VA 24437.  Granddaughter of Charles S. Roller, Jr. and great-grand-daughter of AMA's founder.

MYERS, Harry L. **CLASS OF 1926** (deceased April 2001) Retired, executive vice president, cashier, First Virginia Bank of Augusta. Home, Birch Gardens, Room C-11, Staunton, VA 24401-9379. Wife, Marjorie (deceased). Children, Harry Lee Jr. (deceased), Mary Lynne. Medical College of Virginia. AMA activity: Ad Astra.



CARTER, Howard McCorkle, Jr. **CLASS OF 1953** (deceased 13 September 1987) U.S. Army, retired. Route 7, Box 52, Lexington, VA 24450. Survived by wife, Mary and daughter, Christa. Member: American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, VFW Post 1499, Trinity Methodist Church and Lexington Moose Lodge. AMA trustee, director of alumni association. Compiled membership lists, worked on barracks remodeling. Carter Theater was named for him.



NICHOLSON, K. Gary ** ELECTED at 1993 Reunion ** (deceased 4 April 2006) Retired Washington, DC police officer. 20247 Kings Highway, Red Oak, VA 23964. Home phone, 434/735-0363. E-mail: Wife, Susan. Daughters, Amanda and Meredith. Past President, AMA Alumni Association.

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