An AMA SPORTS HALL OF FAME was announced in the first issue of the 2008 Bayonet, with those named to the Hall of Fame being honored at Reunion 2008. 

Since then, there have been inductees in 2009 2010 and 2011.

Here is a complete list of all inductees and the year of their induction:


  Major General Charles S. Roller  
  Col. Paul Hoover Coach of lacrosse, fencing, soccer , Tiger football and other sports.
  Dick Nolan, '50 Football
  Jerry Izenberg, '48 Sportswriter and Pulitzer Prize nominee
  Andre Allen, '76 Basketball
  Ben Angle, '51 Lacrosse and track
  John Bell, '54 Swimming
  Ernest Click, '48 Swimming
  Bill Deuber, '49 Football and baseball
  Jay Fox, '53 Swimming
  Bob Gorgrant, '63 Basketball
  Morris Guerrant, '42 Boxing
  Dean Hanson, '63 Rifle
  Bill Hummer, '71 Rifle
  Pete Lampman, '65 Basketball
  Frank Pilley, '51 Tennis
  Julian Quarles, '35 Boxing
  Jim Stillwagon, '67 Football
  Burgess Whitehead, '27 Baseball


  Wayne Blaylock, '62 Football, basketball, track
  Henley Carter, '65 Football, baseball
  Nick Forkovich, '41 Football
  Don Johns, '49 Football
  Sergaent Joe Josephson Football and basketball coach
  Sergaent Don Studer Rifle team coach
  Meb Turner, '49 Wrestling and football
  Al Zayas, '72 Lacrosse


  Bud Allison, '60 Football
  Earl Cabaniss, '43 Baseball, basketball, foorball, and boxing
  Tom DelValle, '73 Rifle
  Mal LIvick, '75 Basketball
  Billy Parkins, '70 Peep Football, and more importantly team manager of many sports teams
  1969-1970 Basketball Team Roy Stauffer, Dan Caldarelli, Jerry Collincini, Jim Goate,Baxter Hayes, Fred Lapish, Raymond Snapp, Wayne McGowan, Doug McMullin and Dan Rapp. Managers were Scott Travers and Cesar Prieto. Coaches were Joe Josephson and Jim Hogg.


  Manual Balbis, '53 Wrestling
  Warren Fleming, '72 Basketball, football
  Jerry Claiborne Coach of football and basketball, early 1950's.
  Bill Ralph Coach of football.